Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


So I was once again getting the lag every 15 seconds but once I restarted my computer, the next 5 or so tries didn’t have any more lag.

Really weird.


I’ve had this happen to me before, usually when I’ve bee doing a lot of Unity work and re-starting my VR subsystem repeatedly, and yeah a restart clears it for me too. No idea what causes that, but I think it might be either a Unity thing or a VR thing.


As I indicated, it is a theory on what might be going on, it doesn’t make sense but I am testing it out based on what I saw in the recorded footage.


You guys get any of these phantom one shots in your boss 4 runs?


I believe we only had 1 time where the Boss ignored the shield and killed our tank but it was at like 90% hp so it didn’t matter.


Hm, this would be an entirely different situation. What we keep seeing is a basic attack doing 100% hp instead of like 60%(which is what it does on a crit normally. 40% without crit).


Yeah we had nothing like that and we raided for like 2hr 30mins.

Our tanks have a pretty good rhythm going where everything is really predictable and the same everytime.


That’s odd. About every other of our attempts the tank was getting one shot by a basic attack from 100%. Maybe it’s fixed now. We experienced this bug on Friday.


Not sure if the boss has been patched since then… maybe @Riley_D could confirm for us. I’d like to know.

I did hear that the way we run this boss might be unique though… I’d suggest you try another strategy.


We enjoy doing the fights as intended and are okay waiting for the bugs to get fixed as most of us are just waiting/looking forward to Reborn.


There was not a patch previously.

The tuning patch discussed above is now live, though!


Yeah man, of course. I’m sure you will be able to get it now though. Good on you, for choosing to wait. Bugs are tough to deal with sometimes.

Thanks Riley. I’m sure the patch will be really helpful. Looking forward to trying it out.


They are features, not bugs lol


Congrats guys knew you could do it !


We just released a new client-side patch as well on Oculus and Steam which should fix the bug where you couldn’t interact with the login menu after logging out.


@Riley_D hey not sure if this was previously mentioned or not but on boss 5 we encountered an issue where the tank was sent away during a tank buster and received the damage up top and then the boss unaggroed


So, Boss 5 is just dumb to tank. The major reason being: a critical normal hit will take ALL of my health (with all potions). I have two T12 pieces, one T14 and one T10. So do you expect me to have all T14 gear before I can survive a normal critical hit during this fight? Was this even tested?

During a 20 minute fight, I’m going to get critcally hit many times when my shield is down. So what exactly do you expect to happen during this fight? Kiting it around while my shield regens is seriously lame.

Another fun part of this fight is getting tank-bustered after getting ported into hell. This happened to me 4 times tonight. Wasting around 45 minutes of everyone’s time. I’ve also been hit with a critical normal hit and died just after being ported to hell.

This fight is not fun for a tank.


another really bad thing is, and this happened twice to me in the fight, I came back from hell with full HP, and then my unbending procs immediately, the others told me that there was a AOE while I was loading in, so there is nothing you can do then, and run unbending, what I’m doing, cant be the solution


This happened to at least 2 other people from what I saw last night in the 3 hours we were raiding.

@Riley_D the damage reduction you put in for coming out of hell still isn’t enough, I haven’t been able to tell if this is just happening on hardmode and expert mode because the way you scaled damage up or because of the less frequent mechanics on normal mode making it so you don’t have 2 people coming out of hell a split second apart at the same time as an AoE like with hard/expert but the way it is happening is player 1 will get out of hell and get targeted by AoE, player 2 will come out of hell at the same time or slightly after, player 1 May load back into the main room quick enough and be able to avoid the AoE but not always, player 2 will not see the AoE and will either unbend or die if unbending has been used and there is nothing we can do about this.

So with the AoE thing, Functions tanking feedback, there is also a bug where the boss will just reset when the tank is sent up to hell this happened a handful of times last night, while this doesn’t make the boss impossible, with all these things considered it does cause us to need to keep starting over which is incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of our time


Someone else has mentioned the critical strike normal hit being too much damage. I am planning to reduce the overall damage output on that boss fight on Tuesday’s reset.


Any plans to address the boss resetting or the AoE when coming out of hell?