Shard Dungeon Gear


Here are some work in progress sketches done by Elijah, just wanted to post them for the community to see and get some feedback. Please keep the feedback constructive, we appreciate all the feedback but want it to be useful constructive feedback with suggestions. One thing to note is that the Helms will not cover the eyes, and the final armor may differ from these sketches once he begins modeling.

Techno Armor Design
Patch 5.5: Pet Breeding,Weapon/Armor Infusing, Pillar Teleporting -- Sprint Four!

Ohh wow, I love it! :slight_smile:


Wayyy better! Especially the lower left one. This looks like something people works toward getting their hands on!


The top one which I assume is warrior armed looks sick, with the rift helmet if done as it’s sketched looking amazing
I’m guessing the second set is the mage, and personally I think they are eh, worth the left armor and the right helmet looking best
For bottom I’m not sure if it’s ranger or musket, but I think the left side armor with the right side shoulders looks cool, but not too big of a fan of the demonic masks


The top and bottom sets are especially cool.


Leaps and bounds better than the current shard gear. Really liking them all.


Holy smokes that gear is incredible! The sharp edges and obvious armor plates. The tendrils or jagged cloth off the bottom pauldrons are a nice detail. I love it

I’d honestly be cool with the warrior helm being more “full helm” cover the head, but it would probably run into the same top heavy look of the desert helm unless it was more rounded like the Tradu helm.


What classes is this armor for?


If you look really closely you can see his annotations (e.g. “W8”). Warrior top row, Mage second row, Ranger bottom row.


My favorites would be The left mage set. The left Ranger set and the Right warrior set. Actually I like the Shoulders for the right mage set better than left. But once we get a transmog system I can change it up a bit :slight_smile:


so much better, whats about the musketeer?


So the intent is that one is the lower-tier set (e.g. “W8”) and the other is the upper-tier set (e.g. “W9”).

We’ll post Musketeer when it’s in-progress.


That is so cool! The w8 looks simpler but solid and the w9 has more detail and jagged edges. This makes me so happy! Now we need someone to get a legendary sword lol


I am not 100% sold on what looks like hay or some sort of torn fabric coming out of the ranger armor.


I love the left ranger armor, not sure about the right, it seems less detailed.


Right so the one on the right is the lower-tier one. Don’t ask me why he put the Warrior lower-tier on the left and the Ranger lower-tier on the right… :smile:


I’m not a big fan of the mage helmets especially the 2nd one. I think a lot of the problems with the hats is they have nonsense stuff sticking out of them. There is a lot you can do with a simple mage hat, similar to the t2 hat (I think it is our t2 hat, the green one looking like a real wizard hat). I just did a quick search and grabbed a few I found that look cool but not over the top (see below)

Why are the mage shoulders always have one side? Can we get a shoulder that has both sides and something that looks like real shoulders. I can find some pictures of some cool mage shoulders that aren’t over the top if you’d like some examples.

The first ranger set looks awesome. (the on the left side)



My only question I’ve had for awhile: While is the pauldron always on the shield side? It gets covered by the shield and I think the sword side is more vulnerable and could use the extra cover.


Shield side can be either side though, right? Depends on where you personally equip it.


Majority of players (and selfishly me) are right handed