Please help those of us who are unable to cast portals

I have spent HOURS of time trying to cast portals. I can get the portal to HS 80% of the time. The rest are almost unusable for me. I spent over 20 min the other day trying to get the second rune in the portal spell for jungle to take and gave up after 20 min of failing. I dread the long walks so much I didn’t even bother with playing this weekend, and might be done till EA.

Any chance for either a major movement increase while on roads or portal potions? The game is super fun till you get a collection quest and realize you have 2 hours of walking to do.

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Practice practice… Also if you cast a spell and walk around it, you might find that its curved… My advice to you is cast a spell and walk around it Before launching it to see if it looks right!

Everyones different, i can cast resurect and portals like no thing, however the level 3 spells are beyond me lol

I have practiced, in total well over 20 hours of time. I shake when standing, have a bum knee, walk with a cane and have unsteady old man hands. Its beyond practice for me. All other spell are uncastable by me, and im fine with that. Turns out I am a pretty good healer so I dont realy care about spells. I would just like a method of getting rid of the “walk grind”.

When I was sitting and playing I actually fell asleep walking from boredom once. I dont play a game to be bored to sleep


Perhaps there is the social aspect of it aswell… like in Final Fantasy you would pay someone to make a portal for you if you could not do it yourself… Perhaps you could offer one additional Runmage Reagent to someone if they cast you a portal? Im sure in return they would need an exelent healer and so on :slight_smile:


You could be right, it might be hard with a bum knee and unsteady hands to ever be successful at drawing them. I feel like the portal drawings have quite a bit of give to them. I can even cast them sitting down. Could you record you drawing a few of them for me? Depending on how you are drawing it. I might be able to show you some easier ways. Please pm me the recording so we don’t post any spoilers.


Yeah I find the portal spells to be among the easiest for me to cast. I can literally cast a portal or rez 80% of the time but i cast frostbolt rank 2 like 30% of the time at similar drawing speeds lol. that’s why i’m a mongo warrior

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Which sounds good in theory, but most people dont like my play style. Standing around in HS begging for a ride doesn’t sound enjoyable. I am not focused on completing, and if i see something else cool, I will wander off to go look at the shiny thing. I have far more than enuff hours in the game to have made level 20, but I am barely 15. I want to have fun, and endless grinding is boring. and Since its not a race to the end, I could care less how long it takes to 20.

So I am looking for a method for me to be able to traverse the map in an non grindy fashion.

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I know it totally sucks when spells fizzle but it really just takes practice and steady hands. I personally can’t seem to ever cast the jungle rune correctly. It’s exactly like the highstep diamond rune but broken apart. Every time I try it just thinks I put in the diamond.

Keep trying. The practice may help your old man hands. Like writing or drawing for therapy. And the good news is you don’t use a mage reagent until after successfully opening a portal.

Have you taken the new airship route, I think that with fewer stops and a faster round trip time, it should make more places accessible faster. The farthest zones now from the route would be the Frosted Spit, and the Wilds. In the future there might be more stops made by secondary ships (like a route from the jungle dock to the Resort dock), but the fastest absolute way of travel is still runemage portals

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I did, I was riding and waiting for the stop at balloon city, and ended up in HS instead.Got off, logged out. Didn’t feel up to the long run. At one time movement was barely manageable, when we could slide and tele at the same time, that felt like a jog, current movement speed feels like me walking with my cane in real life, slow :-).

The big issue for me is because of this, the whole main story arc is ruined, instead of following the story and participating, I just do what is near, turn it in, and look for more quests to do, no idea what they are saying anymore. Im gonna try and follow it thru at release, but if i run into the same travel issues, Ill just MMO grind the stuff and not worry about the story.

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every MMO is the same way. in wow it was crazy to travel until lvl 40 then you had to grind for a mount! the world of orbus is large but not that large. if you could fast travel it would seem increasingly small. I imagine they’ll add faster methods of travel eventually as more land is added to the game. on the Wiki it says there’s a movement speed increase potion, so have someone teach you that recipe and you’re golden :wink:

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And grinding mobs is ok too! part of an MMO. I fully expect to hate questing just like in every other game and I expect to grind to max and only go back to do quests when I need to unlock some content in the game or whenever i’m bored. I’m sure there will be lots of people who prefer the grind like us. If you don’t enjoy grinding then just roleplay as if you were that character and you had to walk to the places carrying all that loot in ur bags

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I hear you, but im not trying to simulate reality, I am playing a game.

Speed potion requires clownfish, no idea how to catch it, all the combos of lures I have tried in the various locations, think im level 8 or 9 fisher, have not resulted in the required fish. No idea if there are anymore fishing quests, think i turned them all in, so no more in game clues.

Point is moot tho, quests are supposed to be happening alongside you as you go form level 1 to 15. and travel speed is slow if you only walk it all. Spend a week only walking everywhere, no portals. You will understand my boredom, one good side affect is I do know how to get everywhere even if I dont know the correct names of the places, LOL

Only “solution” for me would be to train a 6DOF arm the various portals and “macro” them


I would love you making a video of the robot arm doing that. That would be so cool. :slight_smile:
(you could also do it with only software thou)

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If I knew how to record “macros” of my runes, I would spend the 20+ hours it would take me to finally get them all drawn in once.

Im sure its just relaying the correct coordinates at specific intervals, but the last bit of programing I did was on a TRS 80 in the early part of the 80’s in elementary school. Something tells me my crowning achievement in programing : 10 print “I RULE” 20 goto 10 is no longer valid.

I have programed plasma tables 10 or so years ago, so CNC stuff isn’t so bad. I can draw them up in autocad and export them to that arm, then trial and error. Might tell my kids to get me one for xmas, think my favorite CCE retailer has some in their Canadian warehouse. Might actually try it now lol

what do you think your ideal travel solution is? Skyrim fast travel, easier speed potions, spell assistance with portals or just adding portals to various places and entering them to teleport, maybe mounts? I kind of like maybe a small sprint option that takes stamina to use, and I’d also like the speed potion to require a bunch of mats but lower level mats, instead of clownfish maybe a bunch of bass and maybe it’s a very complex recipe. I guess I don’t mind the walking especially if i’m with people, the only thing i’d like is an increase to the talk radius so they don’t cut out when they’re still fairly close

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Mine was double speed on roads, or portal potions. I like 2x speed on roads best, but speed potions would be ok if they lasted for awhile, not 30 seconds

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Random idea: Portal stones have 3 (or some other more appropriate number) portals each that are always open. You can portal to a stone from anywhere via ritual with the correct symbols, and you can get to any portal stone from any other portal stone by taking the correct “portal path”.

Another way I could look at the problem is that maybe I need to add more interesting things along the way so that you dont feel like its a boring grind to walk from A to Z but are excited about what you may find ( I do realize you have played a lot of hrs and probably found most the shinny things already) but what would be some things that would make it seem more enjoyable along the way? NPC walking down the path with a little bit of lore they say to you? Cool terrain/background things to stare at? Random special mob spawns so that you would want to walk all the paths to have a higher chance of spotting them since TP from runepillar to rune pillar you would miss them (small time window, so by the time the word spread where they are theyve vanished back into the fog)?

And just so no one takes this the wrong way, I’m not saying any of this will be in game before EA or will be in game ever, just some things that have been thought of, and would like to hear others thoughts.


I think rarespawns are a great addition.

I also think mini pets to collect out in the world (make them not increasingly common).

Random spawned events like a sword in a stone you have to try to take out but waves of mobs spawn and if you finish the event you get the warrior sword with a special unique skin.

I heard that there are treasure chests in the game from someone so if that’s real you should add many more spawn points for chests and have lesser rewards from most of them, like a stack of 5-10 herbs or something similar. maybe already crafted potions.

Maybe allow us to place chests wherever we want. We can use it as storage for crafting materials so we don’t overencumber ourselves. so the point is that we would hide these and others could find them while your out gathering more and they can loot your chest!

Traveling salesmen with special items to buy would be great.

and I really like the fast running speed on roads idea, pretty legit.