Patch 5.5: Pet Breeding,Weapon/Armor Infusing, Pillar Teleporting -- Sprint Four!


Hey everyone,

There’s a new patch which will be going out today around 12 PM US Central Time as per the usual. We’ve got some exciting new content and features for you today, so without further ado, here we go!

Pet Breeding

Pet Breeding is a new mechanic to the game which we are introducing today which adds a new “crafting” class to your Player House. You’ll now find that you have a small dragon terrarium in your home, into which you can place two pets in order to produce a new one! The dragons now have a variety of genetic traits, including primary color, secondary color, spot color, size, and type. By breeding different dragons with different attributes in these traits together, you can create your own combinations over time.

The Pet Breeding system is actually pretty complicated, so you’ll find a new book sitting on the table in your house which goes into the details of how to get started. There’s also a new vendor in the Zoological Gardens area which will sell you a few dragons to get started on your pet breeding adventures.

As with all things we introduce, this is just the “first pass” at this mechanic, and depending on the level of community interest, we will continue expanding it in the future. Right now we are planning on adding in some additional mechanics around the pet itself apart from breeding, such as the ability to have a “happiness” rating on the pet which can be improved by taking it around the world with you and feeding it treats, so look for that in a future update.

Gear Infusions and Affix Rerolling

We’ve heard the lamentations of the higher-level players who are getting all this great new gear in the Shard Dungeons, only to find that the secondary stats are worse than what they already had. We want gear progression in the game to be steady, not take two steps backward every time a new tier of content is released. As such beginning today you can sacrifice your old gear at the Infusionist located in Guild City in order to upgrade your newer gear.

The rules for doing this are simple. You can upgrade armor or weapons. Place the new piece into the top (“Target”) box, and the old piece into the bottom (“Source”) box. When you do so, a calculation will be run to show you what stats will be changed on the target piece. Any secondary stat that the target piece already has, which is lower than the corresponding stat on the source piece, will be upgraded. So for example, if you have a weapon with +100 Strength and +100 Intellect, and another weapon with +110 Strength and +90 Intellect, you can sacrifice the latter to give the former +110 Strength / + 100 Intellect. Note that the source weapon is destroyed as part of this process.

As for affixes, you can now use Glimmering Shards (received from breaking down Epic-level weapons and armor) to re-reoll the affixes on your Epic weapons and rings. Just select the shard in your inventory, then choose the target, and "apply’ the shard to the target. The affix will be re-rolled immediately. For Legendary weapons, you need an Effervescent Shard, which can be gained by breaking down a Legendary weapon. Both affixes will be re-rolled. Note that you are guaranteed for both Epic and Legendary gear not to receive the same affix you currently had in that “slot” with the re-roll.

Pillar Teleporting

Beginning today, when you approach a teleport pillar in-game, you will find a Menu listing all of the other teleport pillars which you have previously unlocked. (As a reminder, to unlock a pillar just get close to it at least once). For the cost of a Runemage Reagent, you can choose any other pillar to be instantly teleported to.

Note that Runemages can still create portals beginning anywhere, whereas to use the new teleport pillar system you must actually go to another pillar first and have unlocked it previously. We have also introduced three additional teleport pillars spread throughout the higher-level zones today as well.

Beta is now Default

The previous Beta branch is now the Default branch for all users on both Oculus and Steam. This brings our chunk-loading system as well as the new Warrior hit detection to everyone in the game. We think we’ve fixed all the reported Beta-specific bugs, but if you come across anything new today, please let us know.

New Sound Design

Today marks the beginning of our new sound design in the game, courtesy of our new team member Jesse! As of this morning’s patch the new sound design is implemented in the Highsteppe area, and you’ll find new ambient sounds throughout the region as well as new attack and death sound effects for each monster in that zone. We’d love to hear what you think of that, so please let us know!

New Armor Designs

We’ve listened to your feedback and re-worked the armor designs for the new Shard Dungeons gear. You’ll find that what was the modeling for the Spiro set is now used as the modeling on the Techno set, and there is a totally new design in place for the Spiro set. We’ve also got an even more epic-looking version of that Spiro design ready to go to use for future content such as Raids.

If you already had that gear, you’ll find the new models are already active after the patch goes live, and all dyes, etc. have been preserved.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Pets should no longer block spells and arrows, so it should be safe to bring them with you to more places.
  • Pet treats can now be purchased from the Pet Shop vendor in Guild City for 50 dram.
  • Note that while the original Kickstarter backer dragons are still untradable, the new bred dragons are.
  • The Wiki has received a lot of updates by the Dev Team and should have more up to date information on a variety of areas.
  • Note that since we have decided to use the shards from breaking down gear for the new affix re-rolling system, we’ve decided that we will not be moving forward with our previous plan to use the shards to “power” Runesmithing Tilesets. We may still in the future introduce a mechanic where those “wear off” over time, but it will not involve the shards.
  • Muting people should hopefully be working fully, if it’s not for you please let us know.



And awesome job devs!!!


Great news! 20 characters



@Riley_D can I somehow get the main stats to jump over to the old gear? I do miss some of the early designs, would be fun to use them at a high level


Not currently, no, you can only transfer secondary stats. However, we are working long-term on a system which basically lets you transmogrify your gear so you can have it “look” like any other gear you want.


For infusing item stats, what would happen if I would infuse a physical defense gear with a magic defense one? One of their secondary stat is completely different. Would the physical defense go up to the value of the magic defense? Or would the physical defense turn into magic defense? Or perhaps it doesn’t work on that stat at all?


It wouldn’t work. The target gear can only upgrade stats it already has. Since it doesn’t have Magical Defense, it would do nothing.


i understand the rule that when u re roll a epic for a better affix it makes it so you cant get the same one you already had, but it gets a little funky when u do that with legendarys

so because i have a legendary bow with Unbending and iceheart, i would want to re roll it to get a unbending charged strike, but because i then only have one chance of rolling unbending(because i cant get it again on the other slot because i already have it) it makes the odds go way down, is it meant to work that way?


Just to be clear; When we say secondary stats, we are referring to int, strength, magic def, phys def?


This is amazing, so much good stuff here, thank you!

Quick question: Is the lifepull affix in the affix reroll pool or has it been removed?


It is not in the affix re-roll pool.

And yes Secondary Stats are the stuff besides Attack and Armor and affixes.


Yeah, that’s how it currently works…it’s a little weird with Legendaries for sure. On the one hand we figured people would be mad if they already had say Indestructible on there and got that again. But if you have one you like, it does make it a much more difficult decision if you should re-roll or stick with what you’ve got. I’ll keep thinking about that. Also at some point I think we are planning to let you combine like 10 Epic shards into 1 Legendary shard so they aren’t quite so hard to re-roll, just didn’t have time to get that in yet.


Can you infuse stats from epics into legendaries or does it work the same was as affix rerolling where you need to match quality?


The only thing that has to match for the Infusion is the gear has to be for the same class and same slot. Other than that the rarity can be mistmatched.


Maybe you can make the legendaries to change only one affix (selected by the player) to avoid that?


Maybe this should be its own suggestion thread it something but I already see each issue with legendary affix rerolling. Due to the scarcity of legendaries already and their small advantage over same tier epics I think a lot of them are going to be stuck in chests in favor of rerolled epics. When you can get a near perfect stat epic weapon with your first choice affix vs. a legendary which you can reroll a handful of times tops I think many people won’t even use legendaries unless they get really lucky and not only get one to drop but one that also gets at least their first choice affix.

Maybe allow legendary affix reroll with glimmer and select the affixes you want with efervescant? That way the legendaries that you guys worked on are more likely to get some air.

That is unless usable legendaries are supposed to be ultrarare. Which would be a valid design approach.



I wanna be the very best. :smiley:


I’m excited about the pets! I love my little dragon, and I looooooooove having the beta one all the time.

I think the new teleport pillars paradigm is fair and balanced against Rune Mage portals.


Just one forseen issue still lies unadressed, however. Pets can still cause bosses to be reset if they get on the aggro table by doing their 1 fire damage… Has/Will this be fixed, or will we end-game players still have to keep our pets locked up to make our shard dungeon runs stable?