Patch 14.01 - Highsteppe Makeover

*Patch will release around 11 AM CST on 8/31/2021

Welcome one and all to the newest version of Highsteppe, after many of you know Markos’ triumphant return, with help from a few brave adventurer’s, he has declared that now is a time of prosperity. With that the city has invested Dram, along with countless craftsman hours to restoring Highsteppe to it’s once great stature, that of itself before the dark times that fell upon us. A few notable changes along with a map of the updated town at the bottom.

  • Darius has been moved farther into his monster hunting shop, along with statues and captured monsters from around the realm.
    • If you are looking for the name of some of the bosses, point at them with your pointer finger extended (same as in the Furniture shop) to see their name and locations.
    • Be sure to check back as more monsters are discovered and defeated to see updates to Darius’s collection
  • Chef Lethrow is now located at the top of the stairs inside his newly re-stored kitchen
  • Mayor Kai now has her own office on the corner of the Highsteppe circle, you will find her inside working hard to keep the monster that is Highsteppe politics at bay, along with giving assignments to any one brave enough for the task.
  • Whisper, that elusive figure that strangely resembles Sephotep in the face, can still be found in the salvaging shop, although it has undergone a complete makeover
  • Pierre Cenn and his assistant can be found at the newly remodeled Critter Capture shop near the player house still
    • Just a note, Pierre has been reporting strange occurrences of travelers entering his shop, only for him to turn around and they be gone, with only the faintest small sound of noise afterwards. This has not improved since the remodel.
  • Helga Sarrow, the once great adventurer, can still be found at the base of the airship dock.
    • On the note of the Airship Dock, while there is still no transportation between the different areas, and will not be anytime soon, you can now scale to the top of the tower to take in Highsteppe from above.
  • While the exterior of your own house has been remodeled, they did not adjust anything on the interior. You will find your house where it has always been, although you may not recognize it at first.
    • While you are at your house, be sure to climb the rope to the second floor balcony to take in the new sights.
  • There has been a new tunnel installed leading from the Highsteppe circle to your Player House, this was to increase the flow of pedestrians
  • The Infusion Specialist, has set up shop inside the brick building directly behind Pierre Cenns critter capture shop, this allows her to make use of a great forge that was built specifically to harness the Essence power needed to preform her duties
    • We are hopeful this will cut down on the number of magical accidents occurring inside of the Guardian Tree
  • As always the Tavern, the Drunken Gourd, has remained steadfast in its previous location, although they did slightly update their exterior door to have a larger handle.
  • The Fellowship hall, with a few generous donations from currently un-nammed benefactors, has been completely upgraded. You will find the location to be the same, but that is where the similarities stop.
  • The Fellowship Registrar, the man you need to speak with to form or upgrade your fellowship, has been moved to a stone building inside the Fellowship Courtyard for ease of access to those adventurers that are busy questing.
  • The Raid Vendors, both Regular and Hardmode, have moved to a small outcropping directly in front of the Fellowship Courtyard.
  • You will still find the Elusive Trickster Goblin perched upon his stack of boxes counting the Dram he has earned.
  • One final note, the Beginner Weapon NPC, where you can try out all the different disciplines or pick up that orb you accidentally deleted, has relocated to right outside the graveyard next to the main gate to help those adventurers just beginning find their style.

On a serious note, we are excited to share the new improved Highsteppe with the community, and hope that everyone is as excited as we are. For Quest players you should see improved aesthetics more closely matching those of PC players, with similar performance as you experienced before.

We will be monitoring the performance of the town on both PC and Quest platforms and will continue to make adjustments to increase the performance as needed. I’ve posted a map below to help with some of the NPC changes, and the in game map has been updated as well.

A few other notes, you can now toggle off the Mission NPCs icons that show through the walls via the “Help Sign” toggle inside of your player menu general settings, and we have a fix for the Shaman Orbs resetting if held too long, as well as a few new shorter side quests were added to the farmer NPCs outside of Highsteppe, and one final note we are going through updating some of the NPC textures so you will start to see a mix of old and new NPC textures until we are finished.


Servers are now online!


View from Guild City Raid not changed. Is this expected or planned to change?


How do you re-enable the mission NPC icons? They were disabled when I logged in and I couldn’t find the setting to turn it back on.

They’re tied to the help signs toggle.

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Quick heads up, the teleporter pillar in Highsteppe leads to the old location, but that should be fixed once the zones expire.

If you open your player menu, then go to the graphics settings, its under there as “Help Signs”

We’re aware of an issue where certain players are falling under the ground while trying to enter the player house. We’ll be working on a fix for it.

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Birds are back outside. Skog trolls as well… Intentional?

Could it be made a separate toggle? Pretty much everyone who have played the game for a while don’t want the tutorial signs that are disabled with the help sign toggle, but i think plenty of people would still want the mission NPC icons to see what weekly missions they haven’t picked up yet.

Also you get teleported underground when you teleport to fellowship court.

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Dog has no petting animation and looks sad :cry: 0/10

Shapeshifters were re-added


Fantastic to see that the Drink of Ithecac recipe has been added to the world :slight_smile:


Yes we put in a possible fix for them and will monitor them but were not 100% confident in the fix so its possible they will get disabled again which is why we left them out of the patch notes

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The zones should be reset with the following fixes -

  • Teleport pillar leading underground
  • Skogtrolls and birds should be gone

Is there any plan to Put Paladin Hammer throw back into the new fellowship hall/ teleporter area? its removal is going to make potion hauling for fellowship chests a greater ordeal then it already is.


They removed that??? oh no

Time to practice skywalking again…

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You know, I noticed this useless door behind the kitty. I know the system was removed because it was buggy/not popular, but what about player house options within Highsteppe? I would totally spend dram to move my player house to that door. Then, I’d see the cute kitty every time I came out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And for those who really would like to be closer to the Fellowship Hall, it’s much closer… :thinking:

You could have house options close to the fellowship hall, the current location near the tavern/exit, one near the tree dungeon entrance, etc. :upside_down_face:


@Mathieu_D is the dragon flying around the dragon shop a new colour and type? Or just a new colour? It looks different…

Might that mean new colours could be coming out this fall?