Reborn Beta 3 Patch Notes

The third OrbusVR: Reborn Beta test will begin this Friday at 12 PM (Noon) US Central time. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the client for you all to download, but in the meantime here are the patch notes for you to peruse:

Patch Notes

  • Paladin
    • The Paladin is a new plate-wearing tanking class which focuses on reactive, as opposed to pro-active, play. It also focuses on AoE damage and tanking, over the single-target tanking focus of the Warrior.
    • The Paladin’s hammer absorbs damage taken by the Paladin and converts it into energy which can be used to power attacks, including hammer throws, teleporting, lightning ground slam, and more.
    • The Paladin also features 3 Librams which can be used to buff themselves and their allies.
    • For more details on playing the Paladin, see the Paladin Preview blog post as well as the updates in today’s Beta announcement post on our blog.
    • To unlock the Paladin class, visit the Odds and Ends vendor in Highsteppe’s lower level and purchase the Beginner’s Hammer.
  • Open World PvP
    • There are now safe zones in the world in areas such as around Highsteppe, around graveyards, and in zone transition areas. World PvP is not possible in these places.
    • World PvP has been changed for this test to use the same matched content system as PvE content. This should allow high level players to have a significant advantage over lower level players, while still allowing everyone to participate. We’re open to feedback on how the community finds this change, but we wanted to do at least one test with it setup like this to see how it felt.
  • PvP Battlegrounds
    • The battleground map has been re-worked from the ground up.
    • The number of participants in battlegrounds has been increased to 6v6.
  • Dungeons
    • The new Lich’s Crypt dungeon has been added to the game. This is a Level 10 dungeon which features two new and unique bosses as well as a visually interesting environment.
    • The Troll boss features a fight centered around careful mechanical work and boss placement, while giving new players a fairly easy fight to learn the mechanics since there’s not much direct damage being dealt to the whole group.
    • The Lich King fight features a boss with several totally new and challenging mechanics that will require the whole group to be coordinated and on their toes!
    • There is a new armor style for each type of armor that has been added to the game which can only be acquired via dungeons. Dungeons will also drop +1 Rare Loot from bosses and reward caches.
    • Dungeon loot has been changed from the original game. Now, each boss will drop 1 piece of gear per kill. In addition to that, at the end of the dungeon run after both bosses have been killed, everyone in the group will receive a small reward cache which will contain (among other items) a guaranteed piece of dungeon gear.
    • The Dungeon Matchmaking system has been re-enabled. In addition to your normal dungeon rewards, you will now receive a small reward cache for your first successful dungeon run each day via the matchmaking system.
    • When you enter an instanced area such as a dungeon or battleground, your in-game voice chat will now default to Party chat. So you can talk to your party anywhere in the dungeon/battleground without needing to hold your compass up.
  • Overworld
    • 5 new Public Events (for a total of 7) have been added to the world. Some of these feature mechanics similar to the ones from last test, while others have totally new challenges for your to face!
    • 4 new Dragon Pet races have been added to the world.
    • When racing your dragon, now if you look “too far” to the left/right away from your dragon reticle, your vision will fade to a circlular area to help guide you back and keep you from feeling motion sickness.
    • Many new missions have been added.
    • Two new zones have been introduced to the world
    • The level cap has been increased from 15 to 20.
    • If you attempt to enter a wall, rock, the ground, etc. now, your vision will fade to black and you will see a series of green dots guiding you back out of the area to where you can see again. This is to prevent players from walking through walls, hiding in the ground to attack other players, etc.
    • Teleport Pillars have been added to the game world. Note that since there are now so many pillars, not every one can be directly teleported to by Runemages. The ones that can have portals created for them have runes on them to indicate that. All pillars can be accessed by teleporting from any other pillar once it has been unlocked (by finding it in the world).
  • Gearing
    • You can now equip gear which is higher than your current level. However, any secondary stats (such as Int or Strength) as well as any Plus bonuses (such as an 11 +1 piece of gear) will not be applied until you reach the minimum level for that gear. You will see a notice in the gear tooltip if this is the case.
  • Logging
    • A log has been added to the top of the UI above the XP bar which keeps track of various notices such as when you acquire items, gain XP, etc.
    • A combat.log is now available which records damage and healing done in your vicinity. You can find it under C:\Users<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\ on your local computer.
  • Selfie Bot
    • We’ve added a new Selfie Bot tool to the game! This is a handy tool which you throw into the air to take screenshots of yourself, your surroundings, or your group. Perfect for capturing a memorable moment after a boss kill.
    • Screenshots are found at C:\Users<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\screenshots on your computer.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The range of Bard passive abilities has been reduced from 50 to 25 meters.
    • We have added support to the game for the Liv SDK, which allows you to easily create mixed reality videos and streams (compatible with OpenVR currently). You can read more about this on their website
    • We now have the ability to show in-context tutorial images. You will see one show up right now the first time loot drops in the game for you. We will be expanding these in the future to cover game basics and basics for each class.

Known Issues

  • There is still a bug that we haven’t had success fixing where sometimes the framerate of the game will drop significantly, but switching back and forth between different graphical settings (e.g. from Ultra to Low and back again) will fix the issue. We have a ticket in with Unity to hopefully get this fixed soon.
  • The icon for the Beginner Hammer is using the incorrect icon (it shows up as a sword). We’ll have a fix for that in a build later today.

i’m assuming that’s a typo on the gearing section? says you can now equip gear lower than your level. shouldnt it say ‘higher’?

Yep, you are right, I will change that.

on the bard passive change, wouldnt that make the class significantly weaker in raids where people are spread out over large distances? (obviously it was broken in overworld)

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Will this dungeon be scalable or have difficulty adjustments? Will we be able to obtain, say, 10+2 or 11+1 gear from it? Or 9+1 if we run at a lower level?

All dungeons are matched content. So it will follow the same -4 / +4 scaling mechanic as the overworld. You can queue up for it as a Level 1 even if you want to right now.

You will get loot the same as your Level +1. So if you are a Level 8, you get 8+1 loot. If you are a 15, you get 15+1 loot.

We may end up doing it at a different size in the overworld vs a raid or something like that, but for the content that we have in the game currently (dungeons, battlegrounds, overworld) it seems to be plenty large. 25 meters radius is a really, really long ways in the game. 50 was like, insanely large haha.

50 is indeed insanely large… but the balance of the ranger means that you need to be 40+ yd away from the boss at all times… so you tend to be super far away.

So I mean in that scenario a Bard could be at a range in-between the boss and the Ranger and still hit both the tank and the Ranger (since each would be less than 25 meters away).

I think in the end we’ll be looking for the Bard to not have to spend a ton of time thinking about their positioning, but some time thinking about it. So given a room as large as some of our raid rooms were in the last game (and honestly they will probably be less large than that this time around), I’d want them to at least have to think “okay I’m on the same side of the room as the DPS and the tank” and not “I can stand back here in this corner away from everyone and never have to move at all.”

It may be that in a Raid a radius of 30 or 40 meters hits that mark, I’m honestly not sure. But I do know that for the current content, 25 seems good. But yeah, this is not the end of the story on that, just another chapter, we’ll continue to refine that. It’s definitely not going to be as position-driven as the Musketeer is for example, that’s just not how the class is built.

Any chance you could make it back to 4v4 or at least 5v5 just for the beta? It was hard enough finding 8 people in queue, i can’t imagine finding 12…

Can PvP players teleport from the pillars?

Which zones have been added?

For the bard abilities is it a radius or diameter of 25 meters?

Does this mean reagents are in the beta or will they be free to use during the beta?

Reagants are being added to drops.

It’s a radius.

Anyone not in combat can use them currently.

If we’re having trouble getting queues going we might. But I’d like to see how the battleground actually feels with the right number of people if we can.

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anyone want to take bets on when overlay dps meters get made? i know i will probably quickly make an executable that will parse it and give graphs… but i have no idea how to do overlays on rift.

One is accessible from Lamvora and one is accessible from the Flooded Rainforest

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Bard nerfs make me sad, but I have to ask, the tree boss in the last beta did not get hit by my damage crescendos. I fear is this the same for the new bosses? Hopefully it isn’t intended for bosses to not be able to be hit by damage crescendos.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with it being a boss, no. You mean the actual missiles that shot out it wouldn’t collide with the boss?

I mean my justice and harm orb crescendos, when shot would not hit the boss and go straight through. Also wondering if I will automatically get de-aggro’d from a mob or player if I hit a long-range crescendo. Not sure what 25 meters means in a range since though and if the crescendos only travel 25 meters then they could also just take a step back and leave combat?

Yeah if you get me a video of it happening I might be able to see what you mean, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t hit a boss.

Bosses/monsters will chase you much farther than 25 meters.