Shard Dungeon Gear


I really like the Musketeer Spiro armor!


I’m really quite torn between current t6+ and the new sets. I did like @sean_d’s idea of potentially making the new designs t7-8 and t9-10. T1-5 definitely has to go though. I’d prefer that you’d replace that and have the current t6+ gear range from t6-8 and t8-10 be replaced by the high-tier new designs.


Not a bad idea, this would make it even more worth it to get those high level shards!


ok, based on the sketches it would be a huge improvement, people are liking 2nd tier shard gear, but it still looks a bit weird, very little people like the 1st tier shard gear, as almost anyone can tell you alot of it looks like ghetto made cloths from high quality materials.

basically im saying replace the armor but maybe keep 2nd tier shard for something else. like maybe instead do it 1-3 as the current 2nd tier shard gear then 4-6 are the lower tier newer ones and 7-10 are the high tier new ones.

if you cant keep the 2nd tier shard gear then just replace it fully with the new sketches


I agree with Crazie, please no phallic imagery or bulging genital cup things on the warrior gear. Girls play warrior too - I have at least 550 warrior hours logged. Thanks!

(Also the warrior Spiro gear is the cutest I’ve ever looked)


Haha! Thank you Fern.

I agree with above comment. The current Spiro gear in game T6-10 should be the 1-5 new gear. The new drawings 2nd tier gear should be the 6-10 gear.


Well as a female healer who is faced with everyone asking if they “can press my buttons” :smiley: or ppl bursting into laughter if I show my helmet I would still VERY much appreciate the alternative musketeer models ;). (As for full sets, nope, stats of parts of my old gear are still much better, so no - usable - full set yet, on any class…)


real question would be which one? the new drawings show the 1st and 2nd tier of the 3 classes. so maybe spiro gear 1-3 new 1st tier would be 4-6 then new 2nd tier would be 7-10


Personally, the more I see the mage shard gear sets, the less I want to play. I’ve got no desire to farm all those hours just to look like a doofball, ESPECIALLY those god awful helmets.


Oh that… sounds really uncomfortable. Sorry that you were put in that situation…


My advice is to continue with your plan on replacing the gear. Then take the replaced gear, update it, and re-release it in the future with a better design so you guys save some of the work put into making the replaced gear.


Haha well I was joking it’s actually even a running joke in guild by now… still these huuuge buttons look rather funny, and the whole musk helmet is just, well, no.


I adore the Spiro Musket helm, what do you think of it on Geldan in this photo?



For posterity, here is the full warrior Spiro set:



I think the Spiro musk helm looks cool, warrior armor is okay, but that helm is horrible with the bucket/cannon at the back xD


Yeah. Hopefully they’re changed. Hope we get an update on the armor soon if it doesn’t get changed during the patch


Here’s a side profile of the warrior helmet:


Still looks like a bucket :stuck_out_tongue:


Cant wait to see the new armor set designs.


I like the new mage hat a lot. Would like the flower removed from the mage hat and wish the tan color could be dyed with the accent on the mage hat.

I’m really bummed about the mage shoulder. Not sure why you guys didn’t take the feedback to get rid of the one shoulder. The mage shoulder looks like it was taken out of a ship plank and looks terrible. Why would a mage walk around with a wooden shoulder?