Pvp Paladin nerfed to hard?


So i tested out the damage of paladin in pvp, and that seems to have reached managable levels. No one shots, reasonably easy to dodge, and so on.

…but they are a bit to squishy instead. I kind of figured if I got a drop on someone and hit them full force, that I could just stand and take the damage untill the orbs recharge to finish the kill, beeing a tank and all.

Turnes out scoundrel, mage and rapidity ranger can just kill you without moving from full health to 0 within the charge time point blank range.

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Yeah, but it’s not a 1-shot so it’s okay /s


The normal hits no orb do about 40 damage, so you are forced to wait for the orbs. The removed damage reduction with damage taken wont give you mere then one or two orbs before you die. It’s a bit unfair. :-p


Everyone’s overal damage got pushed back, Paladin is meant to be a tank class not something that touches you for half a second taking more then 70% of your health. Paladin has the best movement in game while in combat they can keep up with a mounted player, Not going to even mention the empowered heal. Paladin is still top of the food chain…


They are not. They are verry jumpy but verry squishy. Not tanky at all.


Squishy? Paladins still deal massive damage, have point a click damage, are unkiteable, can heal very frequently, and can take more damage than all other classes except warrior. I’ve seen and faced pallies in bgs that can 1 vs 3. They really need to decrease their damage and charge more orbs for teleport. They also need to nerf the point and click damage or lower the range by quite a bit to increase the skill gap.


I’d say start handing out their niceties to other classes instead. Give Rangers a mobility skill. Give shaman a point and click talent.

Also, any class can 3v1, given the skill and chance involved.

All that said, Paladins are going to be difficult to balance. They’ve got a broad kit, even with tanking and their primary damage generation pretty severely nerfed.


If that was the case you would expect them to survive 4 sec at point blank from full health

Spoiler: they dont.

Why? All damage reduction is removed. Any dps class needs seconds to kill them.

And as for high damage.
Paladins can’t even one-shot a squishy mage with full loaded orbs and boosts. And it’s another 10 seconds to charge up enough orbs to finish the job


Maybe you are playing it differently than most people but they can burst down most classes health and run away to heal then come back and finish the job. As long as they are moving they will never lose a 1vs1. They can do multiple hits in less than a second. Paladin is by far the most OP class at the moment. In order not to effect pve their damage needs a strong nerf to put them in line with other classes.


Your just wrong. Do you even pvp? Scoundrel is by far the most op, and your description is of any healerclass, not a tank class.

There damage has bin strongly nerfed to the point where it is impossible to actually kill anyone in less then 15 sec.

That’s better then Sharman and warier to be fair, but still bad

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Yeah I PvP quite a bit. A scoundrel can empty their whole chamber and not kill a paladin unless they crit a lot. As for scoundrel I would like to see scoundrel have their curve shots buffed and their regular damage nerfed to raise the skill cap. I think the other problem with scoundrel is for some reason I can be behind a scoundrel and they still can hit me. A pally is still the most OP class. Hell, Kamina even stopped playing them in BGs because they are to OP. Wasn’t fair to the other side.


Kamina can still 1v1 anyone in the game as paladin and win on a high %, A balanced class can’t have great damage, Movement, tankiness and a strong heal.

Also paladin has point and click damage which can’t be avoided.


Not just a high percentage, pretty much 100%.


Paladins and scoundrels are over powered in PvP to begin with… -_-


Earlier today I 1v3ed 2 paladins and a mage as a scoundrel :man_shrugging:


To be fair: you and superhottie are the only two I’ve seen that fully utilize paladin in pvp, so it’s not too surprising.


You missed it… Kamina 1v3d as a scoundrel. NOT as a Paladin.


I didn’t miss it. I’m not surprised the paladins weren’t a threat because neither one was him or superhottie. :+1:


I mean you can 1vWhatever if they can’t hit you :wink:

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What Kamina forgot to mention is that they were all level 1.