Paladin problems on Oculus Quest


Paladin on Quest books are showing at eye level instead of waist like on pc. Very hard you use that class on Oculus Quest.

Is anyone else having this issue, or can you verify if it is the same for you too?


Not sure what your issue is caused by, but by going into your settings, you can adjust the location of the paladin librams (and other things)


There is a little blue ball that I can see around the book locations, along with one directly in front of the compass. I tried grabbing that and moving it. I’ll try again or is there another way. The scoundal cards are in the correct spot.


Yah, that’s how you move them…


Hey did you get this working for you? For a better reference on how to relocate your items, check out this thread here: Character Item Relocation
There’s an in depth explaination on those blue orbs and how they work. Hope that helps!


Thank you. I was messing around with setting and found the reset function.