Reborn Beta 3 Patch Notes


Thanks for monster ID in logs!

is it possible to identify when a person has entered a zone or dungeon in the combat logs?


I love the selfie bot so much! I just had a great idea and was wondering if it would be possible to make a Gif bot too, which would take like a short 5-10 second clip and save it as an animated gif? I doubt it would be something that would make it into reborn for the release but would it be possible on a programming point of view or am I just dreaming? XD


Pretty sure this isn’t very hard to pull off. Probably would be mostly copy and paste from the current selfie bot, with a slight code change in the capturing process.


If you die on the lich boss, you do not get experience from finishing the dungeon.


Can confirm, had this happen twice


You don’t get the XP from the boss kill or you don’t get the bonus XP for the dungeon completion? An then do you still get the small reward cache or you don’t get that either?


You don’t get the bonus 2,000 exp for completing the dungeon if you are dead at the end, you still get the reward chest though


Really not a fan of the new rain: looks like severe SDE. Weird how its just a 2d layer covering your vision.

Also, the new tracking for missions is pretty annoying to check. It was so much better in the journal being able to look at all of them at once.


Just wanted to note that I’ve seen in various places how Warrior/Paladin hitting things keeps breaking and you have to unsheathe/sheathe your weapon to fix it, I am aware of that and I think I know what’s causing it, not sure if I can fix it in time for the end of this Beta or not, but it will be fixed for next time. Sorry for the inconvenience that is causing.


I think it would be better to have a ‘track in journal’ feature, where you select the ones you want to track and then it shows up in your journal.


On future Betas can you make the missions all ‘reset’ daily (for people who have completed them)? As we progress in betas, y’all are unlocking steadily higher content, and being able to run this content with multiple classes at higher levels is important.

For example, my Fellowship has mostly been concentrating on new classes. In the bard release, we pretty much all played bard (but then that reset), in the shaman release we played shaman, and in this release we played paladin… Which led to us having only shaman and paladin at decent enough levels to attempt the lich. Which led to us failing because there wasn’t a healer to support the dps classes.

Trying to level up a musketeer after having done all the quests has been grueling. Especially as the number of players decreases due to this being a beta only, meaning a number of the public events have become nigh-impossible (crystal portal, for example, for which with one player you basically have to get lucky with extra crystals or you’ll fail no matter how hard you try)

Anyway, it should resolve this problem and be mostly in-line with what y’all intend to do on the actual release (having dailies and weeklies).

Edit: 20 Hrs played this beta, managed to get paladin to 11 and musky to 9.


So here in about 15 minutes we are doing a server restart to do a few things:

  • I think I have a fix for at least some of the “sword/hammer not working” issues, especially the ones after dying.
  • The Battlegrounds queue is now 4v4 to help with getting more queues going.
  • Made some tweaks to the public events such as the crystal one to make it more doable for lower levels of participation and some tweaks to the crossbow event.

Also since the beta has gone really smoothly thus far, we will continue to run it until tomorrow (Monday) night around 11 PM Central Time.


Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)

Thanks! We ran this with ~4 people immediately after the reset and were able to successfully complete it. Honestly, you may have tuned it too far, since we were gearing up to take 4-5 minutes to complete like it usually does, but managed it in about 1.5. Still a VAST improvement from the state it was in before and I think it’s better to have these on the easier side (especially for the ones nearer the newbie zone).


This is honestly the coolest thing! How did you get the idea, I never saw it suggested on forums, but it’s awesome since the only way to screenshot yourself, so far, was assistance of another player.
If the skybox could be fixed and be part of the picture (bug that Rickness mentioned in other thread) that would be perfect, but it’s already a very cool way to document your endeavours which fits really good to VR.

OT/Meta: Forum threads for this weekend I found rather chaotic, spending lots of time catching up on what was already posted and where to post bugs and feedback properly. Like this one with lots different topics not covered elsewhere or new zones, events, dragon races all in one mega-thread - more pre-made specific threads would perhaps be good for next time.


I would just like to point out that there is a desync bug with the selfie bots at the moment, where other people sometimes can’t see the accurate position of your selfie bot (though it may have just been because the person and I were in one of the zones you’re not supposed to be in yet). The selfie bot can also see other peoples’ selfie bot’s screens in the picture, which I found interesting.

  • The hand controls are still messed up on vive (points by default instead of by holding the trigger)
  • After changing area you’ll see your armor with default colors, switching a piece of armor/tool will load the correct dyes
  • Other players see your selfie-bot on the spot where you leave the grip, not on its actual position (like the torches on Maeo’s Sanctum)
  • In the Lich’s Crypt you can go through the walls and use the hammer teleport to skip all the adds of the dungeon except 2 barking stafrushers on the bridge
  • The journal can only be put away with the left hand


Some things that I would like to see in upcoming Reborn beta/full release:

  • More variety of mobs and NPCs (this was mentioned elsewhere)
  • Quest givers in the world, not just in Highsteppe (I realize that your goal with Highsteppe is to make it the central hub, but having some quests elsewhere really helps to generate a drive to go places - maybe this won’t be an issue when we have more quests to choose from, but in this last beta there was very little reason to explore the larger world)
  • A scroll-bar in the missions
  • Flavor text for missions; why are we doing all of this? What’s the benefit? I really enjoyed having the story in Orbus for just about every quest.
  • Ability to turn off combat sprint. I don’t know anyone who actually wants to use this, ever.
  • Ability to turn off belt items and turn them back on (to prevent accidental grabbing, particularly on shaman and paladin classes). The shaman already seems to have this (bugged, as it were). Maybe by reaching behind head and pushing a different button than grip, with offhand?
  • More talent options. Having only 1 choice every 5 levels leads to very little difference between players and not very much in the way of feeling like you’re improving as you level up. This is especially key when we have the -4/+4 matching only to feel more powerful.
  • Non-standard options for talent development (instead of just 1/5 levels, do quests or some other class-related tasks). Someone mentioned this in a different post and I think it could be a lot of fun if implemented properly.
  • More tracks in more places. As I mentioned in a prior post, there’s a lot of areas where tracks are never seen and then a few spots where they seem to congregate.
  • ‘Magnetism’ on the shaman orbs, for when you drop an orb about 2-3 meters from an enemy, because it’s way harder to throw orbs than just about any other ranged attack.
  • Some tweaking on the mob jumps for the mage spells; as someone mentioned previously, they tend to jump significantly more often fighting a mage and you end up missing quite a bit more.
  • Journal entries for teleport locations that you’ve visited.
  • Maps, particularly ones that label the teleport stones. We’ve spent Orbus relying on flipping back to websites and webpages to get this kind of information, but even if you don’t want to provide a blinking location for where players are currently at it’s definitely essential to have maps with location information.



Okay that’s a wrap for Beta 3! Thanks to everyone for joining us and we’ll see you for the next beta on Februrary 22nd.


I would like to stress the point that it’s unsatisfying that we can’t heal up people (or ourselves) fully with a big heal anymore. This is psychologically stressful in groups since players cry for healing way more frequently, yet as you just used it you have to wait for the orb to come back. Everyone always feels “damaged”, you look around midst fight and many are still half health, only slowly healing up with renew and turret.
Also this draws away healer’s attention from the tank, like, a dmg dealer takes a blow and a quick big heal is useless, you do need a renew, additionally. Also the turret targets dmg dealers, still, to heal up their pools, while the threat is long over.
The bard doesn’t seem to have as much issues with his AoE heals, I don’t see why the muskys should have them, a more powerful big heal would help.


This happend to me but exclusively when entering a zone i hadn’t been to before (i’m new to the game and this was the first beta i participated in).

After relogging it never happend again for the same area. (ie i first logged into the beta, went into the city gate, blackscreened, relogged and never had a problem with the city again. Same thing for llamavoira and…the swap i think it was?)