Pvp battlegrounds ques

most people in pvp battle grounds insta kill with 3-5 mages, can you do something like a dungeon que where you choose your class when you are inside pvp map or before you que then when they chose which one it will “remove” anything not related to that class, like how you “remove” all tradables when you enter, so that way only 1 of that class on each team to make it a little more fair, also maybe nerf mage more, they still insta kill

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Part of the problem is that not many people queue up for BG’s, those that do are really good at it. So if the queue pops, most likely you are going to be playing against the elite BG players.

If we as a community increase the popularity of BG’s ourselves, this will bring in more low-average BG players and dilute the ratio of skilled:less skilled. This will make it more enjoyable for everyone, and give everyone more practice and time to “get gud”.

BG’s can use some changes, but I don’t feel like this is the answer.


Max of 4 players per team


Maybe have a spawn invulnerability timer? You get 5-10 seconds or until you leave X meters within zone where you can’t take damage as long as you haven’t made an attack?

You already have this spawn is a safezone. When you leave you are invincible for a little. And you cant attack anyone in that time either.


at most there should be 1 mage on a team

I encourage you to queue up on Wednesday at 830pm EST, there is a PVP event hosted through Orbus Commons and it should bring you some variety in those who sign up.

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I haven’t played battlegrounds in two years. Good to know it’s already a thing :slight_smile:

No. Dodge.

I think that the dungeon cue is a good idea but I don’t think it would be good right now because already it’s hard to get into a match this will only make it harder and I also agree mages need some type of nerf they are the only class that I know can insta kill which isn’t fun to go against and dodging isn’t always to easy with you not always able to see the fire balls and the fire balls are often in different places on both yours and the casters screen also the new map is a pain to dodge on


Battlegrounds used to pop everyday for a while until the new map came out with all its bugs

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tbh i think all the classes need to be nerfed. all the dps classes can kill you in under like 2 seconds and it feels less like pvp and more like a rat race.


Idk about shaman though

it can on a standstill target

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I don’t think there is much of an issue here as the mages that can oneshot are really good at the game and also ranger and scoundrel can oneshot hell pally can oneshot also no the only 1 per team thing is garbage as bgs would never pop and a lot of the really good player wouldn’t get to play what they’re good at.

Thought they made scoundrel not be able to one shot anymore also I’ve never seen a ranger or pally one shot and if they can then it’s incredibly situational and barely ever happens unlike mage which does it all the time
No class should be able to just one shot as often as they do that was the whole problem with scoundrel

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Technically mage doesn’t oneshot it just hits you multiple times in quick succession. I don’t know about ranger oneshotting, but I assume it’s either charged piercing with full orbs or a charged spread arrow at point blank with full orbs.

Pally can’t though. Don’t know where Quentin got that.

they can all kill you in 1 or 2 seconds. and charge spread arrow is awful.

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I do not know of one successful pvp game or pve game with pvp components since, well, forever (been playing mmorpgs of all kinds since 1999) where any kind of player can be “oneshot” (or feel oneshotted) without a “group assist train” (meaning a team who knows what they are doing purposefully focus targets in a certain priority).

Even for squishy classes this generally does not exist unless underlying mechanics allow this (timed explosion dots f ex that can actually be reacted to either by the target itself or classes able to remove those dots).

To me, pvp should generally be a group game, and throughout the history of mmorpgs it mostly have been with rare exceptions. The main differences has been if the pvp setting has been geared for very few people (2-5 vs 2-5), skirmishes (6-15 vs 6-15) or large scale (16+ - as much as 300 vs 300 in both the very old but amazing Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, and both with massive lag as a consequence).

So, to reiterate:

  • To me, “oneshots” should not be possible without the possibility of:
  • the target reacting and moving out of LoS (line of sight) fast enough +/- consumables or
  • healers reacting fast enough with various dispelling and/or healing. The dispelling is much in my opinion a much preferred mechanic as it differentiates general healer tactics as well as potion usage in most games.

Just my 2 cents to it all


While not one shotting its first empowered crit pip half healths you and then the other 3 or 4 kill

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