PVP Battlegrounds getting boring


How about individual queing matches and team queing matches separated? No one wants to go up against the same 4 people every time, especially if you’re trying to finish missions.


Yes please. I would PvP a lot more if it was individual queue.


Isn’t there already another thread for this exact same suggestion?

And if the que is barely ever filled now, while the server pop is decreasing how will we ever get any Bgs if everyone is split into 2 ques


Battlegrounds is already a bunch of 1v1s anyways.

You can almost never 1v2 anyone since you can’t heal yourself and the fights last 5 seconds.

I am all for the 1v1 queue until Battlegrounds 4v4 are balanced and/or reworked to be team play based.

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Queues would never pop then, I spend over 2 hours sometimes solo waiting for a Q pop. I face other premades every day as a solo just something you need to deal with and get better playing against.

Also stop abusing the PvP exp.


Stop abusing Scoundrel in PvP lol.

But you would rather wait 2 hours for a BG than queue for a bunch of 1v1s or even a 2v2?


i didn’t mean for 1v1 queues. what i meant was 4v4 but totally random teams, by individual queing. if you want to queue as a team, then you get put in the team match, separate for the individual queue.

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The solution seems pretty simple to me. Keep one queue, if same group size premades are found for each team, keep the teams as is. If not, scramble the teams.

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if you rarely ever get into battlegrounds now, maybe it’s your own doing. perhaps if every time people queued up now and they didn’t go up against 4 of you EVERY time, maybe more people would participate more often.


Misread completely, I’m tired.

I’m for individual queues as well or at least cap it at 2 person party so you can at least get 2 randoms on the team.

Nothing is worse than fighting the premade with 3 randoms.


i dont mind the randoms as long as the other team is random as well


Abusing Scoundrel? Lol just get better fighting at range.

I guess you’re…


Honestly a FFA King of the Hill Battleground would be fun I think.

Where you need to control the center up and the first person to get 100% wins.


I have an absolutely revolutionary idea, since I doubt you guys are implying that it’s impossible to beat a team with LC in it.

What if you guys joined as a team of 4?



get better - easy for you to say when you only queue as a team.


Yeah thats the reason I have 3x the amount of kills compared to my teammates…

You legit have zero clue what you’re talking about


Sorry my class gets punished for missing and everyone knows a Gun > Bow

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when you queue up individually and get teamed with 3 new players, yea - gonna lose.

it’s funny that i present a solution that can work both ways, but you still want to fight it.

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Did you even read my feedback post on pvp? I dunno shiki destroys me all the time, Must be a skill gap or something.


never said you weren’t good, but refusing to go on your own…

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