PvP and PvE updates

Is there a way we can get separate PvP/PvE combat/damage updates?

With all the new changes to ranger and scoundrel, the damage they do in battlegrounds has increased, and scoundrels are to the point of 1-2 shotting cloth classes. I can’t say much for other classes and other classes as I don’t really play them, but ever since the update scoundrel has been doing insane amounts of damage. Is there’s any way to change the damage we do in PvE without changing PvP?


Something has to be done to scoundrel, it takes 2 shots to take down a +5 pally, and can prob 1 shoot a cloth with the right cards.


I surprised nobody made a thread about this until now

? how is this new exactly? was that not always the case with scoundrel?

No it was not
With the right cards you could get them down low but never one shot

Scoundrel before patch were strong, but not to the point of one or two tapping classes. Like Xenocider said, they could drop you low but never an instant kill.

YES 100% AGREE with this with a +5 scoundrel gun with first strike and empowered flame card and the 4 bullet charge up talent you can one shot leather/cloth classes from what I’ve found way too broken I think the most scoundrel should be able to do in one shot is like 40-50% of health honestly in general I think damage should be taken down as with mage if done correctly can also one shot classes if you know how to “tp cast” (teleport while casting) and stack all your fireballs in one it one shots any class but it also takes a lot more skill to do than get a charged shot then bam one shot what I think should be done is scoundrels damage tuned down by a long shot or a good bit and add more to the rank system so it adds more skill to the class overall

but do you guys think its a problem that pally can just leash players from fights? Being able to hammer tele and jump back and forth to go wayyyyyy faster then whoever is trying to kill you is way more op then scoundrel any day lol

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We have brought up the pally in plenty of other posts, but that’s broken in its own way. No point in bringing up what has been brought up before. If the devs want to try and fix that there are plenty of other posts that they can look at, that’s not what this post is for.


Yes, PVP needs Love.

How is scoundel in the overworld? Is this just a pvp arena thing?

Same in the overworld, I’m guessing better since affixes on your weapon doesn’t work in Battlegrounds ( i don’t think they work there )

yes need update now. Scoundrel too op. I get 360 no scope in pvp. Plz fix too op. :grin::+1: (big grammar skills)

Unpopular opinion but when I played ranger, I could two tap everything except paladin. It took me almost a minute sometimes to kill a paladin as a ranger. Now I actually have a chance. Personally, I’m happy with this change to ranger. Maybe nerf scoundrel a little but keep it where it’s at for the most part.

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We understand that by making changes to PvE it affects PvP as well, and we don’t currently have a system to differentiate the two - we will take a look at Scoundrel specifically for PvP in the coming weeks and see what we can do to improve the situation.


Well gundrakk, the reason i say this is because the pally is a big problem, and the buffs to ranger and scoundrel is the only chance rangers and scoundrels have to stop the pally

They pretty much need to loom at pvp as a whole. There are classes that are op for it and ones that are terrible for it. If the warrior could block projectiles ONLY IN PVP with the shield it would actually be vible in pvp.

Maybe if they change it so a pally cant put anyone in combat, then people cant use pally to put someone in combat and run away lol

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I would say it be better if it had the same leashing mechanics(maybe even a smaller range) as monsters do. You can literally put someone in combat and run to the other side of a zone. But again this post is about the other classes right now. There are plenty of paladin pvp posts the devs can look at.

this directly involves the other classes, the other classes buffs I am talking about help in stopping the paladin from running away from fights