Orienteering with Orbus! (How to use a map and compass)

Hello everyone! So I have heard a lot of people having issue with the map and compass. So I thought I’d pass on some basic orienteering instructions, so even the most inexperienced navigators can understand. I’m also making this somewhat humorous (think Vault-Tec from the Fallout games).

Well golly Casey, what is orienteering?

I’m glad you asked, fellow adventurer! Orienteering is where someone finds their way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass (Thank you Webster)! Now that we know what we are doing, lets get down to the most important parts, the map and compass.

**First we will look at the map** Now, it is generally safe to assume the top of the map is north, unless instructed otherwise or you see a *compass* on the map like so: These can some times be as simple as an arrow or very fancy, but the point being if you see this then follow its direction, other wise **TOP OF MAP = NORTH**. Now, you might be thinking... >If it only tells me where north is, how do I remember where the other directions go? Especially if the map or compass don't have them listed.. :confused:

Simple! Never, Eat, Soggy, Waffles. No, I’m not crazy, it works. When you say it move you hand in a circle going clock-wise, at each quarter movement you way the phrase. Now if this doesn’t work for you, try this. South is always opposite of North, East is 90 degrees right of North, and West is 90 degrees left of North.

Congradualations! You have now learned you’re four cardinal directions. It might be a lot to take in at first, but with practice and study I know you will have those map directions down in no time, adventurer!

But wait Casey! What about the compass? How does that newfangled contraption work? :astonished:

How to use the compass

Ahh, a beautiful little booger isn’t it? So, remember how with the map the top is normally North, well with a compass that ins’t always the case. See the compass shows you what direction you are facing. This is a very important part of orienteering to keep in mind. So, if you pull out for compass, and North (the dark grey arrow) is to your Right, that would mean you are facing West. If North is behind you then that would mean you are facing South.

Wow! That’s not so bad, but what about when my quest says go North East?

Excellent question adventurer! Remember that compass from above, the one during the map part? Let’s take another look at a more detailed one.

So as you can see on this one, those smaller point’s aren’t just for looking cool. These are called intercardinal directions. They the directions between the four cardinal directions.

**Now let's put the two together** So let's say **Party A** needs to meet with **Party B** so they can go raid Sanyael the Grand Worm. Well first let's establish where **Party A** is, they are just **South** of Green Lady Forest and **West** of Kingsport Lake. For them to get to **Party B** they have to go **North East** to cross the bridge at the falls. Once over the bridge **Party A** will head **East** until Lakewood Inn where the road goes **South East** to a fork. Once at the fork the party will take the **North East** path, finally reaching **Party B**. >Gosh Casey, why give so much detail?

You see adventurer, by doing so you are now orienteering! Using key makers on the map to distinguish what is around you, then you figure out what direction you need to go by using your compass. This process of orienteering is called get one’s bearings.

Now you have done it! You now know full well how to use the map in Orbus and even a map in real life with ease! You adventurer are now ready to go forth to the next Beta session and orient the crap out of it!
(I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. Most of all though I hope you now have a understanding or a better one on how to use a map and compass)


No no no no, i’m sure they have to make a portal and they will be teleported right in front of the party B! :smiley:

No no no no, the only rune mage knowing the runes will try to cast the teleportation spell for about 5 minutes, only get nothing or Resurrection to pop up. Then the group decides to take the airship and only walk the remaining way.

Source: We were standing at point A and wanted to go to the desert and this exact thing happened.

Jokes aside: Great post @Casey_B!

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I can reliably do portals! :smiley:

Just wait while I do one…

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I think one mistake players make is forgetting about elevation and walls. Following a compass straight won’t always take you to your destination as quickly as you would like haha


Ah ha! Wonderful point adventurer! Next lessons we’ll cover: contour lines, secondary-intercardinal direction like East North East and South South West and much more!

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Thanks! I really wanted to attribute something but I really only got a day in half play time because I was hiking. Then it hit me to make this post. Hope it helps someone out.

Haha, this is amazing.


This is an amazing post, well done Casey!

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Alrighty adventurers! Its time for Orienteering with Orbus: Lesson Two!

Holy doodle pops! There is more?! :weary:

HA HA! You bet your rootin’-tootin’-scootin’ booty there is! Today we will be covering: contour lines, secondary-intercardinal direction, and what a map key is. So lets get started!

**Contour Lines**

So what are contour lines exactly? :confused:

Useful is what they are! They signify the elevation in height or depth of the terrain on a map.

This one shows the height of a mountain with contour lines. So lets break it down a bit, each line indicates a change in a set amount of elevation in height. In this example its 500ft of elevation above sea level per line, stating at 0 or the base of the mountain.

Uhh…Casey, I don’t see anything that looks like this on the map… You sure you know what you’re talking about?

Well, yes adventurer, I do know what I’m talking about. However, you are sort of correct, yet so am I! :smile:
There may not be as detailed contour lines, but they are there in the game map, lets take a closer look! We will focus on the Green Lady Forest for this example:

Okay, if you look at the dashes pointed out in the map (sorry for the quality, but this is what I have) these are technically contour lines, they are displaying a change in elevation. So when you see these dashed lines you know they are contour lines. as of right now there isn’t a designation of if its a change in height or depth, but as epic adventurer @Logan pointed out you now know you can’t go straight though these.

Ah okay! Cool thanks for that Logan!

Secondary-Intercardinal Direction

S-second…WAIT WHAT?! You mean there are still MORE intercardinal directions? :sob:

Oh come on, calm down these are secondary-intercardinal directions…There are only 360 of them! The more common ones are ones like East North East and South South West. But don’t worry, I don’t go into much detail on these because I have faith that we covered it enough in the last lesson. But I will leave you with these two helpful info graphs:

This one has the secondary-intercardinal directions and the corresponding degrees with that direction.

This is the same concept but for some people using a clock face format is easier for them, but it’s not the best way for orienteering but not a bad idea for call outs during a dungeon raid.

Oh, so you could say, you got our 6 on this? :wink:

Ha! well played adventurer.

**Map Key** >A _**map key**_? Is that how you unlock the map? :thinking:

Not exactly, but it helps you identify markings on the map. So lets make a key for the Orbus map!

And there you have it! That easy, a key is there so you can identify content on the map correctly! Good luck out there adventurer! See you next beta!


Thanks man! Just made part two. :smile: (Btw loved the world boss raid in the beta, great fun!)

Not a single mention of hidden valley ranch salad dressing. i’m dissapointed :wink:

Real talk about Orienteering: This is a useful real-life skill.

You can Triangulate your position based on landmarks if you find yourself lost.

I had a blast finding my way around in the starting area because of the way you don’t know your exact position on it. I was profoundly lost afterwards, since there was only the one map piece.

I would love to see some Geocache-like mechanics in the game (probs not at launch. I respect the Pipeline).

As an Eagle Scout, the navigation mechanics so far are fantastic! Not too easy, and make you work for it.

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DUDE! I’m an Eagle Scout too! Haha congrats.

Also I totally agree, the map an compass in the game were great and so easy to pick up on from what I knew from Scouts, I also like that it was actually a challenge and if you were not careful you could easily get lost. It was great!
The only thing I might want to see different is maybe a way to hold the journal as you move or a actual map item to toggle hold instead of grip. But even still I enjoyed the task of doing all that. really sucks you into the game. Not to mention I came back from a hiking trip mid beta haha!

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@Riley_D correct me if I’m wrong, but our North isn’t actually the top of the map is it? From memory, the top of the map is actually East. So for example guys, the Obnobi Desert is in the east when looking at that map. Guild City is in the South-West, Highsteppe would be in the North-West and Lakewood Inn is more in the northern vacinity.

M-my life is a lie…

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That still makes the north on this map the north the way you describe it haha. I am quite sure the north on this map is the real north. It would also be strange to make the desert the most northern area, when to the further currently unreachable north area has a lot of snow. Also this map only captures the middle square (zone) of orbusVR. So there are 8 more squares with area surrounding this map that is not shown (actually a bit more, but that is a minor detail). And one of them in the north is full with snow :slight_smile:

Well, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that The Obnobi Desert, which is at the top of the map, is an eastern province of Patreayl, and that the snowy mountains that border the left hand side of the map are in the north, at least, based off our behind the scenes work… This may change in the future to avoid any confusion, but it is most definitely how it currently is in terms of lore and in game geography.

Not totally sure where the confusion is coming from on this. The top of that map is toward the Necropolar which is North. North on the compass also points toward North.


I think it might just be micro vs macro perspective. Some people are thinking cardinal directions probably from highsteppe, but Nick is talking on a more general, larger scale (whole country inclusive).