Reborn Patch 10.771


A small client-side patch just went out, and a server-side patch will go out later this afternoon, together they will provide the following changes/fixes:

  • Added an icon to the excutable so it shows up correctly if you e.g. launch it from Oculus Home but bought it on Steam.
  • Attempted to fix some instances where the Runemage super wasn’t activating properly.
  • Re-enabled the new code which provides better tracking of where other Runemage’s missiles are going.
  • Attempted to fix the Scoundrel card grab bug again (requires server restart).
  • Fixed Bard healing crescendos not working in some areas (requires server restart).
  • Further changes/improvements to latency spike issues. Should be happening more rarely in highly-populated zones, basically never at all in instances/dungeons. Further improvements to come as well.



I just logged off right before this patch but wanted to let you know people changing appearance is still happening.
Today when I first met up with Deb in Fellowship Court he had cropped blonde hair, “default eyes” with black/dark iris, the upper lip mouth, and I think first nose option. We went downstairs to critter capture some mice, and then he had the floofy hair with side bangs that was now brown instead of blonde, pointy blue eyes, and the smirk. Then later in a dungeon he had different blue hair, the narrow eyes with a different iris color, the longest nose option, and a different mouth.


Server-side part of this is now deployed as well. Thanks!


Thanks but there goes our shard we were at the endboss already :frowning: … a 45min note in advance would be nice, specially now where people practice, go under-geared, under-leveled etc.


A good addition would be making the fishing bobber visible

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For those of you playing Scoundrel, the next time you are in a fresh dungeon run let me know if the cards are working any better or the same or worse. Thanks!

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Was the bard ultimate nerf on purpose? Takes now 3-4 times as much time to get it up to full as it did before


As in, this just happened in the patch that went out 30 minutes ago?


Yes, prior to the patch it was normal, and now as we did a shard it was super hard to build it up


Also is there any change coming to paladin ult? I have only ever used it once throughout all shards and leveling, and even if I did get it more often it wouldn’t be helpful because if the time it takes to use u would already be dead


Hmmm I didn’t make any changes to it. I would give it another run or two and make sure it wasn’t just something that seemed off for some reason.


Aye, we’re about to pop into an another one in 10-15 minutes, I’ll let you know how it feels after


You have only used it once because it’s only ever been available once? Or because it takes so long to activate?


because i have only ever had it charged once, i go full dungeons never charging it
the length to use is a seperate issue


scoundrel charges insanely slow too, plus gets auto triggered if you are using charged shot and burning cards, plus does no extra damage and might target the wrong monster :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel ya


Ah, I’m an idiot. That shard had Dumbfounded on it, so of course it felt slow. My bad!


I also have a hard time activating it, it takes quite a few second before the heal effect goes off and during that you usually have to pay attention to it. Also the level 30 talent which gives damage reduction takes a solid 2 seconds of standing in place (somehow it doesnt activate for me if I am moving around) with raised arms to activate and kind of hard to use during pvp where you are very busy dodging.


The bow Royal Viper has the same skin of the Swift Whisper


Just a heads up, due to a reported possible issue with Airship Dungron shard dungeon credit, I have temporarily disabled generating new shards for the Airship dungeon until it is fixed.


Airship Dungeon shards are now being generated again. In addition:

  • You can no longer activate a shard in a dungeon if any boss is already active.
  • Level-scaled bosses which are killed will no longer count toward shard dungeon completion.
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