Patch 10.98 - Menu bug fix, Raid boss animation


Small client side patch out today. It is a client side patch so you will need to update the game to pull it in.

  • Added additional animation to make it more clear on Raid boss 4 phases
  • Added a fix for the Menu system to prevent “pressing through” and changing options on additional tabs
  • Added client side achievements for Hard mode raid
    Note: The new achievements for the hard mode raid are going to show up in the list on the
    client side but will not be unlock able until Tuesday’s patch

Did you guys add a different title also?


Yes there is a title (Guild City Dominator), but it is server side also and will not come out until tues when you can start earning the achievements.


New achievement has a clipping issue


This should be an easy fix thanks

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I’m super excited about the lvls past 30 perks and barbershop tokens. I can’t wait for the old transmogs too! But I do have a question on that, the roadmap says “normal raid”… so the hard/expert look won’t be available, still? Along with Proto (unsharded tradu)? If I’m understanding that correctly, will there be plans in the future to add those to? There were kind of a lot of sets, so I’m definitely on the understanding side that attempting to get them all reworked at once is a bit much. I’m just hoping they’re in the plans at least, because my fav mage hat was the cat mask and my fav warrior helm was the proto.

Either way super excited about the Harvest Festival, too! That sounds like it’ll be fun :slight_smile:


Robert had the following to say about the armor.


can we get the old ui for the menu added back in as a setting. I liked that version and it’s a nice idea to add it as a switchable setting.


Missed that, thanks Krunk

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