Raid Beta Patch Notes - Full Raid, Balance Changes and Invisible Bug Fix Timeline

Hey everyone, with the release of the Hard Mode Citadel Raid Beta tomorrow (the 27th), we wanted to update you on the timeline for the different updates this patch involves, including the balance changes.

Tomorrow’s update includes a very large fix for the ongoing invisible players/mob issues, and may have widespread repercussions on other issues that have been plaguing the game. Please let us know if anything new appears after the patch so we can track them down, but we are happy to have a fix in place for the problem.

With the fix having to touch some of the main server and client systems, we are worried that there will be some unforeseen issues we didn’t encounter in our own testing in the coming weeks we will need to quickly patch, which is why this raid beta period will last for two weeks, until May 11th, which should give us enough time to polish up the raid with any issues you might find or finish up the balancing, as well as monitor the situation with the new server fixes.

With regards to the Support/Healing balance changes we’ve been working on, we are hoping is to release those next week on May 4th. With the 2 week beta this will allow us time to try the new balance in the Raid Beta, as well as give us a week to tweak anything too OP or under powered with the classes based on community feedback.

We appreciate your patience with having to push the original beta release date back to allow us to work on the larger bug fixes, and we are excited to get the Hardmode Raid out the door, along with the bug fix for the invisible monster/player.

Patch Notes

  • Possible fix for invisible player/monster bug
    • This could have been causing disruptions to other aspects of the game, and hope you will see an improvement in other areas of the game.
    • This fix touches a large section of other components of the game, please let us know of any NEW issues/problems you experience
  • Updated “Back Bug” shard mutation sound effect
  • Updated yellow X to water puddles in the sewer dungeon
  • Fixed a zone crash related to monsters
  • Instrument of defense crescendo should work in PVE now
  • Moved Skogtroll spawner next to Kingsport Graveyard
  • Added back in the 2 items for spring fest inside surrounding Highsteppe area
  • Added Hard mode raid entrance to Citadel Raid
    • To access Hard mode, enter normal Citadel Raid, on the right hand side you will see a portal marked “Hard Mode”, leaving the hard mode will place you back inside of highsteppe
  • Added Citadel Hard mode Raid
  • We have removed all the trash spawns, as well as the boss kill requirements to spawn the next boss in line for the Beta to make testing the mechanics easier
  • Added new harvestable spawners to the Forsaken Isle to help with the shortage caused by the higher server population
    • We are starting off with a low number of new spawners and will wait to see how that affects the game before increasing or adding more spawners.

Holy SMOKES you got that Defense Instrument and resource spawns in FAST!!


That was in a day!

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Hooray for new spawns!

anything on what the new spawns will be?

I wonder what the new back bug sound is gonna be

bpptBPPT bpppppt


upgraded from bZzzzzzzzzzzzt

So any new lore with the update?

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We love you, devs!


Thank you, looking forward to the beta. :slight_smile:

When you say “Added new harvestable spawners to the Forsaken Isle to help with the shortage caused by the higher server population” do you mean ores like obsidian are now on the island?

Client side patches should be out and available for download


Server is up, enjoy!


@Mathieu_D please tell us the Linstanium on the island is a joke (in response to the joke post). :joy: That is the only ore we don’t need more of.

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With the patch being live, please let us know if you experience the invisible player bug or invisible enemies, as well as any new weird issues you’ve never experienced before.

Pherosis does not speak for me. Thank you for the change

I circled the island 3 times and found 1 obsidian and 2 linstanium. No joke.

I got 4 Linstanium and 3 Obsidian while splitting the island with a buddy.


Checking the math between Lamavora and the Isle, you can harvest more per hr on the Isle but not by much. We will watch and see how the next week or two plays out before adjusting again.


I found exactly the same + one rotospore! Died twice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: