Please Buff Shaman

So i have been playing shaman for a week or two now and i have realized that for a dps class it is very under whelming and i only say this because it is the only class to never hit 100k or even 90k on a solo parce i feel like it needs a buff to keep up with the other dps classes. I think a few ways that they could buff it is ether have the orbs respawn faster, make the lava totem be able to get another weakness stack on a enemy or just a straight up duff the amount of damage the orbs do. But that’s just my opinion on the topic i would also love to hear other peoples ideas or opinions on the topic

You’re measuring on a single target aren’t you? Shaman’s strength is in groups of mobs. I can’t count the times that people have said “we need your Shaman dps” to me when inviting me to parties.

Yes, having totems spawning orbs right away when dropped would be a huge help. But go run a level 15 mines with 3 geared shamans who know what they are doing, and see if you still feel the same way.


i do agree with you on the group dps part it is very good at that job but if that’s it’s only strength that’s nothing to really write home about i just feel i should whip out more damage solo and on groups

shaman is fine, the only thing they need to change is let us drop totems while the orbs are in the air and have them still hit (this will boost dps) and fix the bugs


definitely that is the most annoying when you shoot orb out and you replace them and don’t get the damage i but i also feel i just needs a little dps boost

it really doesn’t. there isn’t much of a challenge in it.

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On the topic of shaman buffs please please please make the first orbs come faster in battlegrounds because with how fast paced battlegrounds is shaman is just to slow to keep up. I put down my totems and then by the time the orbs spawn I’m already dead.

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that’s cos you’re playing shaman is a really messed up way. wait around corners with your totems and lava in hand

I feel like you shouldn’t be tied to just one play style. Many of the other classes can be flexible so it feels like shaman is lacking

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The challenge of the class is to hit 75k with out insane bleed luck you can spend a few week getting down a rotation and timings just to hit 78k or you can go practice the other dps classes and hit way higher numbers all i’m saying is the class just needs to hit a bit harder just to compete with the other dps classes

it really isn’t hard. i hit 73k without insane bleed after like 30 mins of parsing with a +5. the class is free dps basically. a +7 with a perfect rotation can honestly probably do 90k. may need some bleed though.

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without insane bleeds :skull::skull::skull: you have 16% that’s higher then tBuzz and his had the highest bleeds before you


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in that one did you use manipulation Shaman

no (extra char)

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who’s tiles did you use then

min max but the ones with the start of combat tiles. I still need to test bretts new min max.

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i have them can’t do leaderboard but i can hit 71 to 72k with them and when i was getting parced i had seen abt 2 to 3 bleeds not high hitting ones tho but i could definitely hit 75 to 76k with good bleeds on fire orb

this was before making the rotation that i made for it yesterday

Because the skill ceiling for Shaman is much lower than the skill ceiling for the other classes. It makes sense for the classes requiring more time spent practicing, effort, and skill to be rewarded with higher DPS. That’s not to say that Shaman doesn’t require any skill; it’s just that out of the 4 DPS classes, it’s the simplest one.