Patch 21.01 - K'tula's Cove Dungeon

Hi everyone! The update which contains the new dungeon, K’tula’s Cove will be available in around 30 minutes from this post.

You can read a preview of the dungeon in general in this post, and check out the new armor sets and pets in this article.

You will be able to enter the dungeon from a portal in the Rainforest.

K’tula’s Cove is part of the normal shard rotation and will start appearing on new shards dropped at all levels.

The new armor is generated the same in shards as the old armor, but will only generate in this dungeon and will replace the regular set in terms of appearance, while having identical stats.

We hope you enjoy the new mechanics and gathering the different armor pieces for fashion!


speaking of new armor, will the berserker stuff be from the second dungeon?

The dungeon should be live now, enjoy!
Make sure you get the client update by restarting Oculus or Steam if you haven’t received the download.

Making sure I understand…

The new armor will only drop in shards, and it will drop as +gear?

It will not drop in an unsharded dungeon?

It drops in both unsharded and sharded versions.


do the pets drop in both unsharded and sharded as well?

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We’ve been working on some fixes to a few issues that have popped up. Here’s what is currently on our list:

Already Fixed

  • Fixed Crab Boss stuck on shell twist when losing aggro
  • Fixed wood cog drop
  • Fixed description of dungeon name on shard info (If one is already made it will still show wrong until next client patch)

Next Patch will have the following fixes:

  • Tentacle repositioning on crab boss reset
  • Crocnator material
  • SFX for tentacle aoe tied to sfx control

We’re also investigating a crash that seems to happen during the first boss, and we could use more information. Please let us know if you noticed it happening during a specific mechanic, or when somebody dies.
Thank you.


Rip white croc


I sent in a bug report on last boss so you could have instance information if needed, but going to type it out here because it would take forever in game.

These are all related to the Krab:

Upon party wipe, everyone graveyard, we return to boss and the boss health would still be at 60% or wherever it was when we last fought it. Once engaged it would usually immediately slam with no bubbles, resulting in an instant wipe.

Several times during a normal round of fighting it would only send out one or two bubbles.

the circle aoe on boss 2 NEEDS to be level to the ground. can’t see them when seated.

boss 1 also does soul suxk during tornado and its a wipe

Are you not able to interrupt during the tornados?

you can. the issue is hitting him. he’s kinda teleporting everywhere. and going invis.

Valid point, forgot about the teleporting

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Claude is leaving Orbus. Meet Claude, The Academy Of Sciences' Albino Alligator - Secret San Francisco

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Some fixes that were pushed out this morning:

  • Boss 1 should not teleport after doing soul suck
  • Boss 2 should not splash right away

still trying to figure out the crash on boss 1


Patch 21.02 is going out shortly with the following notes:

  • Tentacle repositioning on crab boss reset
  • Crocnator material
  • SFX for tentacle aoe tied to sfx control
  • Make aoe wave more obvious
  • Added music to dungeon (edited)

I know it won’t be and can’t be but I really want the music to be “Shiny”.


That would be incredible

New wave destroys framerate for GPU on PC change it back. Its awful on PC and borderline unplayable on quest

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