Reborn Beta 1: Getting Started


Hey everyone,

There’s a new blog post out now with a link to the Launcher download as well as some basic getting started instructions and information on what will be available to test in the Beta tomorrow.


Trying to log into the Beta but Can't


(Note that it’s likely there will be another patch of the client before the test actually starts tomorrow, but if you want to get a head start so that at least some of it is downloaded you can get it now).


The account I’m using to log into the game says that I don’t own Orbus, even though I own it through steam with the same email address?

I would really like assistance in getting this fixed asap so I can play the beta as soon as it releases.

Thank you.


It doesn’t look like the account you are logged in as when you made that post has ever logged into the game before. Are you sure this is the account you played on before and purchased it through?


I am realizing that it was two separate accounts. haha Seems I made one through here, and used an entirely different email address when I got into the game itself. Sorry about that!


No worries! Let me know if you have any other issues.


this showed up when i was installing the beta, is this because it isn’t live yet or is it a client side error?


Hmmm…what file was it on when it did that? Or has none of it installed correctly? You might just try and re-start it and see if that fixes it.


Could we get some DTR points for participating in the beta? No one will have time to play old Orbus this weekend…


Getting the same thing as SirAndrew.


I’ve gotten a couple of reports of this but restarting the launcher seems to fix it. Did that work for you as well?

(Also for what it’s worth I know this launcher is kind of a pain to use, but unfortunately as I mentioned elsewhere we aren’t able to use the Steam and Oculus stuff do this right now).


Restarting worked.



mine just get stuck at checking file for latest version, and just stays there without ding anything


Hmmm…tomorrow when I do the final patch I will make a zip file that has all the stuff pre-downloaded, so that should work for you.


will the old launcher work? that one seems to be working


I mean the old launcher will download the old game haha.


OK. So I am also getting the message that I don’t own the game. I probably used a different account that this one when I purchased the game like Kawaii but all my usual emails are not working. Any suggestion on how to figure out at least what email was used?


Good evening, even problem…
Bonsoir, même problème…

ERROR: Unable to download correct file after multiple attempts. Couldn’t update to v2.03

Impossible of go beyond:
impossible d’allez au delà de :

30/99 vrclient_Data/resources.assets

Restart of the computer and the program several times in a row.
Redémarrage de l 'ordinateur et du programme plusieurs fois de suite.


That’s the largest file, so my guess is you’re getting stuck on it. As I said I will put out a different download with everything zipped up tomorrow which should hopefully help.

Ummm…if you send me a copy of your output log from the current game I can look up your Steam/Oculus ID manually and figure it out that way.