Pc players having random lag spikes

All throughout the day me and some other PC players I know have been having random lag spikes. Not just in town, but also in dungeons and raids. It’s been effecting a lot of our gameplay and we were hoping there could be a fix for it in the near future? :slightly_smiling_face:

You are not the only one, I play on the quest and I was having lots of lag spikes too. It might be that the update had some bugs in it that haven’t been worked out yet. :wink:

Like immediate frame drops every couple seconds?

Yeah, and it would kick me out of the game every 15 mins or so.

Thought my computer just needed to be updated. After about 30 minutes online my frames would go from 80-54-80-54 and continued that.

Yeah, I restarted my oculus and it would still lag, so like I said earlier, it probably bugged.

Possibly the recent update.

Hi, thanks for letting us know, we’re investigating these reports. If you get this issue again or crashes, please send us your output_log.txt file afterwards to [email protected]

You can find it by pasting the following in your file explorer:
%userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR

Let us know exactly what happened and we’ll take a look through them.
Thank you.

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Can you do that on the Oculus Quest?

Unfortunately not, but the thread was referring to PC players so hopefully we get a few files at least to look at.

Like every few seconds it’ll spike and I can hardly move, than go back to my version of normal.

Okay I remember what it’s called. Stutters. I had them a lot in Rec Room and that’s why I thought I needed to update my computer.

Good! I am not the only one! I was having this issue too and thought it was just my PC. I havn’t tried it directly from the quest yet but it seems like that has issues too.

No joke its something with the update. I use FpsVR to track my gpu and cpu frametime and before the update I was running 1-3ms on the gpu and after the update im now running 5-10ms on my 2070 SUPER.

Now that means nothing so let me set a comparison: Half Life: Alyx running on higher settings runs at around 7-10ms. This game does not look like no Half Life: Alyx so something with the update screwed something up and I believe its something in the GPU department due to the CPU frametimes being the same as always.

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Big thanks to everyone who has sent us logs, we’re digging through them and hopefully we can find out what might be causing this.

For the players getting FPS drops since the patch, do you have the latest version of the Oculus (or SteamvR) software as well as the latest graphics card drivers?

Main major thing we did in that update is update the Oculus SDK and updated Unity, so we’re looking to see if that might affect it.

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Am not getting irregular frame drops but have the higher GPU frametime and can confirm that at least I am running the most up to date drivers for my GPU and SteamVR is up to date.

Everyone else should check their drivers though to ensure thats not the issue.

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What headset are you using?

I’m fully up to date on everything and still am having issues. :pensive:

Same as tangle