Really bad fishing experience for new players


I was trying to fish up some basic bass from the rainforest and after 3 lures thrown in the water I did not get a single bite.

After discussing this with some of the other older players on orbus they have experienced this too and ended up using ages fishing scent attractor potions.

It being a basic fish and many of the first fishing quests requiring to catch other basic fish… I do not think it is appropriate to expect newer players to have to have ages fishing scent attractors to be able to catch these fish.

TLDR; Please make it easier to catch basic fish.


Pretty much everything but legendary fish should be guaranteed at least 1 fish every other cast with the correct lures


na it should slowly get harder. But seriously fishing is anti beginners atm. You will let them rage quit ATM.


Sure, we will look into making things like Sunfish, Bass, Eel, Catfish easier to catch. Makes sense to me.


is there any chance you guys could take my idea of removing lure overlap? The overlap is part of the reason why fishing for sunfish sucks. (you constantly get catfish and bass)

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fishing lure spoilers

If you just use lesser eye lures you won’t get anything else when trying to get sunfish

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Lure overlap is not a bad thing, just have to choose your fishing spots, theres places you only get sunfish, only axoltol (and not minnow which has a very similar lure) etc.

The overlap is handy when your after multiple fish so you can go to locations with them all


Not necessarily sunfish, but I found others, specially rare fish to pose that problem. There is simply no option to fish flounder, for example, with another lure, and it WILL get you


… clown fish…

at one of best known places. Same with


blimp, which will also get you phoenix

and some others. Currently you can not choose lures, in quite some places, so you get only one specific fish, and if you finally find a rare then you really don’t want an overlap.

But the most tedious thing is surely what OP mentioned, the threshhold of getting any basic fish, at all, without potion, would like to see a change there.


fishing without a potion is pure pain, try catching clownfish


I’d argue Legendary fish having overlap is part of the intention though, it’s another factor which makes them rarer.

They are needed for the end-game content, which should require time and effort to obtain, which in turn helps drive the value of these items up which stimulates the economy

Lesser fish should definitely be simple to catch, but legendary’s are not the same target audience


Well you seem to be new but the economy was just fine before, with zero overlaps and even well-known places… it was the opposite, a whole number of fish used for reg recipes were not on the market, for weeks. Reason is that most got other things to do than fishing all day and keep their fish to themselves to make the according potions.
I be happy if at least half of fish return to the AH anytime soon, for reasonable prices. As for rares, finding them is the issue, normally, not fishing them also btw I came with 2 stacks of each rare fish from the OG, so yea, this is totally about new players who got a big disadvantage if things are made harder from them now.


As for “endgame content” people keep mentioning this on the forums… but who really isn’t there after 2 weeks now! You are level 30, welcome to the endgame.

Potions are especially useful for weaker groups or practicing players to cope with their low dmg, catch up on the rest of group and get to the next tier, like lvl 4s, not only by those goin for records in a T10.


Ok, even so, i managed to get 40 blimp fish in a day with the overlap, wasn’t bad at all :man_shrugging:

Flounder, Perch and Kyalakin all definitely have spots with no overlap, unsure about jelmiry.

Not every spot for blimp has probably been found yet so theres still chances you can find location where it does not overlap, blimp is more tricky though as it uses ingredients common fish do too (minnow), as it’s your introductory Legendary fish (and seems to bite more than other legendaries aswell; for me atleast)

And you can make potions without the legendary fish, it’s just more efficient to have them, thus allowing players to still make their pots even if they can’t find (e.g. newer players or players not really into fishing)

Also i do believe it’s not the intention that everyone knows how to catch every fish or be able to do so on a whim: Fishing Myths @riley

Beyond that, like you said, it’s week 2, we still don’t thoroughly know the legendary fish location times and conditions plenty more data needs to be gathered, saying they specifically are too difficult now seems a little rushed?

I am in total agreement with the lesser fish such as sunfish & catfish etc.

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You can get Jelmiry without overlap

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You cannot make potions without fishing. Which is seriously annoying to me that I can get quests that ask me to make one potion or another and not a one of them can be made without spending either an insane amount of dram purchasing the fish or an insane amount of time fishing


That would be awesome. Speaking honestly: I shared in another thread this same feeling. My friend and I got the first fishing quest where you get the lures, went to the spot by the Chaos Portal to fish up some sunfish and even with 4 lures each got not a single bite for him and one sunfish for me, complete waste of time to the point where we thought we must have the location wrong. Then I found out the forums that we should use fish attractor potions. These potions weren’t even mentioned by the trainer and to require this for the very first fishing quest was so disappointing it has turned us off of fishing all together.

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im not a new player, but is there something im missing about jelmiry?
I thought that you were able to catch them while it was raining but that hasnt been the case
I am using fat fly, snake bits, and shiny metal


Think the lure is ok, I go by the info posted on Carnage page. Yet I’m searching this one for a week now, loggin in every other hour to look for rain and test waters and I’m about to give up. First, it does not ever rain in the bloody rainforest and if it does I start dipping lures not only in the posted place but also 2-3 others, nothing, not one nibble (I test with rotten finger, around 45 throws/dips in a row… a stack of fingers is gone in no time, only for tests which lead to nothing)… I used to test fishing areas daily, specially when it rains, but slowly about to give up on this. If there’s that much luck, time and resources needed - or the nibble system isn’t working for jelmiry, or it’s in tiny bodies of water only, dunno what’s up with that… - they hopefully be sold on the market at some point by those informed on places or who don’t mind the torture lol.
(Not using spoilers since this info - obviously - does not spoil anything; or might even be wrong.)

A side note on overlaps, got a nibble for frosted perch instead, chugged my potion, result was 10 clownfish, 5 eels, not one frosted on a whole lure (using lure combo from OG), seriously this is plain stupid. Rares should not show in places where you can’t get them (or only in neglectible amounts) due to lure overlaps.

Or perhaps it’s time to introduce more lure materials so you can add others to get 2 types, but also got lures only applying to certain fish. It’s perhaps fine for people with zero stocks to get this and that, in the beginning, but for regular potion crafting I go fish to restock one certain fish, the others are mostly just an annoyance…


there are plenty of lures out there for there to be a lure combination without overlaps. they would have to change the system so that most fish require 3 different lures… but i think that’s totally the direction fishing should go in. There are 7 or 8 lure items atm. if you assume 7 lures this means there are 63 total distinct combinations (unless order matters and then there are 259). There is no reason to have overlaps.

you could make all of the easy fish require one lure, and then as you go to more rare fish they require 2 or 3 lures. If you have that specific lure combination, you always catch that fish. I really think the overlap is a poor decision.


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