Patch 10.99 New Hair styles, Character Refresh Tokens


Hey everyone,

Patch 10.99 will be coming out the door today at approximately 1 PM US Central Time. This will have the new character hair styles, Barber Shop Tokens, along with a few bug fixes.


  • Added Barber Shop Tokens to the Odds N Ends shop in the Higshteppe Underground Marketplace to allow character refresh (changing of character appearance)
    • Note: You can only purchase on Barbershop token at a time, once purchased log out of the game. At the Character Select screen select your player name, you will then see the “Change” button, clicking this allows you to then adjust your character. Be sure to save your changes once finished adjusting.
  • Added 5 new hair styles
    • You can see the new styles without purchasing a Barbershop token by clicking the “Create New Character” button at the log in screen
  • Fixed a bug with the Mission NPC symbols appearing wrong on the quest
  • Fixed the tool tip information on some muskteer orbs
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Hard Mode raid achievements
  • Server side Hard Mode perfect achievements now unlockable along with title (Guild City Dominator)
  • Fixed clipping issue with Raid Ranger helm clipping through large heads.
  • Updated Index controller rotation
  • Armor durability should no longer affect loadouts
  • Loot bags are no longer affected by sticky grip
  • Musketeer super now affects Lifewell
  • Fixed Ranger hit detection.
  • Fixed grind tool sometimes being invisible on Rangers and Bards.

@J11 @AcaviGER


so people can now freely change names whenever they want?


Ya just saw it, I will test it later today, hopefully its nice now


Only the appearance can be changed with the tokens.

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Any idea when we’ll see some of the typos fixed? Perhaps the Assasians? :sweat_smile:


Im going to do a pass after I finish up some more of the quests for explorers league.


That’s good. I was beginning to feel like our Typo hunt was falling on deaf ears :joy::sweat_smile:


Nooo I hope they stay as assasians :joy: my fave typo

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how much do they cost?


Hopefully this is also not breaking anymore when rerolling the affixes on them or infusing some secondary stats in it?


Ill try it again… I hope it does the job. @Landru let us know how it is for rangers.


The Barber token is 10K dram from Odds N Ends


I feel like you’d be better off spending the time to make it adjustable in-game and then once people find what’s good for each class (which I’m sure J and Acavi and Landru and everyone else will spend countless hours doing), you could port those back in and close out the option.

Assuming, of course (what I expect), that this fix will not work for all or even most of them


Steam and Oculus have very different controller rotation, so I know for a fact that not everyone is going to be able to enjoy a preset angle on these new controllers.

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When will y’all add mustaches and beard…my god…I cant be baby face all the time…I want a long arse beard for my mage!. the new hair styles shoulda been on standby till y’all dropped them beards in game…bring in facial hair…and will y’all ever add ranks in guild so maybe officers or make it so a certain rank in guild could recruit people and not just have it guild lead invite only…cause sum guild leaders tend to go afk and can/will cause guilds to break up…like the guild I’m in…(The Guild)…if I could recruit than this guild could possibly survive…since only GL can recruit…I’m gonna have to bail and find a new guild…sad


I am going to try the rotation change before I give an opinion from the perspective of a runemage.


This. Please let us know where this is on the roadmap!

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It’s planned to release at around the same time mounts release, in the old game
Also planned for launch of reborn. So eta is couple months-a year ago


To be fair, if the shaman orbs didn’t go through, they’d be absolutely even more worthless than they already are :sweat_smile:

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