Reborn Patch 10.78


A new patch will be released shortly on the client and server. Note that you must get the client-side 10.78 patch to log back in after the server has restarted. We’ll put the client side patch out a little ahead of the server restart to help facilitate that.

Here’s the changelog:

  • The Paladin has had its damage absorption and energy generation lowered in PvP.
  • After activating their Super ability, the Paladin can now activate it by holding grip for 0.2 seconds (down from 1 second).
  • A 5-second cooldown (and associated icon) has been added to the Paladin’s Hammer of Retribution and Hammer of Forgiveness talents.
  • Fishing bobbers should now appear correctly.
  • Fishing line should now turn red correctly even in bright daytime conditions.
  • The Runemage spell lines are no longer transparent so they should be easier to see in all lighting conditions.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause the “Continue…” button in dialogues to be incorrectly placed to where it was hard to click on.
  • Some enemies which were not showing casting bars during abilities such as World Bosses have been fixed.
  • The Transmog Station scrollbar now behaves the same as the other scrollbars and you can scroll it using the joystick or the laser pointer.
  • Added the new “Proxied” connection type which may work better for some players.
  • Randel’s location has been moved closer to the player starting position to make it more obvious that players should speak to him upon first logging in.
  • Fixed issue with Darius Giant Scav kill mission. ( You must cancel and re-accept to get changes)
  • When the Reincarnate mutation is activate, you will now receive credit toward completing the trash of a shard dungeon when killing the reincarnation of the mob.
  • Fixed the Scoundrel slow effect not working properly.
  • Some public events have now been labeled as Group events to indicate that they are intended to be done with a group and are difficult to solo.
  • Runemage Portal rituals will no longer cast if you are already in combat (before they wouldn’t cancel until the last step, now they will cancel immediately).
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Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause the “Continue…” button in dialogues to be incorrectly placed to where it was hard to click on.

Yay! Thank you!


The client-side patch should now be available to download.


Server-side patch should now be live as well. Thanks!


Does the paladin damage absprption and energy generation affect both overworld and battle grounds?


It affects any incoming player damage, so yes.

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So paladins can still burst all your health within half an second? Tank class btw.


I guess it plays more like an assasin now :man_shrugging: guess I will take it


With this change it should take longer for Paladins to charge up their orbs in PvP, so while they still have high burst they should not have it as often. That was also the intent of the cooldown on the lightning blast. We’ll see how it plays out.


I really like the cooldown on the lightning blast, good idea to balance it I think


has any change been made to the charge rate of the palidan ultimated?

And even if so, i think the ult needs a complete re work. as it is now, the ult is one full heal. but we can already do that without the ult, every 10 seconds in fact. the ultimate should be something we cant already do, like per say damage immunity for 5 seconds or so, because lets be honest the warrior ultimated is full damage negation for much more than 5 seconds

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Can you give us a percentage please?


I can’t seem to cancel the Giant Scav kill mission. Tried closing client and returning, but no dice.


When you go back to the vendor and click it, there is no option to cancel or turn it in?


I just logged for dinner, but it did have the menu pop up, it just seems to not do anything when I clicked cancel to reset the mission.


I was able to cancel it and re-accept it


Looks like it was just lag at the time. Was able to click the button later and cancel and accept the quest.


Will something be done about Knight’s Fort? I was there 20 times with groups and people loose interest to even try… I think I be stuck with it forever, would love to turn it in with bronze to get rid of it and still see the “new quest” notice (same with some dragon races, would be cool if we could completely abandon quests) but not even that is happening. It’s the only one which I found not doable:

Hulthines and Wastelands weren’t an issue because they didn’t require gold, plus they are indeed easy to do with a friend or group, but Knights Fort, no clue what to do differently. Once catapults need to be turned more than 45degree, like, when mobs are in the middle, I can’t do that - guess with roomscale it’s easier but with teleporting and loosing grip it takes way too long. And in general they simply go down too fast. Been there with large and smaller groups many times to no avail.

Second, I canceled and re-accepted the Giant Scav kill mission, but it’s still at 0% - it was killed 4 times according to the journal, do we need to do that again?


the giant scav has to be killed non-enraged to count for the quest, probably also needs to be done after the quest got fixed.

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