Permadeath feature

a permadeath feature may be fun to add.

The way it would work is:
when a character is created for the first time maybe there’s a difficulty option which you can set for your character. you would it be able to set it when you make your character for the first time.

Perma death players would be marked with a skull beside their name. if you select the permadeath option in character creation, it would warn you that you can’t change it and is for experienced players before it is selected.

Permadeath players wouldn’t have any perks to make it the better than other characters. it would just be there if someone wanted to do it.

they would also be allowed to world PvP if they felt they wanted to

I feel it would bring a more intense feeling for battles and make it a bit more fun.


I like the beginning of the suggestion.

The first questions/things that arrise for me though are:

  • What about dying inside a dungeon shard or raid? In those scenarios you die quite often and often not caused by yourself. Like by a murder all mechanic called Shared Pain. And then you lose a player mid dungeon/raid…
  • I think there should be some reward from it. And the reward that people normally want from such a thing is a boost in showing off. So having somewhere in some way show much playtime this permadeath character has been alive is probably a must to make anyone want to do it who is really into the game.
  • We can maybe make also a less punishing version of it. Where you don’t loose everything. But only your gear. Or only your levels. Something in that sense that you really really don’t want to die. But still can continue with your character although with a huge setback.
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So what I’m hearing is if I die in the overworld, I lose all my +6s, all my +5s, all my raid stuff, all my reputation, all my dram, all my storage, all my levels, all my achievements etc.

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if you were to select it, I feel it would be fair if you killed and maybe reset level and lose your equipment? if you were to die due to a shared mechanic, it wouldn’t really be fair so maybe the shared mechanics are the only exception.

if a player was to die by their own volition if you were to lose in the mid dungeon. that would be the players fault for playing as a permadeath character.

If they were to play a permadeath character maybe they get a 1.5-2x exp boost? they would be able to couple it with world PvP and equipment and xp bombs to get alot of levels way quicker.

if you were to die and lose everything then maybe quests could reset? It would give the player an option to get stuff back.

another thought would be gravestones. maybe they wouldn’t even drop because of permadeath?

you wouldn’t be able to do it on already made character. it would only be able to be set when first made. if you were to set it. it would be running that risk but for a reward of extra exp.

I’m gonna be honest while I’m into new ideas, this is certainly not one of them. It’s essentially saying if a newer player is like “oh this looks fun” and accepts the warning not fully understanding it all and dies it’s like an oh well your fault. I also think it would be incredibly unfair to newer players who die outside to the low level mobs. The same way people like sprouts into pvp and wait till they die so they can take their stuff.

I had that thought before when it came to that. maybe restrict it to if you had a level 30 character on the account, you would be able to select it?

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I know such a reward is not a good plan. Because after lvl 30 there is still reason to get xp. Giving the permadeath players an unfair advantage. That is why I went for a cosmetic show off reward. Instead of an advantage reward. And I am not making this argument without knowing the past of this game. Where proving over and over again forced rewards by unwanted mechanics are really really frowned uppon by devs and many players.

I just don’t see a point to it. Sure you could be like ooo a challenge. If you want a challenge see how many 15s you’ve done as a bard healer :slight_smile:

I would want a cosmetic on my main and any alt I make

Call me when you done some 15s without a healer :upside_down_face:

Yeah sure gimme a few- oh wait I forgot already did :grimacing:
Why don’t you call me when you solo citadel hard :smiley:

I mean a cosmetic reward would work, originally I didn’t even want for it to have a reward because it’s the players choice. I performed wouldn’t want the reward and do it mostly for the fun of the challenge.

So you’re saying there would be no reward for a system that says “if you die you lose MOST things”. Another note, it would be unfair in dungeon queue because sometimes when I die I can’t control it. It’s not my fault when the tank and healer are sprouts

Aah yes but the thought of this permadeath will make the player play in such a way they won’t die. When the group wipes, the permadeath player just leashes the boss or mob pack.

And for example never play a class that can’t decurse on a poison group to not die.

I mean yeah, I get you wouldn’t be able to control it. but if you think a scenario is dangerous. probably don’t go into it with your permadeath character

Doing a 15 would actually be scary on that character. That is the reward. A mind game. Doesn’t have to be your thing, but hopefully you understand for people who do like it.

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Again, while I like new ideas I’m not very in support of this one. Either it needs more development or some sort of reason to get players to do it.

I completely understand, and I like a challenge. This isn’t really a challenge it’s just one of those cross word puzzles in the newspaper. A challenge has a reward typically. This doesn’t really.

How about an achievement for reaching level 30 on a perma-death enabled character?

I like the idea, but honestly there is so much to do in the standard experience that I prolly wouldn’t mess with it …