Patch 5.69 (Server/Client)


There’s a small server-side and client-side patch that just went out a few moments ago. Details:

  • Adjusted fishing mechanics to better work with the new way that the red line increases. It should generally feel much easier to catch lower-level fish now.
  • The accept button will no longer be pushed off the page for sells over 9999 dram
  • Emerald Dye should now have an icon in your inventory
  • Various item spelling corrections
  • Fishermen should no longer gain experience by “body pulling” while in a party
  • The level 20 warrior talent cooldown sound effect should no longer trigger if you do not have a level 20 talent selected



If experience on the fisherman is suddenly relevant, can you please increase it for harder, legendary fish and give for completing the later fishing quests?


I second that, 40 per fish regardless of difficulty or cost makes it very unappealing.


I’m joining in and saying that it would be cool if the material for the lures shows any type of special property, eg being green or purple drop it should be different exp.



Third, somehow need to even out the leveling because those who used body pulling to get to a higher level fisherman now have a permanent advantage over others that will possibly never reach higher levels at 40 exp per fish.

I recently spent an entire day fishing with a friend who was lvl 13 fisherman, they barely got 1/10th of their exp bar filled by catching over 400 fish…We can’t all be Elk. :wink:


Just so you know, fishing level doesn’t affect your ability to fish, only the STR and INT stats that you get from the fishing quests make it easier.


It’s not only body pull most of us leveled with turning quests in as well (and some did not… these which are still low got a major disadvantage if they need to catch 100s fish instead!), so nothing is really balanced.
If the fisher level ever plays a role the xp should be balanced to time needed, I think, like any other classes. Means, either a fish should finally give the normal xp of a mob kill, like, 400xp/each (and since there are lots of “empty” throws leveling fishing will still take longer than killing bunches of mobs) or the xp needed per level should be drastically reduced…


I turned in every fishing quest on my fisherman and it only got me to level 6…


She means turning in regular quests as a fisherman.


There are outliers like Elk who probably did catch a couple million fish to get to level 20 since his stats from the API show he has 206652.51 pounds of fish caught as a level 20 fisherman.

So.,…in a way it would be unfair to those who have already leveled to 20 to suddenly give extra experience per fish but it is also unfair to the players who are leveling without body pulling.

On another note, I have noticed that the recent quests given for the fishermen have not given experience but just dram…


Yes, this seemed odd to me, especially for the fish they were asking for. Why not give xp for those quest?


When do mutations change for shard dungeons?


Not until tomorrow for this week.


The in game news is outdated. it is talking about the free to play weekend and the mage tourney.


It’s the preview of the latest blogpost, which happened 2 weeks ago.


yea, I know if I try a new game and I see outdated news it makes me think that the game is dead or dying. so I just don’t want new players to get the wrong impression.


Yeah hopefully this week we’ll get a blogpost about the new PvP mechanics! looks at Riley


Well first the game is EA so changes are to expect and also this “unfairness” happens in every released MMO too, like, every couple weeks ;). Whenever new gear is introduced your old is worthless or legendaries you spent 100s hours of farming on are suddenly available for all, or droprates are changed, or boss mechanics, or the level cap is lifted or the super-hard-to-get blabla is suddenly a giveaway for newbies etc.

And there’s always bugs in games like when people farmed spiders for cool gear or level characters with a defenseless donkey cart and what all, I missed all of them, and people kept their stuff, but whatever, I couldn’t care less and now there’s better gear in already, anyway.

So yea really not worried about that, it’s something I got used to 20y ago in games :wink:


If XP/Fisher Level becomes something that actually affects the game, we will obviously add mechanics to increase it much more quickly. Right now that’s not the case, but it was on our bug list to fix the “getting Fishing XP by killing monsters” thing so it got fixed.


I mean, it helps people survive with a bigger HP pool in the wilds… right?