Reborn Beta 3 Patch Notes


We’ve just put out a new server-side patch with a few changes:

  • In the Lich’s Crypt, the dungeon barrier will now disappear after you have engaged the second boss and stay down from then on.
  • You should now correctly receive reward caches when completing the dungeon.
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of crystals for the Crystal Public Event so there should now be more of them when more people are participating.
  • Fixed a bug where the scoreboard wasn’t working on the dragon event inside the Dungeon, and instead those scores were being counted for a different race.
  • Paladins can no longer teleport to a location when the vertical distance is very large.



this is what i get if i enter i C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\screenshots


You have to put your own username after C:\Users\

So like C:\Users\riley\AppData…

It will be different for you though. Try just going to C:\Users, then going into that folder, then adding on “AppData”


found it thank you very much


Selfie Bot gets server messages in your face



For world PvP, if you are killed in a safe zone by a mob, you should not drop your loot. i.e. tree guy in HS area. Someone could just stand by and watch people die and pick up their loot and the there is nothing the player can do about it as they can’t attack the player back.

Some of the event areas safe zone feel a bit off. What is suppose to be the range of the safe zone in vent areas?


For the 3rd or 4th time, going back into highsteppe I’ve gotten a black screen, only way to get rid of it is to close the game and reopen


can you send us your output logs next time this happens.


Will do! 20 Characters


13 hours later… xD


I’ve been online since the start of the beta and i just got from lv15 to 19 (although i may have been 20 if i turned my last few quests with only silver) in 12 hours with pvp always on, would you say it is faster than intended?


I feel it was slower exp than previous beta, I really wish mob exp was worth more too, it just doesn’t feel right not being able to level up by killing mobs, that’s one of my favourite things to do


Yeah most mobs would only give me from 35 to 70 xp, and about 150 in the dungeon. Compared to the xp that mobs give in orbus it’s nothing…


This likely totally depends on players (and, partly, classes and groups). There were players before rocketing chars to 20 in 1-2 days, formerly by searching out mobs and grinding them, in the Beta a good group for events and quests like colossus (still no clue where that one even is) likely also helps.

As a musky I got around half a level in 4h, went from 8 to 9 LOL. For 2h after launch I was testing the dungeon, 2 more hours I hunted some green questmobs - takes forever to bring only one down -, fired my critter gun at critters a bit, explored and went to the two events I saw without completing them because there weren’t enough people around.

Today I wanna check out the pala, level the bard further and - perhaps - try to get the musky to 15 to have relocate turret already, but I doubt I make it in one day and I also doubt leveling is too fast, for the vast majority of people, also considered these chars are wiped anyway at some point.


Right now, if you want to level up fast, you are forced to do quests and grab the exp from public events in between, or you can go from one public event to another and just do them back to back to back all day long, grinding mobs is not great, if you need mobs for a quest then it’s probably better to go to an area where they aren’t green as they are scaled anyway so you won’t kill them much faster so you might as well get a little bit of exp


Leveling up beta characters isn’t really worth it. I learned that from the first beta, after getting all chars to max. You’re better off spending your time testing/checking out new things (which I guess leveling is technically a new thing). Thanks to the way the leveling system works, if you’re the right class, you can go to any zone with no difficulties. I mean, the point of a beta IS to bug test after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to test how long 15-20 was :stuck_out_tongue:


There isn’t a combat thread for this beta so I’m going to put it here, the Tear Minion dodges and moves far too much, it’s not fun or “good” it’s just super annoying


A new patch is now available on the client side. In particular:

  • Dragon races have been fixed so that their barriers should be working again. We’ll wait and reset the scoreboards a little later today after we make sure there’s no more “cheese” left.
  • Combat log output tweaked a bit to show ID’s next to monsters.
  • When playing a Musketeer, the turret will now always go back to the last “setting” you had it on.

A server-side patch will go out in about 30 minutes to finalize these changes. You can download a pre-patched version of the client here:

Still ways to cheat dragon races