Potion aging making the worst day of your life even worse

is potion aging really needed? its not like a skill check or anything thats hard to do its just setting an alarm. and im not asking for my potions back or anyhting but last week my mother fell into a coma and by the time i came home from the hospital to get some sleep in a bed and not a hospital couch over 100 pots all were made with legendary fish all over aged? the ONLY thing potion aging does is inconvience people. the ONLY reason a person who miss such a simple alarm is because of tragedy or a work emergency the key word here being AN EMERGENCY. bascily it seems like something designed to punish us for paying attention to real life. and again im not asking for my potions back (although it wouid be nice since i was promied a pet and yall never gave that to me) just asking that the potion aging be changed to something else. its basicly just there to make bad days worse. frankly i have spent more time in this game then ANYONE IN THE WORLD if im missing alarms it was just a shit idea. so HERES TO NOT BEING PUNISHED IN REBORN FOR FAMILY TRAGEDYS

Sorry to hear about your mother. I like the potion aging and there is a decent market for it. I do think it could be improved upon though. One thing I would like to see is a timer on each potion so you know how long it has been in there. This way you wouldn’t have to track it outside of the game.


yes i agree that the potion need a timeer to tell instead of checking every day

Or just give us a much larger over age window. Not sure how somthing that needs 7 days to age can overage in such a small window. I’ve had to put off aging potions because I know on the final day I won’t be home intime to get then out in the small window that we do have.


Please do not make the aging window larger. I enjoy it being small where it can be messed up.

Yea real fun if you sit at home 24/7 and got nothin else to do than VR … Yet the OP made very clear that the “mess up” has to do with your rl, most of the time.
So yea, even if nothing dramatic happens and you work in shifts or need to travel large distances for work etc. the smaller the overage window is, the easier it locks out people from being able to age them.

The 24h window was ok-ish for me I only needed to track my traveling, the 12h wasn’t, I lost a couple finely due to a train being late which is pretty stupid. 2d would be perfect imo.


With people who work full time as well as play orbus, this small window can be very off putting for those wanting to make potions, doesn’t need to be a huge increase but it would be nice to be able to make potions


Why is potion aging even part of the game? I get it may have been somewhat interesting early on for people to experiment with and discover how it works, but this is an exceptionally small portion of the player base, and once aging times are discovered it just becomes a tedious chore. Aging potions feels like a cheap mechanic used by games more interested in playtime/“engagement” statistics and maintaining paid subscriptions of players than an actual good gameplay mechanic.

“Oh lets make some consumables so we can do this high-level shard we just got. See you guys next week when they finally age.”


It’s time management, I will only put potions in my rack if I know I can get them out in time. I will look x amount of days in advance to make sure I can get them. Yes, some real life stuff might come up, but you have some time to log in and get them. Not sure why it is so hard for everyone else to do that. If you don’t want to age your potions, then buy them from the market. Risk versus reward.

i think its mainly just a tool to help keep the economy stable. Without aging, it would be very easy to pump out hundreds of potions in one day, iv made over 100 speed pots in a day alone and i rarely make pots, and with 10x pots that number grows greatly but with ageing it puts atleast a small gap before the potions begin being distribruted.
While a bit of a cheap way to do it, i think it should definitly remain in the game. That said i think having the spoil time increased wouldnt harm that much, and would definitly help some people without harming others too much


Or maybe a guild hall aging station so that the crafter can enlist a little help for the people that they’re doing this for.

I personally don’t care if a pot goes bad… but if you’re doing hundreds with all the farming etc it’d be a nice insurance that the guild would know the schedule and could help extract them, that’s what friends are for.

If it’s a private enterprise… maybe a way to grant access to your player house to a friend so you always have backup… sometimes social features can help with these sorts of mechanics.


Vassago its not time management. or are you insinuating i shoulda left my comatose mothers side because of orbus? adults have jobs and sometimes on certain days you might be required to work more then 12 hours. i could go on for hours bout how most situations cant be negleted so u can run home and play a game for a few minutes. how depending on the situation it could be considered extremely rude by friends or family to adandon them cuz of potions. the FACT is that most adult have many such situations every year and none of us can predict the future so we can’t know when to start the aging process. life isn’t a TV show and things can’t be resolved in 30minutes in most cases. i think your insinuations both rude and disguesting? again Iiterally spent more time in orbus then ANYONE IN THE WORLD and i have had multple situations with my potions so again are you insinuating that if you don’t play over 12 hours a day you should just buy potioins? i please to anyone who is under 18 or without a job or responsibiltiys please do not comment on issues or how game mechanics can be interupped by life

I was responding to others, but yes I understand things will come up. In most scenarios you will be able to get your potions as most potions have a 2 day window unless you have an emergency. Emergencies should very rarely happen. I find it hard to believe people can’t get online for 2 days to pull there potions. You could also put small amounts of potions to age so in case you do have an emergency you only lose a few potions.

If you spent the most time in game, it should be no problem pulling potions. Again I think it comes back to time management. Just look at your schedule ahead of time and know when you can get on.

Some potions have a 12 hour window.

maybe when taking out your potions after a given time period it should make you play a minigame and if you fail that minigame, you lose the potions (half serious about this suggestion). We all have things which stop us from participating in the game within a 12-24 hour period so it makes sense to have some other gate to aging them.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother, I’m sure that was very stressful and as you said, the whole “potions getting ruined thing” only added to it.

The original intent behind the aged potions system which I think is pretty neat is that it makes them more rare by slowing down the production of them…so if suddenly there is high demand for say a certain potion, it’s not just a matter of whipping up a bunch of them in the space of an hour, there could be an actual supply shortage. It was also meant to be an interesting mechanic in terms of needing to discover what ages into what and how long the aging is and all of that.

I do think that maybe having some of the windows be so short (e.g. 12 hours) for ruining over-aged potions is probably a bit much. I think having them over-age eventually is important because it encourages people to get back into the game more often and discourages someone from just throwing them all into the chest and then walking away for a week, but a 24 or 48 hour minimum window might be better. We’ll certainly discuss if we want to make a change there.


This is cool in theory, but realistically nothing like this has ever happened. Players always know what is coming up next in the game and prepare for it. Even if this did happen, let’s say somehow players eventually do end up getting surprised and a certain aged potion goes from no demand to high demand because of its usefulness in a certain PvE or PvP encounter. What is fun about the resulting supply shortage, making you have to pointlessly wait a week real-time to engage with the content?


Fun fact, the rarest potions were those which were tedious to make (no 10x recipe) like I was the only one selling giant for a long time, and only two people sold fishing potions (wished we had a 10x for these, one day!) - and they sold well, just like ithecac.
The aged standard potions, on the other hand, almost everyone was selling these after 10x came out, people needed them constantly, so some got sold, but in comparison I sold less.

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In my guild this usually meant ponying up and giving the stall owners some business (when viable), that was a pretty useful gap-filler and helps make the concept of player run stalls a little more valuable. Not saying it doesn’t suck to come up short on pots before a raid… but it was pretty darn rare that we couldn’t get something together, or just switch to a shard or different boss/difficulty or whatever.

Then again I don’t think anybody I play with was comparing orbus as an on-par priority to real life, so there’s obviously different perspectives.

total agree need a 5x or 10x fish attraction potion also ithecac potion

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