Reborn Patch 10.903


There is a patch going out this morning with the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Scoundrel rank code where it was giving too high of a ranking based on the shot after yesterday’s changes. The way it works now is what was intended.
  • Elite enemies in the Raid have had their health scaled up higher commensurate with it being a Raid (previously it was the same health as a 5-man dungeon which was unintended).
  • If the Lightning Strike attack is interrupted on Boss 5 it should now definitely not deal damage to the Raid group
  • Raid bosses now have slightly more health (about 15% more).
  • The musketeer Charged Orb talent should now work correctly.
  • A new button has been added in the Social Tab which allows you to go directly to the Raid instance. You can use this if you have a pre-made group and don’t need to queue, or if you get kicked out of your matchmade instance and want to re-join your in-progress instance. After the Beta this would be done by actually going to the portal to the Raid in the game’s world.
    • Note: If you use this button, you will have to exit the Raid via the portal on the left-hand side at the top of the hill.
  • Trickster Goblin
    • The Trickster Goblin will now spawn every 6.5 hours instead of 8-10 hours. (Note: the first spawn will be approximately 4 hours after the patch goes live.)
    • There will now be a 5-minute gap between when the server-side notice goes out that the goblin is spawning, and when the goblin actually spawns in that zone.
    • If the Trickster Goblin is defeated, there will be be a notice sent to everyone in the zone notifying them. (Note that this notice is zone-wide, not server-side.)
    • If you have a Trickster Goblin Token in your inventory, you cannot take an Invisibility Potion.
    • We’ll continue to modify the event based on community feedback over time, but these were the main issues that we felt needed to be addressed immediately.



Server-side patch will roll out in approximately 40 minutes, the client-side patches will be available shortly thereafter.

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Patch is now live on server, and client side patches are available on PC.

We’re going to hold off on a Quest patch for this right now since the only thing it does is add that Raid button (the rest were server-side changes); and we just did like 3 Quest patches yesterday (and it is a lot of bandwidth), but we will do one for it tomorrow most likely; that way if there are any other changes today we don’t have to do multiple.


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Raid spoilers should be asked by PM dude


Scoundrel rank V shots are impossible now… Idk how that could get f’ed up but it did. Or you sneakily removed rank V without anouncing it?


Can confirm that standing from that distance (opposite dummy) previously you were able to get rank V consistently.


Scoundrel design is whack, you get a 30% damage buff for the class by missing 9/10 shots :P. Now with 10% less and 15% less or whatever.

Have you found that practice lead you to a point that you could hit that shot with reliability? I didn’t, even with practice it feels kindof random, the equivalent of doing fishing and putting the lure on the same pixel each cast

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A lot of the randomness has to do with framerate. If a mage starts casting triplicity, more than likely your shot will not release where you want it to. Regarding practice in general, I assume there’s at least one scoundrel somewhere that can hit curves very consistently.


I was curving with WAY more aggresion then normally to prove that rank V does not work. And I can not consistantly aim in that situation. But ya otherwise I can consistantly hit the dummy from far.


there definitely are some that are consistent, but there’s a certain aspect of whether it’s skill or skill + video card or skill + tracking solution or what. Definitely ‘feel’ is a huge thing, I haven’t developed it to the extent I had with ranger, but ranger had a fixed trajectory that you could learn to gauge. Sometimes my scoundrel shots just curve off into space and I can’t explain why (ps. always blame the mage if the pack from the next room comes running over :stuck_out_tongue: )


Are you saying you are getting Rank V shots still like normal, then?


I’m not sure I’ve ever hit a rank 5 (including) beta (my gameplay looks about like the posted video… a lot of misses then a ‘wahoo’ and theoretical dps, but I submitted several before), but it’s about the same challenge to hit a rank IV as before the 25% nerf after the re-patch.

(the text gets crappy at distance and sometimes isn’t readable, be nice to overlay it on the debuff icon).

In a close up dungeon with a large boss I usually hit rank 3-4 while dodging mechanics, some occasional wild misses, small boss 2-3 and miss a fair bit, overworld 2-3, 4 if I try hard after many misses then obviously no re-ups at point blank without wasting dash and getting smashed after. That’s essentially what is typical for me.

If I have to hit something I never bother to even attempt curves because they’re inconsistent (pvp, events, fighting over mob tags for GRIND thing, trying to burst down adds off a healer, an add on me obviously)

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So given the 25% nerf, 15% recoverable with a rank 2 curve, original white damage with a rank 3 (depending on talents)… I’d say I’m averaging 10 less than my old white damage most of the time in reality when not parked hitting a large static boss on rotation. With each combat initiation taking maybe 5 misses to dial it in to the mob distance, and some oddly unhittable on hills.


Wish rank notification was above card stack or something, very had to see far away.

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I feel like if your even a little bit aggressive it’s hard to maintain the same curve.


yeah you have to be very gentle to get a consistent curve and let the game/tracking all play nicely enough to agree.

If you could leave a tracer on a shot and go for a rank 4-5 and watch yourself trying to hit that tracer, the wildness would be obvious. Kudos to those who can every time and post about it, it is well beyond me

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Honestly the only thing that shoulda changed for scoundrel was a base 10% pellet damage nerf (because of PvP), but that 10% being recoverable thru Showing Off. Creates a larger skill gap, but doesn’t change theoretical max dps. They were sitting in a good place from what I saw, now not so much.


How do people know what rank they hit during the boss fight? It almost always showes the rank inside the bosses body for me.
Might be a pimax thing I guess…