Patch 11.21- Jan 7th- End of Festival and Bug Fixes

With the patch going out on January 7th around 2 PM CST it will mark the end of the first ever Winter Strangers Festival. We all had a good time making this festival and plan on making the next one even better with the feedback we have received.

  • Fixed the strange “bookmark” that was appearing inside the player journal
  • Added additional player LOD settings to help with performance during large events (PCVR players)
  • Shard dungeon reward rolls should have a delay before being able to be interacted with now
  • Updated the Paladin aggro libariam so when revived it will automatically be off cool down similar to the Warriors Horn
  • Achievement lists now have status bars to show how close % wise you are to completing it
  • Removed all festival NPCs and monsters associated with the Winter Strangers Festival
    • You will still be able to turn in the Festival quests (check your journal for updated objectives) but you will NOT get any of the rewards from the festival even if they were completed before but not turned in.
  • The Winter/Snow theme to all the zones will stay until the end of the “Season” when spring will start

We will have a blog post coming the the next few weeks talking about what 2020 will have in store for the Orbus community and what we have been working on so far!


If the snow stays would it not make sense to keep the monsters around too? Or do they get removed to prevent confusion of ppl trying to finish the quests?

Also wooooo


Uaaa everyone gather at Heart Of Strangers!! Lets kill him last time and let me help finish the quest before the event ends :innocent:

They get removed to prevent confusion, as well as then they are only around during the Festival which makes it a little more special. We are keeping the terrain, trees, etc the way they are to try out the idea of seasons, as opposed to just ending the festival and going back to the “original” textures, which felt weird after the fall festival when it went from really brown/orange to green and lush, back to white and snowy. Were trying it this way so itll go from winter snow–>spring flowers and green–>summer (which is the original textures) —>fall, then into winter, etc.

We will keep gathering feedback from everyone and see what the community finds the best and make changes based on that.


Thank you!


The patch is going to go out closer to 2:30 just as a heads up.

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Patch is live, enjoy!

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Not sure if it’s just me, but Dungeon Queue is now broken. I get the options for what role, but it won’t let me hit confirm.

k can we run our 15 before any server restart plz? :grimacing:

Thanks for letting us know, we’re working on a fix for that. Sorry about that.

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It’s looking like its going to be a client only patch for the prompt fix, so no server restart so you should be safe

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Where is this setting located? seems to be on by default?

It’s based on your graphics settings, from Ultra displaying the 40 players closest to you, to Low displaying 10.

Edit: it might default lower initially, just change your graphics back and forth once to put it in place.

Patch for the dungeon queue should be live now, restart your clients to get it.

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darnit, thats unfortunate :frowning:

Doing a lvl 1 shard achievement is broken. Progress 0% and not done for everyone.

Upon hitting “abort” in dungeon queue, I’m now (apparently) being placed in the queue anyway. I say apparently because it shows me I’m in the queue and have to leave it again, but I haven’t stuck in long enough to see if I pop in a dungeon.

We’ve got a fix for this as well, but it will require a server restart. We should be restarting around 11AM CST
for anyone that wants to plan against running shards at that time.

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Was the prompt removed? I didn’t get prompted for anything last nights after beating a few shards. (accepting or denying the roll)