Patch 5.5: Pet Breeding,Weapon/Armor Infusing, Pillar Teleporting -- Sprint Four!


They still do their animation but no longer do damage as of this patch. We think that may have also been causing some of the stuck in combat bugs.


That’s a legend lol, i have my pet out all the time and never had issues.
The only boss who used to reset was Sentry but that has nothing to do with pets, it was an issue of his aggro table reset mechanic.


WTB babies of kickstarter dragons!


count me in, i want to buy those babies


Can the quest dragon and the kickstarter dragons breed?
Edit: Ah, so the special dragons get downgraded to generic breed?


From the wiki:
“Note: Dragons acquired from the Backer tiers of Kickstarter, and Sicilus Beastiary quests can still be used in Dragon Breeding. The first time they are placed in the terrarium they will be assigned traits. These traits will not match the outward appearance of the dragon. For example: The Epic Founder dragon is yellow but will be assigned Primary color traits of (Brown,Red).”


i am assuming yes, but it would not be possible to get the Kickstarter combination (maybe not easily).

EDIT: Shiki answered it.


The client-side patches are now available to download on both Steam and Oculus, restart to get them. Server will be going down to restart and apply the patch shortly.


Server is now back online, patch is deployed. Enjoy!


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My weight says NaN/ 45


Is there any chance the dragon breeding could take 20 or even 22 hours instead of 24? At 24, you basically keep getting pushed later and later until you have to miss a day, but with 20, you can maintain your breeding every day without falling behind.


It’s actually set to 12. Where does it still say 24? Sorry, we’ll get that changed.


Something happened with your Dragon. What have you done so far, put it in the terrarium and take it back out again?


I’m going to have to fix your inventory manually @Johann, so let me know when you are logged out.

We pushed out a fix to keep it from happening to anyone else, but if anyone else out there is seeing weight of “NaN” let me know.


where’s the dragon shop? can’t find it in gc and hs


It’s in the Zoological Garden area, sorry I updated the original post.


@Riley_D The dragons are multiplying whenever you enter and leave the house. PETA is coming for me and my 10 dragons in one cage.


Awesome job! Can’t wait to check it out!


AWESOME update BUT what did you do to my poor little Toasty O.o … it catched a hydra-mutation as soon as I put him into the terrarium :smiley: !