Perk point reset/dram sink

Just a thought, it would be nice to able to reset perk points, I put way too much into brewing speed and it’s very difficult to concentrate with the monotony of making potions or tiles.

If you put it behind a dram requirement it would solve multiple problems. In other games I have to do this a lot due to changing the way I play those games frequently.

Kinda like a forgetfulness pot for perk points, it could be sold at the same shop as well.


This is a great idea.

Also a fun time to remember one of the most liked posts of 2021:


This is it. This is THE pinnacle of Orbus. @Game_Master please put everything on hold, this will singlehandedly make this game #1 ever sold on Steam.

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i cant tell if this is sarcasm or you really want the devs to stop everything to make this happen

It was the entire comment chain on that linked post

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