Reborn Patch 10.76


In about 30 minutes a new patch will be going out on client and server with the following changes:

  • You can no longer switch shards if you are in combat.
  • Fixed a bug causing Paladin libram not to work properly on cooldown.
  • Mission tooltips will now show the total overall progress as well as the progress for the specific reward (bronze/silver/gold) you are currently doing. That should make it more clear that when you reach Bronze, you start in on the Silver progress, but the overall progress on the mission hasn’t been lost.
  • Fixed some graphical issues in Highsteppe causing slowdown.
  • Fixed a variety of errors from logs people have submitted (thank you!)
  • When monsters that block and heal are doing so, they will now show a bar like a charging up cast bar.
  • Casts and blocks that can be interrupted will now have text that says “Interrupt” on the bar to make it more clear to new players what should be done. We’re working on a snazzier solution for this as well.
  • You shouldn’t have to move portal globes as close to your face anymore to use them.
  • Added some additional logging to help us track down the Scoundrel card grab bug.


Note that this is a required client-side patch, so you will not be able to log back in until you get it.


Yay no more accidental face-bashing!


Client side patches are now available to download. Restart Steam/Oculus to get them right away.


Okay so for some reason Oculus Store is not delivering the update yet, so we are postponing the server-side update for a bit. Will update when it actually goes out.


Okay it has shown up on the Oculus store. There will be one more small patch client-side to fix a small shader error that we found in Highsteppe, then I will start the server countdown again. Sorry for the trouble.


So this should all be live now. Thanks for your patience!

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the tree looks like this since last patch


Yeah sorry we pushed out another little patch to fix that about 2 minutes ago.


Not sure where to put this, but people are cheesing the events. They are purposely failing events to get xp and running to the next event so they can hit 2 events at a time. Please make it so you cannot receive xp if you fail an event from another event for 10 minutes.


If you do decide to implement this, please make it so this failing issue doesn’t count on the harder ones! Or else it’ll make people even less inclined to do those than we already are (looking at you, Knight’s Fort!)


Level 30 Int pots have no icon, I had no idea I had one in my inventory until I got a second one



Pretty sure they’re completing them. Some of them do not take long and with some planning you can in some cases complete up to 4 events in the same “set”


Hmm, if that’s the case, I may take a look at the event participation point decay. Leaving one event early enough to do another event should probably at most get you a bronze reward, maaaybe silver, but definitely not gold, on that first event. Leaving the second event to tag a 3rd event should definitely drop you out of the reward pool on the first event. So if people are completing 4 events at once, expect some more aggressive participation decay :wink:

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We’re not leaving early, we’re completing the whole event, then moving on to another one. Very few cases where we could get 4 in, usually 2 or 3.


You should only be able to do one event per time. It should lock you out of more xp until the next round of events.


Mage special does not work. When you press the buttons, nothing happens.


No, please don’t do that, leveling alt classes is already taking a while


Taking a while?? it’s very easy to level the classes.


Yeah, but as soon as you run out of quests you can get roughly 1 level daily, so if you wanna level up more than 1 level a day you need to go around at public events. And grind those. I really don’t see a problem in being able to complete one of the events that only take a minute to complete and then move to one that is up for 4-8 minutes and complete that one too.