Patch 11.10- Player House Customization Update

We will be launching the Player House Customization Update around 12 pm (Noon) CST on Nov 19th. This will be a client and server side patch so you will need to get the latest update from the store.

  • Added Player House Customization
    • There is a Getting Started guide in our blog here that goes into detail about the system
  • Removed teleport lines for players outside of combat
  • Increased drop rate of Wooden Cogs and Metal Springs
  • Re-worked the Mission UI screen for NPCs to make the Lore Quests separate to try and improve player ease of use
  • Added indicators to the Achievement list to display if there is a title or furniture piece associated with achievement
  • Updated Scoundrel Ult
    • Once Ult activated the next 6 shots will give you automatic rank 5
  • Removed some static furniture from the Player house
  • Added a few additional Achievement furniture pieces to furniture store in Highsteppe
  • Furniture Vendor NPC will now sell common furniture
  • Adjusted the lighting inside of Lich King, Broken Halls, Abandoned Mine dungeons
  • Updated training room in player house to be taller and less furniture to allow better practice for varying classes

EDIT: we rolled out a patch on 11/21 with the following fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the quest dialogue button on mission NPCs was missing
  • Fixed Scoundrel Ult not recharging properly
  • Fixed a bug with the furniture where it was saving wrong coordinates occasionally
  • Attempted a fix for the issue where furniture resets to default position after placing occasionally - we’re still investigating this one, but we’ve added a manual “save” function to the build mode button, so essentially press the Build Mode to toggle it off, and it should save your position.
  • Updated Tinkerer tools to be non-tradeable again after being un-crated.

Note: Turning “Build Mode” off now saves the position of the furniture again as a backup save so if you are worried about your furniture pieces not saving locations, you should be able to toggle that a few time to ensure the position is saved


Thank you guys, for all the hard work you put into this game. It’s amazing how quick you respond to the community!


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nice do they still track and do the give the bonus damage?

They still do the bonus damage, but no longer track. We received a lot of feedback that it was more annoying than useful.


Thank you, Robbert

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“Inside the shop there is a 3D representation of all the different furniture so you can make an educated decision what would look best for your home”

Me: Okeeee what is all there for dram?? klicklicklicklickklick klicklicklicklickklick klicklicklicklickklick

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Training room made scoundrel friendly woohoo. You didn’t tell that in patch notes :upside_down_face:


These are so cool really and not as few as I thought! Also the building mode works really well, I thought about posting something about the 11 Orbus pictures that I have for deco, only, but this update is neat :smiley:


is the update delayed on steam?

Shouldn’t be, I got it here. Try restarting Steam.

just rebooted my pc and is not appearing in the downloads

Ok it worked but just didn’t show up

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Also did the promised pushed out being able to see tilesets with the camera get added?

ooh a super change… any other news on the both the useless paladin and shaman ults? or about half of pally talents still being useless? or any other class balancing at all?

Pally ult is meh useful for extra heal. Shaman ult is just cool estactic
Thats all. Scoundrel ult with the update if damage numbers weren’t changed is also a joke for dps. Mage although looks cool is also non existing dps increase in most situations. A good amount of classes don’t have a good ult. I am happy I won’t accidentally lose dps anymore at-least :ok_hand:

for pally ult, when exactly is it useful? u cant work it into a stable boss rotation because of its long cool down, and if u have a oh shit moment where u fuck up and really need the heal it takes way to long to activate and ur already dead

edit: did in fact think of a use, you can use it if u want a excuse to run up behind ur tank and grab their ass because u need to “heal them”

It saved me about 4x so far. Better then nothing. Its more of a burst damage intake fix.

Are there any plans to make any of the furniture useful? Like extra storage chests? Or is it all just for looks?


I’m stressing this point since a while, but yea we should just have 1-2 more tabs, possibly even 3 in the existing chest, if it must be for dram, so those who wanna hoard stuff, be it armor, dragons, dyes, potions etc. (or play very long since the OG…) finally can move on and play!!!
Even more now where we have all these countless house items, not sure on the looks of some, but due to the lack of space I can’t store anything for later, have to either place or delete and rebuy.

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Good update. Had some fun and hopefully have some more fun in decorating the house. Did not expect that. Hopefully more will be added soon. Including more item slots to place things in a room :grimacing: