Reborn Beta 7 Info + Patch Notes

Hey everyone,

Closed Beta 7 for OrbusVR: Reborn will take place beginning tomorrow (Friday) at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time, and run for approximately 24 hours. You will have access to the same characters from the last beta.

We are running this last quick beta test because we have made some major changes to some of the underlying game systems, in particular updating the Unity version of the game to 2018.3, and we want to test things to make sure that didn’t introduce any major unforeseen issues.

Here are the complete patch notes:

  • Overworld
    • Two additional "giant’ bosses have been added to the world and can be seen wandering around.
    • All 3 Giant bosses begin as standard Level 30 bosses which are unmatched content. They are similar in difficulty to a boss from a dungeon. However, the true nature of these enemies can be revealed via certain actions, which will cause them to become enraged and take on the mantle of a World Boss.
    • As with original Orbus, World Bosses are designed to be community events which require dozens of players to defeat and offer unique rewards including rings and capes for defeating them.
    • Wildlife creatures are no longer matched content. They also now give higher XP than they did before, but since they are unmatched No Challenge creatures will give no XP.
    • Non-dragon pets can now be properly fed and petted. However, you cannot begin Dragon Races with a non-dragon pet.
    • The Mage Portal has been changed. Now it is a globe which is summoned which the player must interact with to teleport to the destination.
    • Transitions between zones will now be much smoother and not flash the screen black.
    • Fixed a variety of bugs around Fishing, including lure parts not showing on lures correctly, line not turning red, etc.
    • Some rare items (including a transmog set and a pet) have been added to a global loot table which has a very, very small chance of dropping during any Overworld or regular dungeon content. The transmog items are Tradable, but they cannot be equipped directly so they must be destroyed to unlock the style. The pet comes in a container which allows it to be traded until you open the container to get out the pet, at which point it becomes Soulbound.
    • Large and Small Caches which are received from leveling up will now contain higher-level rewards (e.g. better potions, better ingredients, etc.) when received on a Level 30 Discipline.
  • Mission Credits
    • A new system known as Mission Credits has been added to the game. This system grants you 5 credits daily which can be used to acquire additional missions from any Mission NPC.
    • The mission that you will receive will be randomly selected from the pool of available leveling missions. It must be a mission that you have already completed at least once (on any discipline), not be a mission you already have active, and will be the same level or below as your currently-equipped Discipline.
    • To use a credit, approach a Mission NPC and select the Plus Icon next to the Dialogue Icon in the top-right corner of the NPC dialog box. If you attempt to use a credit and no missions are available that meet the criteria, you will receive an error and no credit will be spent.
    • Missions bought using Mission Credits will give full XP, but significantly less reputation, then regular leveling and weekly missions.
    • Since this system is now in place, Weekly Missions will again only appear for players that have at least once Discipline at Level 20.
    • You can bank up to 25 mission credits. After you have received 25, you must spend them to receive more. Note that you only receive your credits once per day when you login, so if you are at the cap when you login you may have to wait another day to receive new credits.
    • You will receive credits even if you are not logged in daily. Note that during the Beta you will immediately start with 25 credits, but during the launch of the game you will receive your first 5 credits the day after logging in for the first time.
    • The penalty for turning in a Mission that is more than 5 levels below your current level has been eliminated.
  • Achievements
    • Multiple new achievements have been added to the game.
    • There is a new Achievements tab in your Player Menu which allows you to view a list of all achievements available in-game, and see which you have unlocked and which you have not, as well as a short description on how to unlock each of them.
    • There is also a Legacy Achievements tab which shows Achievements such as the storyline-based ones from the original game which are no longer available to acquire.
  • Combat
    • The unmatched content system has been changed such that the range is now -4 to +6. This should result in high level players having a bit of an easier time taking on low level enemies. In addition, low level players in high level areas will still be able to contribute DPS similar to before, but they will take higher incoming damage, making it more important to enter these areas with a group. This change should be considered experimental and may be reverted depending on results.
    • Global PvP damage modifier has been reduced a bit.
    • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Stun totem not to spawn for Shamans.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Sword Rush ability icon to be white.
    • Fixed the Lightwell Orb being too bright when ready to cast Combat Resurrection.
    • Fixed an FPS drop bug with the Lich King fight when Death Burst was cast.
    • Artificing tile triggers have been added and expanding on the 4 new Disciplines.
    • Potions now have a short cooldown between drinking multiple of them.
    • Potions for +Crit, +Vitality, +Int, +Strength, and healing have been re-balanced between the original, aged, enhanced, and enhanced aged.
  • Interface/UI
    • We now show a gold or silver border around gold and silver foil versions of armor so you can more easily distinguish them.
    • You can now scroll menus in your Player Menu which are scrollable by pointing at the menu and then using the joystick or trackpad on your controller.
    • An option for Push To Talk has been added to the Audio section of the settings panel. When enabled, the right-hand Menu button (on Vive) and B button (on Rift) will be mapped to enable voice chat when held down.
    • A new Info button has been added to the Player Menu, which leads to panels with basic tips, FAQs, and other information helpful for new players. You can also manually trigger any of the animation-based tutorials if you want to watch them again.
    • Your Journal will now only display the quick-help information for your currently-equipped discipline rather than all disciplines. Existing journal pages for many of the Disciplines have also been re-worked with more/better information.
    • The first time you login you will receive a prompt telling you to press the Menu button to access the Player Menu. This is intended for new players, and once you do it once it will not return.
    • Animated tutorials have been updated with additional clarifying text.
    • You’ll now receive a notification at the end of Public Events telling you your rank and reward for the event.
    • Armor and Weapons in the game now have proper names (instead of just “T1a”).
  • Miscellaenous
    • Fixed a bug which was causing the Player Compass not to highlight correctly when held near your mouth to indicate that you are broadcasting to Party/Fellowship chat.
    • The capacity of Fellowships has been upgraded. Fellowships can now have: 10, 15, 20, 40, and 75 members (for ranks 1-5). Existing Fellowships will automatically receive these higher capacities as well.
    • Class items such as Paladin Librams, Musketeer Orbs, etc. do not have sticky gripping enabled.
    • Improved loading screens on Rift devices.
    • The Ithecac potion will now correctly change your vision.
    • The game engine has been updated to Unity 2018.3 This change should result in smoother performance in some cases, and especially fixes the bug where if your desktop window was not focused the FPS of the game could drop over time.
    • Fixed some graphical bugs with hair clipping through helms.
    • The Paladin hammer will now rotate correctly when thrown.
    • The Paladin’s librams have been shifted forward to help prevent them from interfering with equipped tools.

Just double checking. That means very rare item A can be dropped from everywhere? This doesn’t mean very rare item A will only drop in this particular area? And item B in this area? (Also: This probably causes some ppl to farm for these items by finding the easiest mob in the game and farm them, right? Which will be 1 spot in the game)

Eeehm it is not specified what the cooldown is and also not specified if this includes all potions? If the cool down is about 2 seconds then there is no big help in helping PVP healing pot drinkers. If it is way longer, then it should help. (I would also be sad on having cooldowns on speed pots) I think this is a healing pot cooldown only problem :man_shrugging:

BUUT if this also is the case for a potion like intellect, strength, etc. I think all PvE’ers will get annoyed that they have to wait before drinking all 4 of their 1 time pots even if it is like 1 or 2 seconds :expressionless:


I don’t think I recall seeing a fellowship rank at all in OG. How does a fellowship advance ranks? And what ranks will our OG guilds start with in Reborn?

@Atropos you can see your fellowship rank only at the fellowship vendor. As fellowship leader you can upgrade the rank there when having enough fellowship points. I actually don’t exactly know what makes you get those points (anymore. Used to know :expressionless:). But I think it was as simple as killing monsters and having classes lvled up.

are the potion drops from chests staying? if i remember correctly that was supposed to be temporary as it completely changes the economy, even more than just reborn itself

also is there no change to the time it takes to use the paladin ulty?

image thak you for fixing this its been bugging me thorough out the betas

Thanks for the increase in fellowship cap! Also, plz plz plz plz no hints on how to activate the world bosses. It’s so much fun trying to figure it out as a community :slight_smile:

The items drop from any eligible content, but the chance is very rare. We are still finalizing the mechanism on this, but we want it to be more like winning the lottery than something that you grind specifically for. (If it were a “regular” drop, the drop rate would be like 0.01% percent, so not really worth it anyway). As such, I think it’s going to work to where if you are playing the game and doing eligible content, every N interval of time you have a hidden chance to get it; if you hit, you get the drop. So it doesn’t really matter if you are grinding the most “mobs per minute” or anything like that, it’s just a fun random chance.

We are still finalizing/tuning this but the cooldown is likely to be something like 20 seconds, and apply only while in combat. The goal is to eliminate spamming healing potions to trivialize content.

If you mean the reward caches, as I mentioned the rewards in those have been re-worked, but yes you still receive potions as part of it. The potions you receive has been changed a bit though. In general we are fine with there being more Potion of Forgetfulness and Giant Growth potions in the world, for example.

On the scaling change, can you make that only apply to outer world? If anything, I think the range on the high side should decrease in dungeons. Outside you can over level by 6,but in dungeons maybe 2 or 3?

Hmmm…yeah I can see how a -3/+3 might be better in a dungeon. Sure we can experiment with that tomorrow and see how it goes.

Any changes to the old classes too? Rangers need some love, hitting weak points would be a perfect addition to tiles


Don’t you just want as many tile pros up at once as possible? Having specialized ones will make that more difficult without actually increasing dps(harder tiles don’t add extra damage)

Is that 20 seconds a global cd for every potion or just that type of potion? i.e. could I drink a healing pot then immediately drink a speed pot?

It’s supposed to just apply to the specific slot, but I guess that would mean you could put a healing pot in each slot and halve the cooldown, so we might have to add something where if the items in both slots are the same it applies it to the other as well or something like that.

But yes assuming you have a Speed Pot in one slot and a Healing Pot in the other, you could use them together like that still.

This change is not useful to us unless we can have basic ranks in the fellowship system too;

As a guild leader, I want to assign individuals to be able to invite new players, so that I do not have to be online to invite the players.

The only reason we had multiple fellowships was because of the lack of ranks so the second fellowship is owned by someone who can invite new players.

oh… my… god

What version were you running before?
I am excited to see this in action…

Haha 2018.2. We really weren’t that out of date, but yeah it might help who knows. It at least fixes that one bug.

We are planning to add additional Fellowship management tools as well, for sure. This is just one step in that process. It’s up to you if you want to keep them separate for now, but hopefully we can get that stuff in soon.

That FPS drop stopped me from using OVRDrop without fps decline so should have a MASSIVE improvement for Vive users / OpenVR device users. Let’s see tomorrow!.

Please, please, add guild title functionality and some control over things:

  1. Guild Leader/Officer/Guilderoy/Recruit, or some tiered system
  2. Options for each rank to include things like permissions to:
  • Invite to fellowship
  • Remove from fellowship
  • Add items to guild chest
  • Remove items from guild chest
  • Add dram to guild chest
  • Remove dram from guild chest
  1. Maybe make the titles something that people can wear as an actual title as well?
  2. If you really want to go above and beyond, maybe either a selection of what those rank titles can be per guild? Like “Guilderoy” could switch to “Member” or something and “Guild Leader” could switch to “Guild Master” or something

This is going to be annoying. having to carry another pet to swap out with your non-dragon pet whenever you wanna go dragon racing. it’s going to decrease the amount of people who use non-dragon pets, sure they might look cool, but if you have to carry another pet and swap it out whenever you wanna do some dragon racing people are going to stop using non-dragon pets as much.

having a non winged pet magically glide through the air probably isn’t the solution tho. instead you could maybe have a step in dragon at dragon races that would do the race instead or maybe have the pet appear in a little airplane or maybe even allow us to equip 2 pets and disable the bonus ability of the second pet.