Shard Dungeon Gear


Now that’s armor! Can’t wait till I can stop looking like “Medieval Cayou” and look more like a Daedric Prince!


Warrior (Left): I don’t want it looking like a penis hanging down, so …just make sure it doesn’t look like it. Not sure if it needs something on the legs, so just avoid it looking like a penis or a cup.
Warrior (Right): Looks much better. Details of the shoulders look much better.

Mage(Left): Shoulder, I am not sure about the shoulder pads. Looks like a tube shoulder pads. Hat I am not sure about, but I don’t use hats anyways. For the hat, I am not sure about the Frankenstein things coming out the side and the top near the horns.
Mage(Right): Let’s not make it look like a penis coming out of the head. Not a fan of the one horn coming out of the front of the head.
I might have to agree with Johann’s hat and shoulders input. Be cool if it were some pimp daddy hat like Johann’s images.

Ranger (Left): Hard to tell, but just don’t make it look like a long penis or cup. I agree it might look like hay or a stuffed scarecrow with pads.
Ranger (Right): Chest and shoulders look good. Not sure about the hat.

Sorry for all these penis mentions. Just trying to avoid it looking like it.

Overall, these designs are much better.


For clarification what do the light marks mean? Like on M3 it looks like the horns might be bigger? Also not as much a fan of the single horn or the single shoulder pad. Assymmetry isn’t necessarily bad the shoulder pad just seems too big. Also is it possible to have any light incorporated into the designs, or is it an issue of performance? It may just be me but I think it would be cool if legendary gear glowed somehow.


wow… THOSE LOOK AWESOME. i love the look of the warrior armor, also you dont have to make the eyes completely visible, having them peeking out like a ninja mask on warrior helm and such would look fantastic, just make sure that the armor is in front of the head so the eyes dont phase through the armor in unintended places

(side note edit) also maybe go for some more symmetry on the shoulders unless you make one of the shoulders really stand, like the bottom shoulders look really nice.


The left ranger one is very nice. Just make the tendrils black, and scarecrow problem solved. Any chance the armors can have moving parts? Like tendrils moving or even lights?


Do all legendaries have the same stats regardless of the tier it dropped from or is it shard level dependent?


These designs are MUCH more in line with what I had envisioned in my head for high-tier gear. I want to not only feel strong as a warrior, I want to look strong, and the current shard dungeon gear certainly does not tick both boxes. These are some really great steps forward, and it awesome that you got on it quickly, well done team!


I’m not generally a fan of the mage head gear having an array of things sticking up out of it in either the current gear or the concept art shown. I would love to see some nice looking mage hoods and hats come into the design. The higher power levels, if you wanted to spice them up, could have glowing runes or colored accents or something like that come into play across the gear that I think could look really good. I think it might also be cool to see some sort of a mage robe style design come into play.

The mage concept art looks a little too similar to a gear set we already have imo, and it doesn’t make you feel particularly powerful if it’s supposed to be a high-end set. I really want to feel like I’m bumping up my power/coolness levels when I reach a new tier of gear.

I’m really liking the direction the concept art is heading for the other classes.


I love the left ranger set up. Are the thingys on the armor free flowing or ridgid?

However, I think that ranger helmet shouldn’t be a full face mask/helmet but more of a hoodie or hoodie with ‘‘ninja’’ lower face mask. At first look I thought it was the musket gear or a second warrior set. Just didn’t say ‘‘ranger’’ to me.

But fantastic either way, definitely inspires me to wanna try for those sets.


Looking awesome! Can’t wait to see this new epic looking gear in game. The amount of effort you put into the community is something most games can never see and I appreciate it so much. Keep up the great work (๑و•̀Δ•́)و :dash::dash:


I enjoy all three!! Looks like plate, leather, and cloth. GG Elijah!


Does anyone else see a penis on the fishing gear chestpiece?


Currently it scales like the other gear does.


I dont think it’s been specifically said but is the intention of this gear to replace the existing set or is this for the next tier?


Favorites: Warrior right, mage left, ranger left.

I especially love the ranger helmet on the left side, very ghost-looking and am a huge fan. I would just say that on mage right, make the horn look like an actual horn, rather than something else. I just got the shard level 6 helmet, and I honestly love it haha! Changing it to look more like the mage left helmet would be awesome. Also hoping that the mage/ranger left gear is the shard level 6-10 gear, and same goes with the warrior right so that we wear them longer.

Great work!


It’s to replace the current sets.


Been waiting to get home to comment. The new possible sets look amazing, definitely something I would want to farm for.


just going to come out here and say that after getting a bunch of the new spiro armor from T6+ looks really, REALLY GO. leagues above the techno ones. heres a pic of me with spiro chest and shoulders


Have to agree with this here… Mage spiro armor looks funny but not ridiculous, which I think is spot on. I have yet to get gloves or chestpiece, but it looks a lot bulkier than anything previous, so we will have to see :slight_smile: Although, I still LOVE the new designs… Kinda torn between current ranger t6+ and new ranger armor design…


I really like the Spiro gear, and the legendary bow looks way better in person than in pics.