Ranger Health Issues

I’m having a strange health issue with the ranger. Whenever I switch classes whether it’s from the ranger to another class or from another class to the ranger, my health goes down significantly. It doesn’t happen when I switch from two classes that aren’t the ranger. I have no idea why this happens.

It is because you are switching classes that have the weapon equiped in the other hand. It is a bug.

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A workaround for this is to always switch it to the slot where your current weapon is for a second, then change to the hand where you want it to be.

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Would this not be due to a change in health due to different classes and armors? Tanks have more health than leather, which is more than cloths? Your health value is also influenced by any vitality boosting stats on your armor

no, that’s not nearly as much of a difference, you barely notice that, but if you switch class by putting the weapon in the other hand you’ll be low health.