Reborn Patch 10.80


Hey everyone, due to reason here, we won’t be doing any patches until Monday. We will keep this thread updated with any changes or fixes that we’ve completed and plan on releasing on Monday. So fear not! Your bug reports aren’t going unheard.

There are more in the works, but here is what we currently have done.

  • The buyout button now opens a confirmation window before purchasing the item.
  • The Size, Time Remaining, Bid and Buyout columns are now sortable. Click on the column header to resort the column in ascending, descending or default order.
  • Auction House results will now be sorted in order of ascending buyout price initially.
  • Monsters that spawn in groups should now respawn missing monsters after a few minutes when a partial group kill occurs (That missing Sorceress should now respawn). Partial group respawns are disabled in dungeons.
  • Corrected the orientation of the confetti gun, sparkle gun and tagger tools.
  • Players are now notified when exiting a PvP safe zone.
  • Master Second Class and Grand Master Second Class achievements have been fixed.
  • Reworked the title menu so the background buttons no longer interfere with title selection.
  • Fixed the bug where lure ingredients wouldn’t show on a lure if you put them on too quickly.
  • Increased maximum members a fellowship can have.
  • Players can no longer hit the Guaranteed Roll and Re-Awaken prompt buttons at the same time.
  • Fixed Warrior war horn not showing/hiding properly.
  • Fixed war horn and compass sometimes not triggering when put near your mouth.
  • Defend Fort Event Changes:
    • Mage projectiles ignore crossbow when shield is broken.
    • Increased Crossbow health
    • Crossbow can fire every 3 seconds (rate increased from every 5 seconds)
    • Tuned spawners on the event. Only one shielded mage spawns unless many people show up, then increased to two.
  • Corrected discrepancies for various weapons and their respective icons
  • Fixed missing model for Legendary Bow
  • Break It will no longer apply to Bosses.
  • The “jerkiness” of catching fish has been adjusted based on the amount of Strength that is available now on your primary weapon (so basically, less is required overall). Really rare fish (like the two new ones) still require substantial Strength to reel in easily (i.e. you may want to drink a potion).
  • If you snap your line while reeling in a fish, you now lose 5 durability rather than all durability for the lure. 2 durability = 1 cast normally, so it’s still a penalty, but not as severe as it was.
  • The +2% Crit Damage and Empowered affixes are now working properly.
  • Made some changes to voice chat to hopefully address remaining issues.
  • There is now a “voice chat status pane” that will be active if you have enabled the GPU Stats window. This is temporary to help us track down any remaining issues. Disabling the stats window will cause it to be hidden.

Will this make a check to verify that people are not actively in combat with the mobs before respawning missing ones?

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I think it would be better to have it so it is sorted by bid ending soonest so they are at the top and get more bids


can ya sneak in a fix for selling the raid tokens too :3 ?

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Yep. Right now, 3 minutes after something dies in a group, it will try to respawn all missing members. But if any member of that group is in combat, it won’t do it.


Something in the auction house you REALLY need to buy I guess.


Nice patch notes! Really enjoying Reborn.

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Just a small annoyance but I find the passive bears in the wasteland are extremely loud when in a fight. There roar ruins my ears.


The pigs do the exact same thing, ear-piercing screeches


That is what IRL pigs do XD Making annoying screeches :sweat_smile:

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The wolves in Lamavora don’t seem to make any noises at all. It’s kinda creepy…


My condolences to Riley and Robert, wishing you guys comfort as you grieve.
I appreciate the patch notes. This game is awesome, you guys are doing great! Keep it up :slight_smile:


can you make it so that mages never spawn on the same side as another mage? this would solve part of the problem. those mages destroy the turrets and having 2 on the same side means at least 3 seconds of dpsing the turret without anyone being able to do anything to it. If the spawners were tuned such that more ppl means more sides at once, then ppl can split up and take out the mages on each side.

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One day I broke one of my lures and hopped off to do other things. At some point later the lure was 30/30 again.


We are in the process of rolling out this patch now. Thanks!


Client-side patch should be available to download on both Steam and Oculus. Server-side going out shortly. Thanks!

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Patch is now live. Thank you!


Unlocked in game and on steam! Thank you :smiley:


Did you decrease this? IIRC, it was 2 durability per cast…?


I’m sorry, you’re right, it is 2 per cast, it did not change.