Pets Suggestion - Name our pets and buy some accessories for them (e.g. collar or etc)

Dear Admin,

I would like to suggest if we can name our pets and make it unique to the owner (i.e. player) and buying accessories for decorate them (e.g. a collar from the dragon store), such items are be bought by both dram or cash.

Thank you.



Great idea!


I would pay 5$ or 500k dram for flight and a glowing aura for my dragon similar to the one on my firefly…
10 bucks or a million dram if it would fly and match the dragons primary color!


Hats would be cute too, though accessories would have to scale to the dragon size or it could look very goofy! (I’m seeing a giant cowboy hat on a size 0 mouse dragon right now :upside_down_face: )

It would require a rework of dragons though since they don’t have inventory slots. Maybe use the transmog system? :thinking:

Another consideration is what happens if that dragon gets traded? Are the accessories one time use and permanently attached to a dragon, or are they multi-use or removable? :thinking:


I love how carefully you formatted a great idea


I was thinking of something reusable. I love the idea of hats too…
I would definitely want to see bling items auto-scaled to properly fit the dragon they adorn.
It’d be workable to add a “Dragon bag” in place of the dragon slot which upon click would show several slots dedicated only to dragon bling… It could also be done by adding bling slots to the breeding chest, but then you’d have to return to the house to change stuff…
My preference would be that the dragon and each bling item be considered separate items in trade.
Surely there are more ways to do it. The dev team for this game is pretty brilliant and I know they could come up with a way if they have the will. :slight_smile:

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I love the idea of “dragon bag” where the pet pick up the item and act as extra backpack for the owner. It will be great.


I would like to name my pet so instead of your pet picks up wood scraps it could be Fido has picked up wood scraps.


I want the giant hat/small dragon and tiny hat/large dragon combo please.


Dragon wax.

With dragon wax you can turn those dull scales into scales that gleam and shine.


While we are on the topic of dragons and additions to the game… I would really love a dedicated dragon storage chest… I love them but they take up a lot of space! lol


Make it start with 5 spaces, upgradeable up to 10 pages. Costs 500.000 Dram per 5 slots.


Like the firefly. It is a great idea

slight cheaper for the first few pages… … if not, the new players will have hard time earning the dram

treesus with a tiny top hat plz

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More storage won’t really solve the problem, rather just buffer it by a bit.

What I’d love is for dragons to be used as alchemy ingredients to make consumables (i.e. dragon stew) for in-combat buffs, hp regen or whatnot. Such a feature would serve as a resource sink for all those unloved inferior dragon offspring.


I dunno. 2x slots per color would solve my problem…
The idea of using the dragons as alchemical ingredients certainly appeals… but I would feel bad dissolving them into a compound substance lol
Maybe they could be traded to an attendant at a Dragon Sanctuary in exchange for unique alchemical components… I do agree that a “sink” for common dragons would be a good thing and help to preserve the value of them…


I would think if the gear were made as a skill by the player it could have a buff effect given by the dragon in combat (heal, luck…) if it is happy. Kind of like when they retrieve items when they are happy.

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:scream: :scream:


Having some special treats for them :slight_smile: When the dragons are happy, they give an extra boost to their owner such as luck, heal or damage.

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