Patch 3.35 & Server Restart

A new patch will be coming out in approximately 1 hour, along with a quick server restart to deploy it. In particular this patch:

  • Has a new implementation for playing video cutscenes which should hopefully resolve the crash issues some users were experiencing, as well as provide better performance.
  • Enables Static Batching for increased performance in some areas.
  • Fixes the auto-run so that it will not trigger when you press the Grip button while grabbing other objects such as your Pickaxe or Compass while moving.
  • Adds the ability to grant surnames to Level 20 Characters.
  • Fixes a bug where blocking attacks of neutral NPCs (such as the Pilgrim) with your shield would cause them to aggro you.
  • Updated graphics in various places of the world including the walls around Guild City, as well as additional decorations and “static” NPCs throughout the world.
  • Fixed an issue where players on the SteamVR version of the game were no longer sending data to the server when their SteamVR overlay was active. This was probably leading to all kinds of weird behavior including getting disconnected or even crashing.
  • Fixed numerous reported crash-causing bugs and exceptions.
  • Added an additional locomotion option under the Turning options called “Strafe + Snap.” This is the same as the “Strafe + Turn” option but uses 45-degree snap turning instead of smooth turning.
  • Made the Ranger trap lighter weight so it’s easier to throw. Also increased the size of the collider for detecting if an enemy walks over it by approximately 50%. Finally, the trap’s cooldown will no longer trigger if the trap is thrown and doesn’t land on the ground. So now if for example you throw it on top of an enemy and it gets stuck there, you can try throwing it again a couple of seconds later.
  • The Character Login screen, when logging into your account the first time, should now correctly support all characters that are available on our keyboard. In addition, when you press “Enter” after entering your password it will show as asterisks like a standard website form.
  • The aggro ranger of low-level characters in the Wilds has been reduced to make up for the fact that the Wilds elites have a much larger-than-usual aggro range in general. In addition, we’ve moved the spawn points of the Wilds groups so they are less-close to the graveyard and zone entrance.
  • Increased the spawn rate of the Redtails at Cenn’s Farm – there are still a lot of new people joining who are getting stuck there waiting.
  • Re-did grass in the Jungle so the main road is more obvious.



The client-side patch is now available to download for both Oculus and Steam. Server restart will be happening shortly.

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The server restart is now complete.

Please be sure your client is up to date before hopping in, or you may run into issues. Thanks!

Odd, the most recent patch for OrbusVR on steam that I can see is 3.30. Why am I only seeing some patches on steam (3.16 jumped to 3.30, but just those two are there).

Did you restart Steam itself? Sometimes I have to do that to get patches to show up right away.

Oh I see, I think you mean in the “News” section? Yeah those are just manual notes we make, I will make one now. If you restart Steam and it says you’re up to date you should be good to go.

Oh ok… I suppose it’s automatically updating, but there’s no indicator of client version in Steam or in-game (just optional news). Maybe the login screen could have a little v3.35 (or current version) down the road? Perhaps it does and I’ve just not seen it.

Thanks for all the awesomeness!

Yeah seems like a smart thing to add, haha.

Sounds awesome guys! keep up the good work.

cough fix longbow cough

who said that!

Oh actually I totally forgot but I did take a stab at fixing that. Can you check and see if it’s fixed now? It might not be but I did attempt it haha.

Umm how is this done? I would like one and I am 20 but cant find out how to get.

See post

There’s another small client-side patch going out now which should fix a couple of issues including a few spell pages disappearing from the journal. Thanks!

Perhaps this belongs in a separate bug thread, but regarding the cutscene implementation update: cutscenes were working for me yesterday (I was able to see the intro cinematic), but upon turning in the Lord Lenneth quest after updating today, all I saw was a grey box where the cutscene was supposed to be playing. After waiting for a couple of minutes, was forced to skip the cutscene. i5 2500k, GTX 1070, 8 GB DDR3.

Can you do me a favor and try creating a new character and seeing if you see the opening cutscene or if it’s doijg the same thing?

Thanks for following up. The opening cutscene did play properly for me on a new character.

Okay, it’s probably just a bug with that one cutscene then, I will look into it. Let me know if the next one works for you, and if you want I can PM you a link to view that cutscene out of game.

i can’t sprint with the left hand (bow) anymore, only the right works

You can’t move at all or you just can’t use the Grip button to Sprint?