Patch 10.998- Lvl 30 dungeons, Shard dungeon increase, Shard vendor

Patch 10.998 will launch on Tues Oct 8th at 1 pm CST, with the two new level 30 dungeons, increased shard levels and more.

  • Abandoned Mine dungeon now available, access through the Scav’s Den cave in the Wastelands
    • Level 30 dungeon un-matched, currently not part of the Random Dungeon Queue
  • Ancient Temple dungeon now available, access through entrance near Bears Hollow
    • Level 30 dungeon un-matched, currently not part of the Random Dungeon Queue
  • Trash mobs in both new level 30 dungeons have a chance to drop a piece of transmog only gear from the set of “Conqueror Gunner” gear (Based on old Orbus Muskteer Spiro gear)
  • Level 30 Dungeon gear will be the “Conqueror” set of gear (Based on old Orbus Mage,Ranger,Warrior Spiro gear), along with a new set of weapons.
  • The “Scav Shaman” boss must be defeated to gain a key into the Ancient Temple Dungeon
  • There is a small chance that all Lvl 30 bosses in the new dungeons will drop the “Mining Cart Mount”
  • Shard Level 11-15 has a chance to drop the “Challenger” set of gear
    • There are new legendary weapons that have a chance to drop from shards 11-15, with a greater chance as you progress up shard levels
  • Shard levels 11-15 will not include Airship Dungeon, but will include the rest, with shards 14 & 15 having an increased chance of rolling the two new dungeons (but will still include the rest excluding the Airship Dungeon)
  • New Minor shard mutations will be included in the pool active on all shards 1-15
    • New Minor mutations are: Afflicted, Hot Foot, Fatigued
  • New Major shard mutations will be included in the pool active on shards 11-15
    • New Major mutations are: Golden Egg, Back Bug
  • New Brutal mutations will be included in the pool active on shards 10-15
    • New Brutal mutations are: Shared Pain, Reflective Strikes
  • Shard Levels 10-12 will give +4 gear, Shard levels 13-15 will give +5 gear, with Shard level 15 having a chance at dropping a +6 legendary weapon
    • The Legendary weapons given out in shards 11-15 will be a new weapon model different from those given out in 1-10
  • There has been a “Shard Vendor” added to the Rainforest camp, once you complete the Explorers League questline to help the camp the Scav trader will appear next to the newly built huts.
    • This allows you to trade up shards all the way to Effervescent Shards.
    • It costs 10 Minor for 1 Major, 15 Major for 1 Glimmering, 20 Glimmering for 1 Effervescent
    • The icons of the different shard levels have been changed to avoid confusion
  • There is a “Ottathamine Merchant” located at the Leisa Port inside Hulthine’s Basin that sells the “Luxury Mount”
    • Must have the Explorers League questline to help Port Leisa before his shop will appear
  • New achievements have been added for completing higher tier shards along with achievements for the Lvl 30 dungeons
  • Added a fix to Fellowship Chest logs that should only show movement in and out of the chest instead of item movement inside players own inventory


Nice!! Can’t wait to get some time off of work to check these out :slight_smile:

Exciting stuff, can’t wait to hop on and check it all out. Where is Bears Hollow? Not familiar with that named location.

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i love the shard vender

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i dont see bears hollows but i see leisa port @Infraggable_Krunk

Omg tytytyty good thing I saved my blues since a while :smiley:

Its at the far North end of Hulthine’s Basin (where the TP pillar is, you can go right to Flooded Rainforest or left to the Wastelands)

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This seems good for the economy. Or terrible. Either way, it gives me a reason to actually do the quest line.

its good i need more effervescent shards

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I almost used all my eff with no real source for new… this is at least an incentive to go for legendaries, at all, and they will become useful, for those up for a grind.

And this still IS alot of grinding since 300 Major or 3000 minor are needed for ONE single eff shard… so it’s not that everyone will instantly swim in eff shards now or so.

This begs the question, will there be an easier way to get shards? Maybe at least a way to quickly break down all underleveled gear in your backpack?

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just ask some low levels that have minor or major shards and tade them a dragon or help for it

I have been grinding since the dawn of GRINDING and I would love to see such an auto-destroy feature :sweat_smile:. But it isn’t a death or alive feature (except for my controller by now xD).

Great update. Can’t wait for the new rewards and stressful situations! :slight_smile:

Only concern hopefully hard-raids won’t die out.

Tsk tsk scamming newbies as a valid shard source :wink: ?

Also hopefully the long lasting bugfixes like crashes and desyncs are next on the list :expressionless:

Great update! Can’t wait to play these new dungeons!

Thank you Rupert

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this is great, thanks, but I have one issue with it tho.
it’s in the rainforest.
As someone who leaves pvp on all the time it’s a slight issue as I have to either travel out there with all my shards on me risking loosing all of them, take them in smaller batches making the loss smaller should I be ambushed but the trading more time consuming or turn pvp off which would mean I’d loose the pvp bonus for any active missions.

I wouldn’t mind one being added to highsteppe too once unlocked, but at the very least a safezone around him should be added imo


its good since mostly everyone have pvp its a good way to have a fight and to survive for people that want pvp on

I think this will be a great QOL improvement for the playerbase and wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea but it was posted by a community member a while back on the forums and we just hadn’t had time to implement it and didn’t want to announce it until we were sure we could make it work.

We are still working on this and will push out a patch once we get to the root of them, hopefully in the next week or so well have the first pass done and put out a patch.


honestly this comes across as a very disappointing update

will we get a orb at the tree?

Why just muskitire?
does that count as a dungeon as lv 30 or is it a low level shard

I know alot of people who don’t want to do the explores league questline so this is very annoying to have to complete if we want to upgrade shards.
also locking one dungeon behind a different dungeon seems like a daft idea, what happens when some one gets the dungeon at a high level shard and the person does not have the key, yes they can run through it but that means they have to go out of there way to do it.

honestly a lot of this update seems to be trying to increase the play time by making it a pain in the ass to do things not make it fun to do things.

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