Shard Dungeon Gear


We are rounding the corner heading into the next patch, where we were going to replace the existing shard dungeon gear with the newer models that Elijah has been working on, but it seems that the player base is happier with the gear now that full sets have been achieved, So Im just throwing out some feelers to get an updated response from the community if they are still unhappy with the current gear models and want them replaced, or are happy with them and want us to use the “new” gear models for down the road.


I definitely do not like any of the tier 5 shard sets. But I do like the tier 6. You could always add the new sets to shard level 7-8. 8-10.


Would it be possible to set up a vote through the forums? The weapons seem fine, I think the armor design is lacking.


Yeah, the sentiment I’ve seen is that the T1-T5 gear is pretty unpopular overall, but the T6-T10 gear is more of a split preference thing, And then there is the fish bow…


Please change it…
About the armor, i’d like to wear the unreleased T6+, it looks awesome.


A poll would be nice to collect votes for the new sets


I’d appreciate it if you got rid of the t5 and t6 hat and shoulders. I very much dislike my hat looking like bike handlebars and having one shoulder pad. Makes it look like we are in a jousting tournament. Make them look like REAL shoulder pads please.


I still don’t like the musketeer sets even though T6-10 set doesn’t look as bad.


It seems t6+ is better but still just ok. Teir 1 to 5 has to go.


As for the warrior gear I would highly prefer Elijahs new armor sets. It just looks way more like something I imagined getting by beating the shard dungeons.
Plus New legendary weapons would be nice.


I have to agree with Iscariot, the current warrior armor looks horrible imo, especially the T6 helm which looks like it has a bucket at the back lmao


To be honest, I really do like the art on the ones hes working on. The current gear is not bad, but the new ones look much better imo.


Do not forget the musketeer stuff. no matter what the new looks, it can only get better. I refuse to wear the current one


Okay thanks for all the replies, ill keep checking this thread over next couple days, just so were all on same page, were not talking about changing the legendary weapons, just the armor from the shard dungeons. Just want to make sure everyone has their expectations on the right level.


The t6+ sets look okay but those sketches that were teased earlier look better than anything currently in the game. Id like that great please.


Would changing the weapons be something you consider later on?


Can you increase the model size for the warrior legendary sword? :grin:


The cannon hat is fun. I shoot mage spells out of Asterisk’s


I now have the full T6+ set on my ranger (dyed) and I love it, I used to always have my helm hidden but not any more! I wouldn’t want this set to change, a transmit system would be good though as then we can still use our best gear but have it looking how we want from previous content or the current look. T1-T5 gear isn’t as nice to look at though

Also as J said. The legendary sword’s model needs its size increasing slightly, my level 20 blue sword from leechers is bigger


Size isn’t all that matters