Reborn Beta 3 Patch Notes


He said bard passives, so I imagine the crescendos won’t be affected


I’ll try to take a video this beta if it happens again, but also want to point out the only way for the bard to get in combat with a mob or boss other players are attacking (even if they’re in a party with you) is 1. Damage crescendos, 2. Walking into aggro range (which can’t be done if someone already has aggro, or 3. Baton throw.

Luckily with the introduction of baton throw I was able to aggro onto the tree boss last beta, as it had no aggro range unless hit and couldn’t be hit by crescendos. I get it’s risky to make bard aggro onto anything someone attacks like the early first beta, but maybe this range nerf could help that become less of an issue, as without baton throw I would either have to build up crescendo or walk into a mob.


didn’t i hear something about throwing mallets or something last beta? The bard absolutely needs on-demand attacks. i’m pretty sure they are going to be useless in raids in their current form because they dont.


Can i stream the beta or is it NDA?


You are allowed to stream in the beta.


Did you do anything to the Muski healing for this beta? Having dungeons and new content, I’d like to heal a little better during this betta. The past couple betas have been super frustrating as a healer. I know you are all still not on tuning ect. but maybe up the healing a few more % and drop the respawn orb rate on cure wounds?


We were able to complete the bosses with the current level of healing…it really hasn’t changed since the current game, players just have larger health pools (but the amount of incoming damage hasn’t really increased). So it would likely still change during balancing but at least for now in terms of dungeon content what’s in the game it seems fine.

EDIT: Actually looking back, I did increase it about 20%, I just did it right after the last test so I forgot. So it has increased a little bit.


Have you fixed the Europe windows/ keyboard ./, bug or will that still effect us?


If you mean the bug where it was showing giant text on the menu, not letting you exit doors, etc., that was fixed about halfway through last Beta. If there’s still something else going on with that let me know.


So just a quick note as we get ready to turn the servers online.

We did not wipe characters for this Beta, but missions should all reset. We’ve also made adjustments to the missions and public events so you now get much more XP for doing missions and events. You also get bonuses for things like completing dungeons and using the dungeon queue.

The reason I bring this up is because basically if you are already Level 10 for example, you are going to get to do all the missions over again (even the ones you already did) which is going to give you a lot of XP. So essentially you may level up way faster in this Beta than intended. We are fine with that because we are more concerned with testing things than we are slowing down leveling (as it should be in a Beta, haha). But just wanted to make a note of it so people realize that isn’t how the final game will work (where you only do each mission one time on the way to 30, not repeating them multiple times).

At some point once we get closer to the end we will likely do another achievement for making a new character and leveling from 1-30, so we can get better feedback on the actual leveling curve, but anyway for now just a heads up about what’s going on there.


Wait what? Do you implement Achievments for players that played the Beta?


Only that specific one. In the original Orbus Beta we made an achievement where if you started a character pretty far toward the end of the Beta and then leveled to max level (to help us out essentially by testing the leveling curve) we gave you an achievement that carried over into the main game.


The server is now online. Enjoy!


Waving at Sicilus isn’t working


Yeah we were just tracking that, working on it now.


Okay I just reset the Highsteppe town zone and Sicilus should be working now. Thanks!


Known Issue: Were working on getting tutorial images into the game, so when you first get loot it will show a tutorial image (it is currently displaying wrong one), we are working on fixing that now.

Incorrect Icons/UI

Is there a way for an Oculus user to force the game to launch in OpenVR mode via the new launcher?

I am attempting to test the LIV integration which only works with OpenVR runtime and attempting to force-launch the vrclient.exe with a ‘vrmode -openvr’ flag via a shortcut fails to connect to the servers (but it does force the mode and MR splitscreen pops up).

In addition I get black screen with LIV SDK enabled and the calibration seems a bit off with legacy mode. Hoping someone has been able to LIV running with Oculus or at least SDK mode.


Ummm…good question. I know the vrmode thing will work on the Steam version of the current live game. I will see if I can get you a launcher that works with it for the Beta.

When I tested the Liv integration I was not using Legacy mode I was using the normal mode.


Okay so here’s what you can do:

  1. Go into RebornLauncher\resources\app\client and make a new shortcut to vrclient.exe in that directory, name it “vrclient-openvr”. Modify it to add the “-vrmode openvr” to the Target.

  2. Drop this index.html file to replace the current one in RebornLauncher\resources\app :

It should work then.