Reborn Patch 10.86


There’s a new patch going out this morning with the following changes/fixes:

  • When accepting a Mission via the Mission Credits system, you will now get any mission for which you have reached the minimum level, regardless of if you have previously completed it. If you get a mission you have not previously completed, you will get full rep credit for it rather than reduced credit, but it will still spend a credit.
  • When accepting a Mission via the Mission Credits system, you must now turn in the mission on the same class which you accepted it.
  • The Relocation Anchors have been added to many other class items, as well as player avatar items including your tool slots and your Player Compass.
  • There is a new menu option which can be used to disable the Grip to Autorun feature.
  • Inventory control buttons (such as destroy, use, etc.) now look more like buttons.
  • You can no longer use Teleport Pillars or Mage Portal spheres if you are currently in combat. It never really worked before and could cause a desync.
  • Fixed some minor miscellaneous bugs which could cause crashes on the server-side.
  • Reduced the explosion radius of the orbs hitting the ground on Airship Boss 1 to more closely match the resulting radius of the danger pool.
  • You will now only receive each specific mission via the Mission Credits system up to once per day. If you attempt to spend a mission credit at an NPC and have already gotten all available missions for that day, you will receive a message telling you to check back later.

Patch is now available on Steam and Oculus stores. Highsteppe has been restarted which applies to most of the changes, the teleport and mage pillar in-combat change will go out later today in all zones.


I’m kind of confused by this update. Does this not just make us jump through an unnecessary hoop of doing and extra gear change to accept the quest, swap to our main, then swap back to the alt we are leveling on the side to accept the XP? Just curious is all.


In that case yes. It addresses a potential loophole for a different issue. It shouldn’t affect most players.


Thanks for the reply! Also, super jazzed about " * The Relocation Anchors have been added to many other class items, as well as player avatar items including your tool slots and your Player Compass." This one is a huge QOL change for us.


When playing ranger I’m relocating my compass to hell where it belongs

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I don’t seem to have this update on steam


Mine was queued. Had to go into downloads and push the update.


No update came through or it still doesn’t say 10.86?


I appear to have it, it never showed as downloading on steam or anything but I see the new button for breaking stuff down so I must have gotten it -shrug-


This would be the “jump to my level 1 character and do the The Beginning race quest 5x per day to level up my level 20 without leaving highsteppe or taking more than 3 minutes of effort” issue?

If we accidentally pick up a quest on, say, our level 30 class, will we be able to cancel it to get our mission back? Or pick it up again on the proper character?

What will happen to the initial quest? Will we get full credit for that too, or is it 1st completed gives full credit and after that reduced?


so i you the credit to get public events quest last night i have not complained it it will become rep then exp @Riley_D


Once the credit is spent it’s spent.

If you get the mission and haven’t done it yet it will treat it just like you got it the first time.

This only applies to missions accepted after the patch went live. So it won’t affect anything you accepted yesterday.


So say I have The Beginning & never completed it. I spend a mission credit and get it again. I now have 2 The Beginnings. I decide to do them and turn them both in.
First turn-in (mission quest): Gold at 12K xp and full rep
Second turn-in: Gold at 12K xp and full rep? Or is this at the 10 rep reduced rate?

Say I instead decide to turn in just the mission quest and then get it again, do it again to turn in:
First (mission): full rep
Second (mission): full rep again??
Third (original): full rep???

If it’s at full rep, there’s really no drive for anyone to complete any quest, because you can just keep doing the missions… Unless I’m misunderstanding something?


You would not get 2 The Beginnings at the same time. If you never completed it and it’s the only mission you have available, it would pick it up, remove it from your list. Once you complete it (with the full rep rewards) you can then pick it up again through the credit system but you will only get 10 rep from then on since you have done it already.


Can we see, on which class we picked up a mission? I’m lvling different classes and then I need to know on which class I picked the mission up to turn it in back


I’m a little confused on this… Instead of saying, “no more missions available” or having it not pick up any more, it will auto-remove missions we have and replace them (at the expense of a mission chit)?

How does this translate to the one day a week that someone gets on and spams all 25 chits on, say, critter capture. As it was yesterday, they would eventually run out of available quests for their level and then have chits leftover. Now, does it keep picking them up and replacing it?

Also does it throw away mission progress on the one you have but have not completed? This seems like it’s punishing players for not completing certain quests


@Riley_D i got my daily quest from 2am today will it be affected


It never discards a mission’s progress or throws away a mission you have already accepted. If all missions are still in-progress you’ll continue to get the same error.

The system is supposed to work such that it provides the chance to continue doing leveling missions for a certain activity after you have already leveled up past those missions. The intent was never that by choosing not to do certain missions, you could ensure that you only ever got the easiest ones when you bought missions with credits. This isn’t about “punishing” anyone, but it is about making sure that the system is working an intended – namely, that if you are Level 30 at a class, you should be getting missions from the entire available pool, not just a few of them either by only having completed a few of them, or by switching to a low-level alt to accept them.

If there are any other known issues which might allow someone to control that process and only get a subset of missions, please let us know, as again, that is definitely not intended.

It will show you an error if you are on the wrong class to let you know you need to switch to turn it in.

No it would not be affected.

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What I’ve been able to do is with my Level 30 character I’ve accepted all the Dragon races either as quests I haven’t turned in yet or with my tokens. So I have a ton of Dragon races. I go to The Beginning, which completes 2 quests (since there are 2 for that race). I turn them in, then use 2 more tokens to get them back. Those will be the only ones I get since they are the only ones I don’t already have.