Patch 4.75: Talents System, new VoiP, Fishing Gear -- Sprint Two!

Hey everyone,

There’s a new major patch going out a bit later today, and it’s a doozy.

Talent System

The main highlight of the new patch is the Talent System, which we previously covered on our blog in two in-depth blog posts. So be sure to check those out if you haven’t already to get the overview.

We’ve been tweaking the talents via testing the last few days and have made some additional changes. The current state of each talent and details on its specifics can be found on each classes’ Wiki page: Runemage, Warrior, Ranger, Musketeer.

Please note that although we have done a fair amount of testing for these, we will be continuing to make changes to them based on observations as far as balance and other community feedback.

To select your talents, just go to the new “Talents” tab from the Inventory screen. You can choose your Talents from anywhere (as opposed to needing to go to a particular NPC as we originally planned), and resetting them will require imbibing a Potion of Forgetfulness, which can be purchased from the “Odds and Ends” NPC in Guild City for 500 dram each. There will be no penalty for resetting your talents more often, other than the need to have a potion handy.

We still have quite a bit of polishing work that we’ll be pushing out on this as we continue to iterate on it, including notifications for new players leveling up reminding them to choose their Talents, but for now it should be in a state where you can begin playing with it and giving us feedback on it.

New VoIP System

We’ve completely re-worked our VoIP system from the ground up. It should be much more reliable and higher-quality now. In addition to that there are no longer any limits on the number of party members of fellowship members who can be talking at once.

This change should be pretty much seamless, with a few small exceptions:

  • Currently there’s just one Voice volume slider, not a separate slider for Party and Fellowship, so you can’t control those volumes separately.
  • Currently there is no “effect” added to the Party of Fellowship chat, other than it not being 3D like the proximity chat is.

We’re excited about this improvement and would love your feedback on if the chat is better and more reliable for your group!

Fishing Gear

There’s now additional fishing quests available from Ernest Trimm, which rewards cosmetic fishing gear which is quite creative and fun to wear.

Musketeer Battle Resurrection

The Musketeer class can now cast their Lifewell orb at their turret to Resurrect a nearby teammate, even if they are in combat. Note that this still requires a Reagant, and can only be done once every 20 minutes.


  • If you cast a spell as a Runemage, and then switch to another class, your active spell will be canceled.
  • Audio Chat indicators should work much better most of the time with the new VoIP system. There is a bug where sometimes an indicator won’t work at all for a single person though and we are tracking that down.
  • The Runemage’s Resurrection ritual now obeys the same rules as the player Reawaken button, and will not work if allies nearby are in combat, even if you yourself are not. This is to prevent players from logging out and back in and then resurrecting teammates in combat.
  • Spells should no longer go through enemies.
  • Warrior should no longer be able to use Sword Rush to charge to the practice dummies in the Tournament of Mages area or the stalactites in the Cave Dungeon.
  • The Indestructible Affix should now work properly for for the ring slot.

The patch itself should go live in about an hour, and will require around 20-30 minutes of server downtime to deploy.


  • Spells are getting stuck in mid-air
  • On Beta branch, the Shield hitpoints of the warrior may not be visible, and/or Sword Rush multiple charges may not be working.
  • If you disable your Voice Chat, you are still broadcasting voice.



What about the journal? Did that get tabs from this patch?

It’s coming this week.


Don’t want to push my luck, but with all the new stuff coming have you found a bit of time to work on the guild chest ?

Sorry, not yet, it is on the list though.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: And grats on the new stuff, dye hunting was super fun.

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Is the update going automatic for me on rift beta version?

I will be putting out an update to the Beta branches at the same time, yes.

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Lots of great stuff! I thought fishing levels and useful gear was coming. Is that still coming?

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This first tier of gear is just cosmetic right now. We’re figuring out what we want to do in terms of Fishing stats long-term and have another tier ready to go for that.


Musketeer turret should be in healing mode, or it doesn’t matter?

Btw can i use the Beta with Oculus or it still Steam exclusive?

If you want in on the Oculus Beta you have to PM me your Oculus Account email so I can add you to it manually.

The turret’s mode doesn’t matter for using the Resurrect.

Oh bummer warriors can’t farm crimson dye anymore:(

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First comes fishing gear… then comes fishing raids!!

:wink: :wink:

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Elk could solo it :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be pretty cool if it took 5 fisherman to pull in one boss fish:)

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So what’s the difference between the new main branch, and the new beta?

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The Beta branch is everything in the current main branch, plus the new chunking-and-loading system and the new Warrior hit detection system.

The server will be going down for the patch in about 15 minutes, which is when we will put out the client side patches as well. The server will be down for 15-20 minutes to deploy the patch.



You should make it OP, seeing that fishers will be unable to attack :wink: