Reborn Beta 6 Shutdown and Next Steps

So just wanted to make a quick note regarding Beta 6 and next steps to launch of Reborn.

Beta 6

Beta 6 will end tonight at 10 PM US Central Time. The main game is offline until Reborn launches, so that does mean no OrbusVR to play until Reborn :scream:

Beta 7

However, we are going to run a Closed Beta 7 for 24 hours at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time on Friday, April 19th. This will give us one last chance to check in on some of the changes we are still planning to make head of the official launch of Reborn on April 23rd. Since this is so close to the launch of the game and to avoid confusion, we won’t be heavily advertising this Beta, so go ahead and mark it on your calendar now and stay tuned to the forums for more details.


Launch of Reborn will commence at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time on Tuesday, April 23rd. At that time the Reborn game will go out to the Steam and Oculus stores, and that’s how you’ll be playing the game (no more custom launcher to download, yay).


If you joined us for the Open Beta and don’t yet own the game, you may have noticed you cannot currently purchase it on the Steam or Oculus stores. It will become available for purchase again on April 23rd so you can buy it and hop in for launch.

As a reminder, if you already own OrbusVR, you are receiving OrbusVR: Reborn as an automatic upgrade for free.

We’ll see you in just a couple of short weeks!


Which characters will we have for Beta 7?


Would love to keep the current ones if possible, so we can all test shards and the latter zones. Otherwise, we won’t have time to get to 30 and hit up any of the later activities


It will be the same ones from this test. Then I will wipe everything in preparation for launch after Beta 7 is over.


for getting to 30 on a fresh character do we just get an achievement or do we get something in game. an example would be something like the super leveler cape from old Orbus betas

Our current plan is to hand out the title “Beater” to those who did the 1 to 30 grind on a fresh character. If you haven’t done it yet, then you have the rest of today and then we will keep it open for people to do during the 24-hours of Beta 7 as well.


Title sounds a little… Dirty?

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so a combination of beta and cheater, are you shore that’s the one you want to go with?

I have to agree with Atro on this one. I don’t think I’d be super comfortable using that title.

It’s a nod to the show SAO which some other parts of the game (like the menu) were originally inspired by. I kind of went back and forth on whether people would get the reference.


Oh I’ve even seen SAO and didn’t get the reference. My bad.

Yeah now I am kind of wondering if everyone running around is going to not get it and think we are giving out weird titles haha.

Maybe “Clearer” instead?

It’s probably less-well-known but accomplishes the same homage I was going for.


I think clearer will get rid of the vaguely dirty aspect and also make it not a derogatory comment on beta testers

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why not both? it will make it more intresting

I really like Beater! And I know there are a lot of SAO fans that would probably like that title too


Haha this is what happens when I throw out half-baked ideas. I’ll talk it over with the team and see what we can do.

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its fun to see the ideas though :+1:

a SAO reference is a solid homage for Orbus for sure

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Beaters ok, seems a little weak though, compared to something like the super leveler cape, I would definitely prefer a cape or unique vanity items