Q3-Q4 2020 Roadmap

Hi everyone, today we wanted to talk about our plans for the next half of the year and what we’ve been working on. Check it out! We talk about all of our plans including the new raid, a new server event (for those that remember Defend the Realm, it’ll be similar), the rollout of some DLC features to the main game, economy changes, and much more.


will the elite packs include actual abbereations or just elite mobs?

either way i like what i see a lot, good things in the future

For the summer festival the map will be the original reborn map, correct?
And will the new raid have new bosses or will it be old game bosses? Will these new raids feature new gear?

yes correct it will be the original reborn textures before we started changing them for the seasons, raid will have new bosses, mechanics, an new armor and weapon set.

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Oh sweet!!! I’m very excited to see this
Will there be a normal mode and hard mode?

Are you already certain that at-least some of the raid stuff is going to be higher then the highest gear in the current game? Aka +6 armour or +7 weapon or some special perfect weapon type.


Also when will the armor and weapons be released? Will it be before the actual raid? And how many bosses will there be

with the Overworld Treasure Hunt will it add different drops since spiderling dye and dreadfang dye doesn’t fit in the Overworld. Since it’s DLC dyes and all or will there be added diffrent drops in the Overworld Treasures?

including now having the friends list sort by players online first and a Tinker chest “deposit all” button

Omg yess!! Thank you <3

As we’ve talked about in previous posts, we will be bringing the MSP mechanics of the Treasure Hunt and climbing to the overworld zones. This will come out in Q3 of 2020, with different Treasure Hunt rewards for the overworld versus the mini zones.

Will there be any changes being made like to the difficulty and challenge of the treasure hunt? Like these for example:

Will the server wide boosts that players do, stack with the server wide boosts that the Dev Dudes do so we can party hard together?

What percent will the boosts be?

Coming in Q4 2020, the Citadel Raid will see players go through the broken citadel at the end of the current Guild City Raid (already in game)

Will there be any requirements of clearing the guild city raid before you’re able to enter the new raid? like at least the party leader has or anything like that? will the entrance be inside the guild city raid or will it be outside?

I didn’t see anything about the new overleveling perks coming, is coming this year?

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From the blog post

with different Treasure Hunt rewards for the overworld versus the mini zones.

Maybe we should stop asking questions before they break xD

Also waiting 5 months (the raid) of no new end game combat is alot for the current end game community to stay alive well. Just getting my concerns out about that one from that perspective. Would have hoped for some more bold changes on classes and stirring up maybe even shards and making them even more fun.


in the “Explore the realm” event if completed Where will this goal of an “island” be located at or will that
not be discloased?

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‘We will also be looking into doing some class re-balancing (adjusting numbers, not re-working class mechanics) before the raid comes out.’

I was hoping for more of a major look into class balancing and even small updates honestly ( A good example would be when Ranger had hit circles added). More difficulty/skill to some of the classes to get more from your class.

If something like that does get added I know most people will just run past everything to get to the next area. I’m not sure what I would prefer, a separate entrance that then makes the current raid obsolete or the need to clear the current raid to get into the start of the next.
I know for the experienced raiders a hardmode raid can take 30mins to 1 hour 30mins so it should be doable to complete but I think all of these players also have done the raid enough times to unlock all raid equipment and will be done with the content at this point. - ( after writing and thinking it through, I would rather just have a separate entrance or portal to just skip the current raid to get to the new one )

The explore the realm event doesn’t exactly excite me personally but the reward looks nice so I will be maxing out every week I can. Will be interested to learn more about the aberration island in the future.
Also thinking of this Island I hope it will have some kind of worthwhile reward to go and fight the packs there hopefully aimed at teams of 2 to 4 people so groups not large enough to do shards can have something aimed towards them to do.
Will the Island be lvl 30 or level scaled? I would prefer lvl 30 personally so rewards can be aimed accordingly.


Just to clarify, I meant to enter the new raid the party leader must have completed the old raid at least once ever, not everytime they go to do the new raid, kinda how you need to complete normal mode once before you can do hard mode

Will the island be a PvP forced zone? like the old wilds zones with the aberrations?


please do this

looks amazing cant wait to see the new raid and hopefully itll be a very big challenge!

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This is a very important question OR please tell us if there will be a reset of spent perks when the new perks come or not. Frankly, I did not spend any overlevel perks since new perks were announced, because I don’t know if it’s a waste or not. But now I level for nothing and saving them up all year long would really suck (as some already do with their 10 saved-up weekly missions btw - will we ever see a raise of reputation levels where we can turn these in already or…?)