Range of arrows

I noticed that I can launch an arrow and have it go right through an enemy if I’m just a hair too far. For rangers, since we have to aim each arrow, it’d be nice if that distance was maybe 10m further than it currently is. It just seems a little too short.

Makes sense to have shots ineffective from a certain distance though. Specially for musketeers since they don’t really have to re-aim every shot. Just feels weird for rangers.

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There isn’t a distance limit to my knowledge @Shiki has hit things out of visible range for himself. I think it is just that complicated hit boxes that perfectly make up the entire enemy aren’t plausible.

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^ Correct, you can actually hit a target from really far away, useless in combat since the monster won’t engage if you’re too far from his home point, but still possible.

Though this post reminded me that i always forget to report something: I noticed that if i’m moving while shooting, the arrow will sometimes pass through the enemy/npc/object without hit.

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Yeah I noticed it’ll still throw up a damage number but the enemy doesn’t come. Guess that just means I’m so far out that the monster resets. So never mind, this suggestion.

Though Shiki’s correct that arrows can pass right through targets if you’re moving.

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Could either of you elaborate more on this issue? I tried to recreate it using sliding locomotion and was unable. How frequently does this occur? Is there an enemy that this happens on the most? Or a zone in which you notice this happening a lot?

I tested it with the dummy and the apprentice Smith in Highsteppe, and i think it happened the same in pvp so i guess it only works when your target is not moving.

I can do some more testing myself as well and see if I can pin down a solid method to recreate the issue. I see it often enough. But I’m so used to it now I just make sure to stop before I fire. It might be as Shiki says, that it only happens when both you and the target are mobile.

Actually my theory was “I’m moving, my target is NOT moving, the arrow will pass through without hit” as i mostly notice it with the dummy and npc.

A bit late but i made a video about that, as you can see when i move i can hit the dummy while shooting the air, but when i shoot on it the arrows pass through without hit.
This makes me a sitting duck in PvP since i can only shoot while not moving.

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I noticed this effect while sliding and shooting my orbs at people. Makes it really easy to look like I hit but then the orb misses.

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