Player Killers gah or mistakn?



I have an issue that is causing more issues. When a game like orbusvr is played are we not to enjoy itr. What gets you? The freedom of what? To be able to own a dragon maybe, or casting spells. whatever this is please be mindful of others you meet in here. one bad word or lynching a player killer by leveling them up then taking whatever flowers they picked while following them into the wilds, there is a setting to allow player damage to be off so if they fell for it then sucks but not too bad.They’re not killing the player but an avatar… ALL I mean is by morally thumpibg someone it is hurting them… So what could have been crucial to someone? You took it away. it’s easy to get on that get him mode!!! but think first.


I had this happen to me recently as well. I’ve been scammed and PKed before but never in a VR game, I somehow felt…violated. It was a bit too real. I had to put the game down for a couple days. Honestly wouldn’t feel so weird about it if the guy hadn’t tried to get me to unequip my dragon so that it would drop on my death. Who tries to steal a newbies pet?!

I realise this sort of thing is just a part of MMOs and I myself thought it was kinda funny how I got scammed but…damn.


The wilds zones and pk lures are being fixed in Reborn. The wilds are being replaced with opt-in world pvp and Battlegrounds. Both were available to test in the latest beta. It should remove the ability for players to lure others unless they can convince you to enable pvp while in a town and follow them out of the safe zone. Anyone who can read the prompt should know better.


Awesome so we better get them out and really slaughter the noobs before it’s insulated into a Nerf gun game hahahaha I mean ruthless just blip… Dead and then not showing them where to reawaken


How Dare you mcpixelnut you cannot kill simply kill other players you have to sneak and do it. in the game


Man, I’m always disappointed when games take steps to make it harder to scam and/or pk. Not that I was ever the scammer/pker - I was more often on the receiving end of it - but the times when that happened to me, are some of the most memorable for me in my history of MMOs. I realized that this world had criminals just like the real world. And that the game mechanics wouldn’t protect me, so I had to be street smart to avoid falling into their traps.

Ahhh, the good old days of 2001 Runescape. It’s a shame nowadays MMO developers don’t see value in people pulling sneaky stuff like that. Part of any adventure is taking risks, and trusting other people should be a big one.


This thread :expressionless:


There are undoubtedly at least two sides to something like this, for a non-PVP player like myself I speak from my point of view. What some may not realize, or care, is that some of us don’t like PVP, at all, and don’t appreciate being forced into a situation that we’re not prepared or comfortable with. While the PVP’ers might see it as a fun challenge, the non-PVP’ers may see it as cheating or as broken mechanics and call the PKer out in forums/discord/game and try to ruin the game for the PKer as they feel the PKer did to them. The PKer gains a bad rep, few will play with them, or PVP players that do not believe in using cheats will aggressively target them. In the end, the game gets ruined for many people.

Reborn sounds like it’s going in the right direction. I’m looking forward to it as it seems like I, as non-PVP, will no longer be restricted from certain farming areas. So excited that I’ll be able to gather my own potion mats and make raid potions for myself :grin:. And at the same time PVP players can enjoy the game anywhere with other PVP flagged players. And with an entire world for them to roam and ambush each other in, I’ll be happy to be just a spectator :slightly_smiling_face:


As an Eve Online player I find the lack of personal responsibilty here disturbing. Honestly, if you do not get ported from town by a mage that casts the portal into you, which should be impossible, then its your own fault if you get stabbed in the wilds. making pvp in the wilds opt in is a terrible idea if the non pvp flagged players can earn the same loot imo.


Since I started this thread my experience in this game has sunk 100% just sayin. Good thing I stay positive. Assume what you will. Ask yourself who’s really the unhappy one. :slight_smile:


If you have PvP enabled, I believe the devs plan is that person will get more drops, fish, and harvestables. While this is great, it is unfortunate if you are going for the same harvestable as a non-pvp player and they get it first, you have no recourse against that player.


Yes this is the dev team’s plan.


I’m right there with you! Never, in any MMO, have I ever gotten into PVP. And I don’t have much of a desire to. But still - there’s a certain thrill that comes with the danger of being attacked.

To this day, I think Runescape 2001 had the best system. The PVP zone was the Wilderness. You could do just about anything you wanted without having to venture into the Wilderness - BUT if you wanted some particularly usefully-placed mining rocks, or to take on some big monster game, you could risk it all and go into it. It was also smartly placed - because the Wilderness spanned the entire northern part of the map - so it was hard to run into it accidentally, and easy to turn back if you did.

Additionally, it wasn’t just binary PVP on/off in the Wilderness. There were progressive “levels” in it, and as you got further and further into it, the level number advanced. That number reflected who you could attack/be attacked by. So in level 1 wilderness, a level 15 player could be attacked by another player level 14-16. Not too bad. But at level 20 wilderness, the level 15 player could be attacked by anyone level 1-35. Much more dangerous.

The worst unintentional thing that could happen there was a new player following a shyster into the wilderness, and then being killed. Happened to me. But that generally only happens to brand new players, and at that stage you don’t have much to lose in terms of money/items. Then you learn, and you don’t slip into it again.

I dunno, even though I didn’t play around with the Wilderness too much, something about the mere existence of such a fearsome place, where shortcuts to great wealth could possibly be found, made the world that much more exciting. I always figured I’d get some friends together, craft some disposable gear, and venture out into it, and it was exciting to plan things like that. To this day, I haven’t seen a PVP system I liked better than that.

That said, I think nearly everything in the Wilderness should simply be a bonus. Not the only place to find a particular crafting item - but perhaps a more convenient place, or a place you can find it in greater quantity. It should exist, but we should still be able to do just about everything in the game, albeit at a slightly slower pace, without venturing out there.

I’m just thinking out loud, but I do wish I had a game like this - and it would be all the more terrifying in VR. Especially hearing someone from afar (maybe that hearing range enhancement could be a future skill?) and crouching behind some bushes for cover, until they leave and you can continue gathering resources.


Interesting idea… having the level scaling get worse and worse as you go farther away from highstep, maybe changing permissions as well as you change zone, allowing cookies and teleport in lower ones, and adding bandit timers and respawn timers to higher ones…

Sounds fun


Yeah exactly, that would be awesome. Whether all that gets more and more difficult the farther you go from highsteppe in every direction, or just in one particular area.


Why would anyone want to limit things like this? It’s part of the game. If you can be convinced to follow someone passed a sign that tells you it is a wilds zone then that is your fault. This also teachers new players that not everyone that they meet in the game is someone that wants to be their friend. It opens noobs to the world of criminal players and how vicious they are. It is a learning experience. It also makes the moment when you find some real friends that much more memorable.


Yes you can limit griefing, as every game there’s boundaries and rules of conduct and if you behave like an a**hole you get banned.
Fun fact, all this pk talk is really not about “criminal players” lol, but one single bored teenager (and his friend) who is desperately searching for attention by trolling forums and the game alike, makin char after char, choosing offensive names, lookin to get banned with posts etc. This is not worth devs or anyone’s time really.
And luckily this is a great exception, the vast majority of the community are non-trolling adults who just wanna play the game and hopefully enjoy themselves in pvp in reborn where those gettin tired of it can opt out anytime.


But the more i think about it the more I really liked the idea that pvp would get more and more nasty the farther away from highstep you are…

Im stil for the opt in option, but having a lawlessness that gets worse the farther away from highstep you are rases the charm for me, and would probably make me pvp more…

Making the beginner area a bit of a soft pvp with level scaling and a chance to cookie home, maybe even having it drop a fixed number of items? A soft warm-up for players wanting to try it, a chance to run, and a hinderence for high levels abusing beginners.

And making the farther regions totally unforgiving, with no scaling, no safe zones, full item drop and a lot of nasty timers or high bounties would be fun. Adding a trixter chest to that or special pvp events and you in for a lot of fun.

Ps. @Riley_D you should totally make a connection between gear repair cost and bounty costs, and then remove both the cap and the timer for the bounty.

I want to see a 1000 000 dram bounty some day :wink:


then give NON-PVP ways to earn the same loot, different/harder PVE challenges, cause some people just straight up dont want to PVP but they want to experience the content of those areas and enemies.


There are two ways to handle that. Yours and the variant that there is loot you only get via pvp and loot thats only available in pve. To make it that way obviously the loot from the pvp area should only include transmog and not ressources for important flasks obviously.