Reborn Beta 3 Patch Notes


I keep getting blackscreen(but with camera feed) in SDK mode, and when I tried the -vrmode switch on the live game recently I found I was getting crashes immediately after launch.

Obviously you have more pressing things to triage right now, but an OpenVR switch would be nice if it’s easy, and hopefully that’ll let me pin down what’s causing the blackscreen. Happy beta!

Edit: Faster than I could even reply. Thanks I’ll try out that updated index file!

Edit2: New index file does indeed launch the client in OpenVR, but behavior is identical to manually launching the shortcut, client never connects to server. Might try to see if I can get capture working native over OVR but I’ll come back to LIV later, thanks again for the quick reply.


Highsteppe is so dark at night in this test, i tried to race on “Second Chance” but it’s all black. All i see are the rings but i can’t see the obstacles and kept dying.
The Lich Crypt was also pretty dark but not that much


Warrior shield stops working after each hit, potato had to keep putting away and getting it back out after each hit to be able to block


Hmmmm…after each hit? I don’t think we saw it ever happening like that, it was stopping randomly on us before though. Is it possible they are doing something else in-between (potion? charge?)


Im going to add some additional light to Highsteppe and the dungeon, I like the dark atmosphere but it could use a few points lights so its not total blackout.


i cant find the picture


This is happening accidentally to me alot and it is not always easy to get out of these places… why not just teleport people to the place they came from if they get like 1-2m inside an obstacle?


The folder is hidden, just have to turn on view hidden files


Or to “nearest open square” or something


where is it i cant find it


C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\screenshots


Can you give me an example of when/where it’s happening to you on accident?


Well for example at the defend-the-fence-event, I slide back to avoid a mob, bam, I am trapped in a rock…


Please do NOT do that. It’s the worst feeling trying to grab something and constantly getting teleported away.


well perhaps not the perfect solution, but these black traps everywhere i dunno…


i get the fade to black just standing next to a rock… not even close to being inside of it.


i did that and did not work


Can you add a message when you leave the pvp safe zone?


This fade to black method you are using for anti clipping is really gnarly. One thing that is really doing my head in is, If I am near a wall and look up, the screen will start to black out, but even if I move forward to stop it, the effect continues for a bit like it just HAS to continue with that calculation to get those…dots. I would look to recroom’s implementation for how a good collision effect works.


For world PvP, something to consider is to add a 30 second timer when using portal stones, otherwise you could kill someone take their stuff and instantly take the portal stone to HS.